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Enter any MSN Messenger account e-mail in the field below and press the "Check" button to find out if that person is online at the moment or not.

= Online | Offline =

If it shows the online icon and you've added the person to your contacts but he or she ISN'T listed as online, you can be sure you're being blocked by him or her!
On the other hand, the offline icon doesn't necessarily mean the person is *really* offline, so you might have been blocked too. That's because there's an option in MSN Messenger (Options > Privacy > My block list) to block anyone that was not added to yet, including's blockchecker.

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If the script is timing out or not working, you can follow these manual instructions derived from our faq section to catch blockers red-handed:

#1 - The Alien Passport Technique

This trick is no shocking discovery: most of you will have thought of it before, but if you haven't... here you go!

1) Create a new Hotmail Passport with a user name that has no relation whatsover to you (tip: use a foreign name).

Steps 2 and 3 are optional, just in case you want to be really really instantly sure:
2) Download the MSN Polygamy patch for your version of MSN Messenger from the MSN Downloads section here.
3) Start a second MSN Messenger client after applying the patch and log-in using your fresh and clean MSN Passport.

4) Choose "Send an instant message" from the Actions (or Extra) menu and instead of selecting somebody from your Contact List (which should be blank with your new account), fill in the e-mail address of the person you suspect of blocking you (click on the appropriate tab).
5) Send him a message like: "Hi, are you the person who mailed me earlier about my site?" or something completely else (whatever might get him/her to react).
6) If this person replies while being offline on your other account (ALT+TAB to switch)... you are a bloody annoying person! ;)

Add-on based on this technique: Real Status Viewer (not MSN Messenger 5.0 compatible, so MSN5 users will have to go through the instructions above)

#2 - Trick to double-click Technique (by Kapdap) -- NOT MSN 5.0 COMPATIBLE!

The key is to receive an alert when somebody who has blocked you opens a conversation window anyway. "Why would somebody do that?", you might ask yourself. Well, if you change your nickname to something that catches people's attention they might wanna double-click your name to find out who you are. I know this method is -like most of them- far from 100% proof, but it does tell you who blocked you on some occassions.

Add-on based on this technique: Block Buster by Vivo

Here are the instructions:

1) Pick a nickname you think will catch the attention of a person who's blocking you (eg. "double-click me please!!").
2) Log in and out 2 or 3 times to improve your chances of getting noticed.
3) Now, should the blocker double-click your name, you'll get an alert through Block Buster (it doesn't work if they just right-click your nick).