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..:: 08 Nov 2002 ::..

Just killed some one and you are stuck with the dead body since you are too lazy to clean it up? Well, Cadaver Inc. is what you need in this case. Just follow the steps on this site, and for a few dollars you can commit the perfect murder.

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..:: 05 Nov 2002 ::..

Funny people doing funny stuff = :).

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..:: 04 Nov 2002 ::..

Thanks Flurk for pointing me to this a capella band. Just choose a moose and listen to the blues. (Listen, I know these are horses, but me likes to rhymez y'all)

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..:: 03 Nov 2002 ::..

Some European countries like Belgium and The Netherlands made up an alternative for Santa Claus a long long time ago. His name is Sinterklaas and, if you've been a nice Messer for the past year, he brings presents to your house three weeks before (!) the fat red dude normally does. That's why nowadays our snailmailboxes are already stuffed with toy catalogues and TV breaks are spammed with children commercials, so the little critters can start compiling their greedy wishlists. Now just imagine a series of commercials like these would be screened in-between Pokémon and the 56th re-run of The Simpsons... If yo momma does it, why wouldn't your little sister?

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Enough already with the Halloween stuff. I'll stick with the background pic on Mess.be for another day, just because I like it. BUT. THAT'S. IT!

Now here's a fairly new blog maintained by Furitsu and dedicated to fux0ring up movietitles or posters. For one time don't leave your feedback in our exit blog but on the site itself: he can sure use some good comments and support!

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