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..:: 26 Oct 2002 ::..

Post your comments and questions about the MSN 5 API article here.

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Whatever you do, don't mess with the black ninja! Mess with MSN Messenger! (yeah duh..) Or try to make your own PiXeLaTeD movies with this online tool.


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People with a hump fetisj should move over to this community I've discovered, instead of wasting time on Mess.be.


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You might be good at clicking away ocassional pop-ups on Mess.be, but you're in for some finger-clickin' action with b3t4's simulation game!

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Eat brain, check it out ;)

And be sure to make your own account :)
Its funny :)

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..:: 25 Oct 2002 ::..

First when you click this link, you think.... WTF?
What is this stuff, i cant read it!
Its dutch, before you begin clikin it away, read this
This is a project in Holland, its in a Tunnel, or whatever it is in English.
You can send your message, and it comes on the screen thing...
Now we want Mess.be there, but not only once, but more then 1000, ok?
So its simple, you people must help us!
Ok here is a little instruction for the not-lieve-Dutch-people:
On the site, press: meedoen its near webcam
Now we are on the meedoen
The rest is so easy, like a dwergs could do the rest ;)
But he is dutch, (belgium, ok ok) and not a really good example :)
Now we see a large bar with the text Mijn Text is:
well, easy huh, its where you put the text: Mess.be Roels, or whatever you want to say about mess.be (positive ppl!, positve!)
Zo moet het bewegen, thats the way you want it to move, choose from the nice pictures!
The click Deze Knop, and its send!
Now dont go spamming on it, you can only send once in a while, it gives a Dutch error when you send twice!
And it catches your info, so be sure to handle it right, like we do now with massive spamming ;)
Thank you, and if you got any questions, go to Kutforum cuz im really busy

And take a screenshot from your nice pic when looking on the webcam page

The Pics says:
http://www.mess.be 4-ever

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Long time ago when i blogged :P
Me was sick for a while, im a little better now...
Ok, this one is nice, be sure to check it out....
16+ only ;)

Tnx to morcop!

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..:: 23 Oct 2002 ::..

NStorm is a site where you can download these neat little games. Games with names like Elf Bowling, Punt the Geek, Chicken Archery, sounds good doesn't it? So what are you waiting for?! Click the damn link.

Credits: Richie according from a good source he is better known as Chiechie.

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..:: 22 Oct 2002 ::..

From the creator of "I am better than your kids" comes "When is the last time a whale did anything for you? with a nice look on those exquisite little critters.

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..:: 20 Oct 2002 ::..

One of your little nephews or nieces brings your mom or dad a shitty drawing, which they're all too happy with. But to be honest, it looks like total crap. This guy thinks those drawings suck and he expresses his anger online... [reported by BA Baracus]

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