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With more than 12.000 unread emails in my Inbox and over 100 new ones arriving daily, it has become an impossible task for me to read, let alone reply to 99.9% of the received emails. That's why the contact form that used to be here has been removed. This doesn't mean you can't get in touch with me or other crew members. Here's an overview of the available channels:

- For questions or problems regarding MSN or Windows Messenger, please browse through our MSN Messenger FAQ. Our goal is add all available knowledge on anything related to Messenger to this collection of tips, tricks and secrets.

- If you can't find an answer in the FAQ or you need urgent help, you can try to get realtime help in, the official IRC chat channel.

- If you want to submit something to our site, be it an addon, display pictures, emoticons, emoticon fonts or packs, then take a look at the guidelines on how to submit stuff.

- If you want to share an (exclusive) MSN Messenger related news story with us, you can do so through our news submission form.

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- Members of the press looking for information on Mess with MSN Messenger are invited to email me at

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