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..:: 11 May 2002 ::..

Did you know stickmen live inside Pong rackets?

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I watched Donnie Darko last night, a movie about a 14 year old who is intrigued by the giant rabbit he meets in his hallucinations. It's one of those movies with a strange mood around it which totally absorbs you. And it's got one of the BEST sites I have EVER seen. Maybe you won't understand a lot of what's going on, but even if you decide not to go and see Donnie Darko, it deserves a recommendation.

(*SPOILER* passwords to different levels in the comments!)

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..:: 09 May 2002 ::..

May 5th, a stunning majority of French people voted Chirac for president, instead of the ultra-right "Front National" candidate, Le Pen. La France made clear they didn't want a fascist leader for their country not only by voting, but through art as well. Check the galleries on this site for various inspiring anti-Le Pen propaganda.

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You'll be seeing this Pepsi ad A LOT the next couple of weeks.. I wonder when it'll stop being funny ;)

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Damn I swear this is cool.
It has some real funky games and that cube on the screenshot isnt that bad either. Kutforums suggestions of the day: try playing the bossmonster (with the planes) and the cricket thing is also pretty cool.
The antcity is about the same thing of one of the links i already posted. The link where you have to kill ants with a magnifier, this is euhm more advanced, you have to click to watch those guy fry. Well anywayz I'll be leaving the rest up to you guys.

How could i forget Grim Reaper who has been making these screenshots for me, pff man i know im getting lazy :D, but still big THX man!

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Feel free to submit your own pics... and it doesn't have to be stor troopers all the time ;)
UPDATE Well guys, I don't know if you get it, but you're supposed to add WORKING links here.... *sigh for those who don't*

Am I a Messer or NOT

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..:: 08 May 2002 ::..

According to Baskerville.telecoms.com, exactly TODAY (8th of May 2002), 1,000,000,000 people are using mobile phones...

...and one of them is using my stolen 3310. *sigh*

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..:: 06 May 2002 ::..

Thanks to Vorwolf, a couple of other customized Googles:

Google for Klingons
Bork, bork, bork!
Elmer Fudd Google
Google in Pig Latin

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