Go back... waaaaay back - Week of April 21 2002

..:: 26 Apr 2002 ::..

Got no girl(boy)friend? Want one? Dont know what kind of girl(boy)friend you are looking for? Create one and make the one you had in your dreams.
Ooh yeah if you got some time please tell me in the comments which of the 2 girls you like the best!
I'm sure you like the left one the best,... hehe

Shout out to dickdw for making the scs and thx for seirei for linking....

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Ever wanted to know how Britney looked from the inside?..


..Anyway, here's how it looks like:

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..:: 25 Apr 2002 ::..

"Cristie Kerr kisses the trophy she received for winning the LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge at the Twelve Bridges Golf Club in Lincoln, Calif., Sunday, April 21, 2002." I dunno, but this is not exactly the kind of picture I'd expect from Associated Press Photo.

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..:: 24 Apr 2002 ::..

Its not the east nor is it the west side, its the dark side.
Well anyways with this star warz hype coming back up, I thought this catchy hip hop song about star warz would do it for this blog :).
p.s.:The begin tune reminds me of vanilla ice with ice ice baby, what do you think, no?

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..:: 23 Apr 2002 ::..

I don't have time to comment this parody, but it's funny for both Shakira fans and foes.

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..:: 22 Apr 2002 ::..

this is it y'allAfter weeks of research for the best portable mp3/cdplayer, I finally bought this gorgeous little thing for $179 @ Amazon.com. And it simply ROCKS (or whatever genre you're into). I'm not gonna go in-depth, but I do want to recommend this excellent portable discobar to anyone who'd like to travel around with 10 hours of mp3 music per CD. I always fast forward through CD's when I'm bored with the tracks, but with this it takes hours before I reach the end. The iRiver iMP-350 has got a slim case, but a phat sound! The anti-skip protection is the BEST I've even seen: 8 minutes of hardcore slamming doesn't affect the playback at all. Now I still need to buy me a pair of inflatable speakers and I can put lightyears of music in my backpack.

Specifications @ Amazon.com (my hardware dealer ;))

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