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msn display pictures MSN DISPLAY PICTURES

Everybody needs a bosom for pillow, but everyone needs MSN Display Pictures for MSN and Windows Live Messenger as well! We at are proud to offer you the largest collection of free MSN Display Pics on the web! Our visitors started uploading 96x96 avatars for MSN Messenger back when MSN Messenger 6 was released in 2003 and last time I checked we had already gathered over 25000! (It's safe to say that if you see MSN Icons on another website, they were probably just blatantly ripped from us.)
emoticons display picture
We have cool display pictures, funny display pictures, cute display pictures, movie display pics, you name it. But besides this wide range of user-uploaded MSN pics, we also offer exclusive, professional content as well as custom MSN Display Pics. Here is an overview:

(NOTE: All of our MSN Display Pictures can also be used as avatars for Yahoo! Messenger , Skype or Google Talk!)

msn display pictures +25000 FREE DISPLAY PICS

Thousands and thousands of free MSN Display Pictures uploaded by Messers into dozens of categories, including but not limited to sports, music & bands, babes, games, female celebrities and male movie stars, and cartoons. If you can't find anything there, you're just being pigheaded.


SPECIAL: We also have a unique set of Status Display Pictures, that tell your contacts a little bit more about your current status (eg. where you are "Away" or what you're doing being "Busy").

status display pictures

SPECIAL: Feeling angry, bored, drunk (see example), in love, sexy, or something else? Make your MSN Display Pics a lot more expressive with our hundreds of Mood Display Pictures.

mood display pictures


CustoMess for MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger is an automatic installer for quality MSN Emoticons, Backgrounds and of course MSN Display Pictures. In a couple of clicks, CustoMess adds entire sets of display pics directly into MSN Messenger 7, 7.5 and Windows Live Messenger 8. So if you're too impatient to browse our collection, save your favorites to your hard drive, then adding, and naming each image one by one... CustoMess is for you! Some examples of what's available when you download's free CustoMess software.

chuck norris display pics  valentine avatars  apothix status display pictures  jellitons display pictures  nozman msn display pictures

SPECIAL: Every once in a while we ask a professional (comic) artist to design a series of MSN Display Pictures exclusively for So far we have super cool display pictures created by R. Stevens (Diesel Sweeties), Michael Lalonde (Orneryboy), Mr. Fart, Nozzman and Jason Pultz (Scarybear). They're all available instantly and for free through CustoMess!

orneryboy msn display pictures

SPECIAL: CustoMess also contains display pic generators that allow you to create personalized MSN icons, for instance with your name on it (the Love o Matic), or a special message to your contacts (Candy Machine).

msn candy heart generator

msn display pictures AVATAR CREATORS

star in your own display pictureAs if the customizable display pics (available in CustoMess and on our website) aren't enough, we have a couple of avatar creators on offer that allow you to make a virtual lookalikes of yourself and then export them to MSN Display Pictures. First there's Sketchie's Avatar Creator, a pretty basic avatar generator which requires you to screenshot the result and then crop and save it in your image editor. Far more easier to work with, is the My-Toons Display Pictures generator (currently unavailable). You can create cartoonish MSN Display Pictures starring celebrities, your friends and family or yourself in various comical situations. And finally, there's the very cool Mess Dudes online avatar generator that allows you to create your personal Mess Dude or Dudette using hundreds of different body parts, clothes, items and backgrounds (including a t-shirt!). The banner below shows the latest seven avatars created by you (updated every minute).


And you know, even more tools for custom MSN Display Pictures are in the pipeline!