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..:: 04 May 2002 ::..

A lot of people have asked me to link this site cause it completely rocks. I believe Dickdw was the first one and Grim Reaper was the last, as i was already updating i didn't really mind and from what I saw it's an approved exit blog site!

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Just check the site, pretty funky if you ask me.
This site was given to me by Zero1, an admin at the forum.
Anywayz for the Belgian peops here,... also check out http://www.hoehel.be if you are not from Belgium i would not suggest to see this site, cause you just wouldn't get it.

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..:: 03 May 2002 ::..

CHECK OUT THAT BUTT: We mean the cigarette in her right hand, of course, as clean-living Britney Spears gets some tobacco satisfaction on the balcony of her hotel room in Sydney, Australia.

Found at: NeoWin.net forums

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..:: 02 May 2002 ::..

When d0pestar just told me Johnny Knoxville had past away, I just couldn't believe it.. This guys rocks and is simply invulnerable.. The news @ the link below almost had me fooled.

But wait a minute, what's wrong with that URL?

- You're not able to mail the article to a friend
- Hmmm.. an @ in the address
- Some pictures are broken
- Some bizarre backlinking

Let's check Ooooh, I see. Let's try


Aha! Just like I thought! (and thanks for the tip d0pe!)

Sick people!!

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..:: 01 May 2002 ::..


If you came are here, it's only because I told you, if not, you shouldn't be playing with this, or I'll play with you... Understood?
But anyway, THESE are my files...

This is what the site says, and I didnt dare to play with his files,.... maybe you???? hehe

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..:: 29 Apr 2002 ::..

I'm still in the "Too Straight" area, but 40% is way too high, man! Luckily, chicks dig men with a feminine side these days :p By the way, this test is meant for just about anyone, regardless your gender or gender preference..

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..:: 28 Apr 2002 ::..

I dont really think you can see it clearly at the screenshot, but it is actually a magnifier and some ants.... You do the rest of the math. So have fun....

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