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You can Mess MSN Messenger... and you can Love Messenger

ilm ilovemessenger i love messenger is Microsoft's upcoming MSN Messenger site and as you can predict, it's going to be a portal dedicated to customizing MSN Messenger 6 and targetted to European countries like Italy, Germany, France and the UK. It'll be like "Messing with MSN Messenger" but in a Microsoft-approved kinda way ;)

To the left you see an exclusive preview of the main structure of I Love Messenger. Yes, it's blurred. It's just to give an idea of what it is going to look like. The screenshot reveals what looks like chat backgrounds and display pictures available for download, as well as a poll in the bottom left...


But at the moment, all you can do over at is sign up for an e-mail alert if you want to be notified when the public preview of MSN Messenger 6 has been officially released.

For those who don't understand French:
- the first text box asks for you e-mail address (HTML or plain text)
- the second box is optional and asks for your first name.
- the four extra boxes are optional too and make it easy for you to notify 4 friends about MSN 6.
- click 'Valider' to confirm.

Another exclusive, it's ILM's 'hot' mascotte, BuddyGirl and her 'luving' slogan:

buddy girl

Hi there, my name is BuddyGirl
I love you and
(...and, I BET)

More info about I Love Messenger later...