Go back... waaaaay back - Week of July 28 2002

..:: 02 Aug 2002 ::..

E-mail is out. Pee-mail is IN! Kay, JP & that other guy: your first Pee-mail has just arrived:


(Feel free to post your own funny pee-mail messages in the comments!)

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..:: 30 Jul 2002 ::..

Finding "Bustah Osama" in People under the Stairs "O.S.T.".. It's never too late for this kind of flash movies.

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Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of my all-time favorite family films. It's got a helluva candy factory in it, lemonade that makes you fly (my god, what was Roald Dahl smoking when he wrote the book?!) and ofcourse, OOOOMPA LOOOMPA's. Like the title of this post says, they ROCK their orange midget asses! Ok, so now you know one of my disturbing habits: dwergs <3 Oompa Loompa's. FREAK!

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..:: 28 Jul 2002 ::..

Long time since I've blogged a game -- as a matter of fact, long time since I've blogged something good. But with this online waste of time I'll make it up to you. The object of the game is to seduce Tiffany before the other contestants do. You can choose from different "moves", but timing and the prediction of other player's choices are important as well. And when all else fails, pull down their dumb pants or something. The Gettiffany players are becoming a fun community, divided into different clans (Maybe the mysterious [HB] gang is hanging around there too?). Anyway, have fun and get Tiffany before dwergs does.

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