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Wanna show your buddies your console gaming skills? Want to broadcast a television show to the world? It's possible thanks to MSN Messenger 6 and this tutorial by our main man Timothy.

atari games console Step 1: Get a leet gaming console

This is the hardest step of all, how to find a leet gaming console. Well, after searching for a long time, we have found the coolest of all, the "Atari-10-in-1-Ready-To-Go-Game-Console (batteries not included)".

television tv card Step 2: Find a place to plug your toy into... into the computer that is.

This requires a thing called "TV card" its a card in your computer that allows you to watch TV while your are watching a movie you just downloaded from the internet simultaneously... isn't it amazing...

But thank god you are reading a page that tells you about a good use for your TV card !

msn messenger gaming Step 3: Make a One-Way-Gaming-Experience from your MSN Messenger.

Fire up your "Audio / Video tuning wizard" inside MSN Messenger. And tell it that your TV card is on top of your screen, filming you at the same moment, or in other words "being a webcam".

msn messenger webcam games Step 4: Be leet !

Now, fire up a webcam conversation. And amaze all your friends and foes !

©2003 Timothy | | Majo-art