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ASCII Name Construction

msn ascii nickname construction kit Use our alphabet of wacky ascii characters to compose a funky MSN name and while you're at it add some decoration as well.

Nickname Tips 'n Tricks

boxed nickname for msn messenger Many ideas and tricks to get yourself a cool MSN name, such as a boxed nickname or underlined nickname.

Random Nickname Maker

This toy created by dickdw allows you to create random funny msn names describing weird character traits and hobby's.

Forbidden Words

A lot of 'explicit' or high-profile words used to be banned from being used in your MSN Messenger screen name. Here's the holy list of previously forbidden words. Microsoft loosened up and now allows any word in your MSN nickname.

Multiline Nicknames

multiline nicknames for msn messengerWant to display little pictures in your cute msn name? We have a collection of multiline nicknames that's continually growing, so check back soon!

Nickname Generators

Generate a random Arabian, Blues singer, German, Hacker, Wu-tang nicknames based on your real name.