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MSN Messenger 6 allows you to import custom emoticons and it's only natural has an enormous collection of MSN smileys available for download! We divided our collection of emoticons into the general "Custom Emoticons", "Emoticon Fonts" and "Emoticon Packs", as you can see below (there's a link to emoticon patches for MSN Messenger 5 too).

By the way: MSN Messenger emoticons are added to daily, so come back regularly.

my custom emoticons My Custom Emoticons

msn icons for 6.0 We're very proud of our big collection of custom msn emoticons designed by dedicated Messers! Just download them and import into MSN Messenger 6.

msn emoticon fonts MSN 6 Emoticon Fonts

msn messenger 6 emoticon font packs Emoticon fonts are complete alphabets than can be used as custom emoticons in MSN Messenger 6.0 to form words (you can send words with maximum 5 different characters, like 'hello' and 'bye bye'). Your 'emotions' have never been so explicit ;)

msn6 emoticon packs MSN6 Emoticon Packs

msn messenger 6 emoticon packsSpice up your chats with our MSN 6 emoticons packs: series of "my msn emoticons" that can be linked together to make extra wide pictures in your conversation window.

msn emoticon sets MSN 5 Emoticon Sets

Users of MSN Messenger 5 or the earlier version 4.x have to use emoticon patches to hack their MSN emoticons. These emoticon sets only appear as such on a patched version of MSN Messenger.