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..:: 31 Oct 2002 ::..

Eh.. there's a special Halloween rule for those still playing the game @
http://quiz.ravenblack.net/blood.pl?2844255026. :[ :[ :[

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..:: 30 Oct 2002 ::..

"This particular day, while doing dishes, I look up and into the windows, and there on the other side of the window is the manifestation of a young man of about 30 years old. What was so strange was that it was like I couldn't move or look away...and it appeared as though he didn't even see me. It was more like he was looking through or past me.

The thoughts I was receiving was that this man was recently deceased, and had died tragically, and before what he thought was his time. He looked so scared and confused. He was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt not buttoned all the way up, and white socks with no shoes.

And then he was gone; just faded quickly and that was that. When I looked in the solarium, the first thing that struck me was that for anyone to stand in front of the windows on that side, they would have to be at least four feet off the ground!"

Over 4700 true ghost stories...

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No idea who or what to dress up like on Halloween? Why not go as an ultracool Pulp Fuction character? Find out which one "suits" you the most with the link below (I'm The Wolf - the king of smooth... enough said)

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**** THE PROOF THAT dwergs IS EVIL ****

4 23 5 18 7 19 - as numbers
4 5 5 9 7 1 - digits added
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_____/
4 5 5 9 8 - digits added

Thus, "dwergs" is 45598.

Subtract 0391 from the number - this is the year synthetic rubber was first produced, endangering the concept of intercourse for the purpose of procreation, written backwards. It gives 45207.

Subtract 1789, the year of French Revolution, a bloody farce engineered by the Illuminati. The result will be 43418.

Add 1958, the year Nabokov's "Lolita" got published - the result is 45376.

Turn the number backwards, subtract 1954 - the year Elvis recorded his debut single, putting the end to all morality and good taste. The number is now 65400.

Turn the number backwards, and add 1865 - the year Lincoln was shot. The number is now 2321.

This, when read backwards, gives 1232. This is 666 in octal, the number of the Beast...

This clearly proves how evil the subject is!

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Not exactly in the Halloween theme, but this French-made digital cartoon features a lot of blood, intestins and suffering. Could've been a cut scene from Ice Age ;)

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..:: 28 Oct 2002 ::..


(let's kick Grim's zombie ass! ;))

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