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mess with msn messenger LINK TO MESS.BE & WIN A PAID .TK DOMAIN NAME

You already know by now you can get yourself a free .TK domain name for your website (if not, I have a strong suspicion you spent the last 3 years in another solar system). Such a shortcut URL is an ideal, easy-to-remember replacement for dreadful addresses like http://long-ISP-based.coms/~withyourusername. Plus it comes with 5 e-mail forwarders and free domain stats.

But maybe you wish to upgrade your URL to a PAID .tk domain name. Or maybe you don't own a .TK domain yet, but fancy the features of a paid .tk domain:

- no .TK ad
- no minimum requirement of 25 visitors per three months
- option to use your own domain name servers (and create unlimited subdomains with your .tk)

This would cost you 9.95 US Dollars, but is giving away three paid domains this month. Either as an upgrade of your current free .tk address or as a completely new .tk domain (as long as the address still available).

All you need to do is put one of the following HTML hyperlinks to -unedited- on your webpage and try to send your visitors over to Mess with MSN Messenger. In about 30 days, I'll check the referrer logs (at and randomly visit 3 sites that send us a nice amount of unique hits. If I find the link on your site -exactly as provided in one of the textboxes below-, I'll get in touch and pay for your .TK domain!

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

Tips: Put the hyperlink on a highly visible place, because if I can't see it I might think it's not there. And don't edit the code: it's my way to identify you're participating. Finally, if you don't own a .TK domain name yet, register your free one today, before someone else runs away with it.

Good luck!

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