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..:: 03 Jul 2002 ::..

Deviant Art is a massive database of images, textures, desktop Wallpapers, skins, graphic tutorials, and anything else graphic related, even things like fonts are on there. All easily accessible, you don't even have to register!

This blog was brought to my attention by DickDw, but approved by Kutforum.

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..:: 02 Jul 2002 ::..

Because you people like flash games, here's one of the more original ones. You have to get used to the controls first (drag the spider and make him jump by clicking his head and holding down the mouse button), but after that it's quite some fun. If you make it into the hiscore and you don't know what URL to mention, just type http://www.mess.be ;)

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I love this sarcasm ;)

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At first I was a bit skeptic about this amazing discovery, especially with all that Satanic Beatles RE-verses in mind. But I followed the exact instructions on this site and came up with exactly the same result. Incredible!

Being quite a fan of Aphex Twin myself, I don't find it hard to believe he has put it there on purpose. I mean, this guy is insane enough to have a tank in his backyard and make songs about Tampax.

Well, take a last look at the album cover above and then move on to...

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..:: 01 Jul 2002 ::..

Supah sweet bootleg remix video's and Bruce Lee hip hop. Click the link below and select DOWNLOAD.

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Try to sing along if you can.

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..:: 30 Jun 2002 ::..

Tomorrows news, today.

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