Go back... waaaaay back - Week of March 23 2003

..:: 28 Mar 2003 ::..

You know UnderDOC from MSNFanatic.com? He's got this silly habbit of calling people up and asking if there's any "Whatarmy, first name Ewan" present. Or another favorite of him: "last name Comzadia, first name Gus". The victims of his Bartish pranks then ask themselves: "Gus Comzadia?? No Gus Comzadia here man", not realising UnderDOC is giggling like a grimbo when he actually hears them say "Gas comes out of ya?". Webmasters and humor, it's a sick combination.

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The masters of turntable insanity all gather yearly at the DMC/Technics World DJ Championships to scratch their way through dubplates, acapella's and instrumentals. Some... hmm no, MOST of the videos collected on this page are just incredible. Tnx to Shiseido for the link.

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Salam Pax, a mix from the Arab and latin language.
Pax= peace, this is a blogspot from someone who lives in Baghdad right now. Pax made furore these last few weeks, since the Bush Administration has put their eyes on his website and condamned it as a propaganda machine coming from iraq.

:: Friday, March 21, 2003 ::
as usual Diane comes to the rescue
please stop sending emails asking if I were for real, don't belive it? then don't read it.
I am not anybody's propaganda ploy, well except my own.

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Which does reminds me, if somebody knows a person who had/has/is having an internet relationship, you can mail me at dentoffe@yahoo.com, thx for helping me out.

Don't get the wrong idea, I just need it for an assignment.

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..:: 26 Mar 2003 ::..

"We Want Peace", another free anti-war song. This time a collaboration by Lenny "(H)" Kravitz and an Iraqi pop star. Not bad! (Hint: enter for example 50210 as postcode in order to download the ASF file)

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..:: 25 Mar 2003 ::..

Here are some exclusive photo`s that will show you there is no war going on in Iraq, and Saddam and Bush are buddy's. Ooooh isn't that sweet !

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