Go back... waaaaay back - Week of September 22 2002

..:: 28 Sep 2002 ::..

Well, i cant say much about this happy tree friends.
There funny, funny and funny.
Just check um out ;)

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..:: 27 Sep 2002 ::..

For those who have read Mess with MSN Messenger, back & forth, who have seen all the pictures and discovered all the secret links, the intelligent Webplayer adds a new dimension to browsing http://www.mess.be

Click the link below, enter our URL and relaaaaaxxxx to the eerie midi sounds that come from your speakers.

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..:: 25 Sep 2002 ::..

Let's hear what Jennifer Aniston thinks about Mess with MSN Messenger...


Feel free to make your own celebrity comments on Mess.be and post them in the comments!

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No need to buy the latest newspapers anymore and get busy with scissors and glue.. From now on you make your bribe letters with this random typowriter.


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Some people can run fast, some people can calculate fast and this girl, she can stack cups like a tornado.
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I soooo <3 Black XXX-Mas, an apocalyptic cross-breed adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood and the Santa Claus story. And it's actually directed by a fellow Belgian, called Pieter Van Hees! This short movie has already won 4 prizes, but I'm sure Pieter will win a lot more when he releases his first full length.

Oh by the way, MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! (There's tons of blood and violence... you've been warned)

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I've come along these freaky documentaries by JKCinema, definitely worth the download:

- Ghost Photography (8mb, long movie)

- general Urban Legends (didn't hear the Ohio Players story before! And the part about subliminal advertising is quite good)

- Urban Legends - The Dead (the least interesting one)

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..:: 24 Sep 2002 ::..

I have nothing to add to this blog but:
#1 - our friends at Microsoft Corp.
#3 - AOL
#4 - Disney


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..:: 23 Sep 2002 ::..

Sometimes when you are messing with Flash you can bounce on unsuspected effects... Like this one, I was just creating a little spinning star, and it turned out with a mind-illusion. Just sit about 40 centimeters away from your screen, and keep staring at the middle of the star... and then scream “mommy mommy ! The star is after me!”
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After a short introduction you can play a funny toilet game all of us guys have probably already played once when "pissed" on a night out. The originality of this flash movie is not the game itself, but the message behind it ;) Mad props to their marketing team!

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Pfew! My first blog for three weeks! Let's get it on... David Winchurch created this online Gameboy emulator for his final year project. It allows you to play more than 40 games online through a Java applet. For the webmasters among you, he even offers you the source code for implementation on your own site.


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