Go back... waaaaay back - Week of April 07 2002

..:: 12 Apr 2002 ::..

fuckMicrosoft.com expresses deep and sincere hatred for Microsoft and -according to the webmaster- "its predatory, anti-competitive business practices" or "mind-bogglingly inferior software". I haven't found anything on fuckMessenger tho... Maybe b/c it doesn't suck ;)

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..:: 11 Apr 2002 ::..

Awesome urban graffiti wallpapers to vandalize your desktop!

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My sister was bitchin' again so I grabbed her copy of the superkitshy ultracatchy Kylie track "Can't get you out of my head". I scratched the CD's body with my Stanley Knife, threw it into my boombox and this was the much-improved result: K, where's your head at?!

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You better dont come near this place.
quote from the site: "Everyone makes mistake. You just clicked on a place you shouldn't click on. Please go back peacefully."

You make a choice now and calmly move towards the exits and turn on you mobiles, thank you come again. If you press the back button on the site--> you'll be having some other site that are funny too. Take the one with the fbi, hez cool and the alien dude who wants to buy earth(something with shakespeare or something). Well anyway maybe ill link that fbi thing in a far away future.

Picture was taken, messed and adjusted to fit the blog by Bloodyaznthugz.

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..:: 10 Apr 2002 ::..

House, techno, trance, drum & bass, experimental, breaks, downtempo, hip hop, funk and dub. Nearly every live audio AND video webcast in these genres is listed on TownB. My selection for tonight would include the Chemical Brothers on Radio 1 at 8:00PM, Rork at ten on Radio FG and Headbanga Boogie on WFTS at 11PM. But that's just my non-poprockpunkclassic opinion..

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Two guys have wasted their time at airports by writing down strange names and asking the airport information center to locate these people by calling out their names on the pa system. So the title of this post could be understood as "My colleague just farted, and left the room, the bastard". Listen to other stuff they made innocent airport employees say...

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From now on you can leave your highly valued comments on every post in the exit blog. You don't have to register, but it helps ;) I'm not sure if the system is stable yet, but feel free to beta test it!

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The latest Lee Jeans commercial lives up to the most creative marketing concepts of its competitors Diesel and Levi's. Filmed in Toronto (Canada) it's about a bunch of bottoms in search of the coolest jeans they've spotted in a pub. Haven't seen the clip yet?

QuickTime version (9.3mb)

Windows Media Player version (4.9mb)

RealVideo version (4.3mb)

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Can't seem to stop updating. Naah just kidding, I'll stop in a sec,... But this little dude is funny, like it says on the site: "press his tummy!" Thx sephiroth for the site!

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So the blog is fixed thx to the man Dwergs himself "hail dwergs" ;).This is just very weird but lol at the same time. The ie explorer window just seem to bounce everywhere, check it out yourself and BE amazed hehe.

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Do you have a problem?
Does it need to be fixed? You dont know how? This website does and in a dr stitch kinda way.
OKKKKK the site loads VERY slowly, so i'm going to give you a short cut.
Go to this little site: http://kiss.to/my_ass.to. You enter the site and down there on your right you can see tech support, sorry for this inconvenience but trust me this will be A lot faster! It's worth it btw!

(ooh yeah, there are 2 pop ups so be prepared!)

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If you're wondering what the "Don't mess with the Giant and his Posse" banner on mess is about, read all about it at the official homepage of the experiment that became a (internet) hype!

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..:: 08 Apr 2002 ::..

This has some fun stuff, it's cool and weird in a dreamy kinda way. This is my last update for today so have fun...

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It is unbelievable how much wannabe xiaoxiao I find on the web, but sometimes there are REALLY good ones, for example this is just WAY to good. I love the matrix style!!!

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The effect of alcohol, do I have to say more?
this site betablue has got a lot to offer. Be sure to check everything out there. Ooh and i do think i made a mistake about greg being the maker of betablue, he did the design but i really dont know who is the owner of this wonderful site.

Update: Betablue.net is down! Exceeded bandwith :s

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dwergs posted a thing about changing your computer into a macOS, but this time its Windows Really good edition, lol @ the name already.
Everything is very well done, you can click on almost everything and have we all not seen the damn error messages windows is giving us. Give it a go and try playing solitaire and BE sure to start Word damn thats funny.
déja vu with Windows ME?

Update: Betablue.net is down!

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Are the new €uro's as solid as they claim? These guys do all the tests just for the sake of public opinion. You better know how strong they are, no? Well check it out and btw this site was brought to you by Timothy, keep looking for mess.be cause he is about to release a program that will make plus! look like .... But anyway check the forum at add-on announcement and you can try a beta, its far from done tho.
Ooh yeah check the euro thing out, its weird and if im not mistaken illegal too. hehe
P.S.: its in dutch, but up there is a button for an english version.

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