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mess with msn messenger MESS.BE FANPICS GMAIL EDITION

Unless you spent the last few months in a hole near Tikrit, you must've heard about Google 's upcoming free email service called GMail. An inbox the size of 1 gigabyte would prevent you from ever deleting an email again. You can use Google search to find the exact message you want, no matter when it was sent or received. The service is currently in beta-testing stages and invitations are very exclusive.

For a limited time, we're giving away GMail invitiations to people sending me the coolest fanpics, shot with a webcam or digital camera! Let a celebrity hold up a sign with on it, construct our URL with Lego, spell it with suncream on a beach babe's behind... Everything goes, as long as it's an un-edited image (read: no Photoshop allowed) and it's legal according to your state laws ;) Send your fanpic(s) as an attachment to dwergs and who knows, maybe you will soon secure your username@ gmail .com before someone else does! But hurry, the number of invites is limited and we're running out.

The first GMail invite goes to...

don't mess with fire, mess with msn messenger



Thanks to the generosity of messers Brandon (offering 2 invites), Davies aka spike (donating 3) and Luke Elliott (sharing 4 invites), we have NINE more invites to give away! If you haven't done so, send your fanpic(s) as an attachment to dwergs Already received entries are still making a fair chance...