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..:: 05 Oct 2002 ::..

So far, I heard mixed comments about the new Mess.be layout. Personally, I think it's a big improvement and contrast with the old design. Though, some of the visitors don't share this thought. You know what? We'll let the unbiased search engine GOOGLE decide in a battle between the NEW and the OLD MESS.BE LAYOUT:


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..:: 04 Oct 2002 ::..

Please leave your comments, praise and annoyances on the new MESS.BE!

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Do you remember that one (Brazil verus France)? If you dont, you should download it, then you should click this link and you will know what football(european)/soccer is, if you do well this is twice as good. Impossible, i think not ;)!

For the record: I always thought a goal like that would be possible, thank you Roberto Carlos for proving my theory.

Ok ok, if you have a problem seeing the movie apart from your network conditions ;), there is a big chance you will read this: Sorry, but non-html files may only be downloaded if linked to directly from the site hosting them. Please scroll all the way to the bottom of this page where you will find a link to the file you are looking for.

Don't panic, there is a simple solution for it, just take the 2nd link on the page you are redirected too and you are all set to go.

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..:: 03 Oct 2002 ::..

Nicholas decided to host this mysterious home video footage for all you Messers to see. Thanks Nicky!

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..:: 30 Sep 2002 ::..

I don't know if the "Popstar" concept (aka Starmaker) is a world-wide thing, but basically it's about a couple of so-called "music experts" who try to compose the ultimate boysband (or girlsband). Thanks to massive media coverage those bands actually score one or two number one hits in their countries of origin. The most interesting part of the show however, are the pre-selections. The future Ali G's and Jason Donavan's are discovered here... (Windows Media Player compatible)





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I've always been a fan of optical illusions but just when I thought I had seen all, I came across the "checkerboard shadow illusion" by Edward H. Adelson. The squares marked A and B are THE SAME COLOUR. HEX code #6B6B6B to be precise, just check with Photoshop if you don't believe me!

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..:: 29 Sep 2002 ::..

I'm considering changing to a new deodorant. Can somebody confirm this so-called Axe effect? (Tip: make your window a little smaller while watching this)

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