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..:: 12 Oct 2002 ::..

Who doenst know this legend?
The XiaoXiao legend is mighty, and now there is a new one.
Fight for yourself :)

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..:: 11 Oct 2002 ::..

Ok, another blah blah....
Just click the link and find out yourself!

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This is a small little game that made me think of old games combined with gameboy size, and new styled-graphics. The only thing you have to do is to prevent the baby’s to fall on the ground and bounce them in the huge blender on the right of the screen.

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Yeah yeah, maybe not the best blog in the world, but i think its good, i like this girl :)
She made it to the top, kinda, and thats very special.
Now this is (maybe) only once, we aint gonna link britneyspears.com etc. etc. :)
Ok, just tell me what you think 'bout this girl
I personally think she's great...
O and check out the site (d'oh)

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It will guess what tv-show you are thinking of.
It worked :o, lol I guess it only proves I'm easily impressed?

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I dont know if it's real or not, but if it is this guy is amazing with just a ballpoint!

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..:: 10 Oct 2002 ::..

Not everybody will see it, but I put a pop-up ad on the Exit Blog page. If you experience (technical) problems with it (eg. you can't close it), let me know in the comments. The pop-up is a little experiment and would help me pay the server hosting costs for Mess.be (just like clicking on the ad banners helps!).

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Now this is a clever idea on how to combine the artificial intelligence of a computer, the interactivity of the Internet and the joy of listening to your favorite music. Just create a profile at Last.FM and you'll hear some tunes. If you don't like a song, skip to the next one. After a while, a detailed profile of your favorite music genres is built so you'll end up listening to only the music you like. And eventually you have the possibility to find other people who share your taste! Credit goes to Shiseido for pointing me to this site.

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..:: 09 Oct 2002 ::..

Anonymous e-mail sites come and go. So if you're looking for a good one, click below. If you know any other sites like this, feel free to put them in the comments.

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..:: 08 Oct 2002 ::..

Hieroglyphs..... It's cool to know and I do think you share my opinion, if not, you can always "trash" comment me ;).

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..:: 07 Oct 2002 ::..

Well for all the people who dont know her, just look at the picture on the left. She is quite famous in Belgium for the obvious reasons. Well there is a funny story behind this, she was on vacation and oohw yes she was spotted naked, so they made some pics of that. Veronique, who was very mad because of this said that she would sue everybody who would give a link to where she was to be found naked.

Now you can guess where this link will take you ;).

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..:: 06 Oct 2002 ::..

This movie is way-2-cool!
Look at the way she bangs her head on the floor!
this is why I don't drink ! ;-)

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Sometimes you get bored, so sometimes you are playing with flash when you are bored, sometimes you are thinking that emoticons are nice figures to be an star in a movie, sometimes you think that other people should try make movies too if they like this, and sometimes you think that they should post it here. Sometimes you think they just have to watch...

Note to turn on your sound for the full effect.
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My deepest sympathy to the Royal Family, all people from the Netherlands and Germany. Prince Claus will live on in our memories as a helluva brave and cool dude.

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Everybody who has a Nokia, I have a special treat for you guys. Presenting "SNAKE" of the future ;).
Yupsor, it is 3D snake......
And everybody who hasn't got a Nokia, I'm sure you all have played it at least once, so you all know what I'm talking about.

P.S.: Remember Nibbles for the old school people!

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