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msn font color changer MeSseNtial: MSN MESSENGER 6.X COLOR CHANGER by doodle

One of the first things you would want to mess with in MSN Messenger, are the dull MSN font colors. I mean: only 16 colors to pick from? So much for giving your MSN Messenger experience a personal touch. No, you want to express yourself using a font color that describes your character or your current mood. Or at least in your favorite color. Good news: your options are virtually unlimited thanks to this MeSseNtial download! This addon allows you to change the font color of your own messages to any color the human eye can distinguish (24 BIT or about 16.8 million colors).

Download the MSN Messenger Color Changer!

- You can select a different font color for each Messenger account (Microsoft .NET Passport) being used on your system. If you change your font color, it won't affect the chosen color of other family members or friends.
- Includes an "E-mail to number" converter for finding out which account number is yours.
- No need to restart Messenger after a change, just re-open the conversation windows.
- Allows viewing and modifying hexadecimal RGB values (click the < arrow).

msn messenger font colour changer

custom msn emoticons importer HOW TO USE IT

1. Download the MSN Messenger Color Changer, unzip it somewhere and run the MSN font color changer application (msn6color12.exe). You will see a window similar to the screenshot above.


2. Select (left-click) your Messenger account number from the list.

In our screenshot example there's only one account present, but if there is more than one number in the list and you don't know which number represents your Messenger account, just click on "Which number is mine?". In this window, you can generate your account number by entering the E-mail address you use in your MSN Messenger account. Once you selected your account number, you should see your current font color in the color preview box.

3. Click the "Change..." button and choose any color you want. Advanced users can also view and modify the current color's hex RGB value, by clicking the Advanced Options arrow button. Once you selected a new color, you should see it in the color preview box. However, it IS NOT applied yet to your MSN Messenger account.

msn messenger font colors

4. Click the "Save Changes" button. This will change your font color to the color that is currently in the preview box.

(You can close the Color Changer now, but you don't have to.)

5. Re-open all of your MSN Messenger Conversation windows for changes to take effect. You don't have to do this right away.

- For changes to take effect, you MUST repeat steps 4 and 5 for each time you change the color in the preview box.

- If you change your font settings in MSN Messenger, your font color will be set to the color specified in the font settings window (one of the 16 colors there). You will have to use the Color Changer again in order to restore your custom font color.


custom msn emoticons importer ERRORS

If you get an error about a missing file named 'COMDLG32.OCX' when trying to run the Color Changer, download this ZIP archive and extract its contents (COMDLG32.DLL and COMDLG32.OCX) into your main Windows folder (usually at C:\Windows). If the above URL doesn't work, try searching Google.

If you still get an error when trying to run the Color Changer, try installing the Visual Basic 6.0 run time files.

custom msn emoticons importer CREDITS

This application was written by doodle, AKA dalbng. The algorithm used for converting E-mail addresses into account numbers was provided by Will, AKA wtbw. Thanks go to Rotem "sock" E. for the main part of this article and screenshots.