..:: MSN MESSENGER 4.6 for 9x / 2000 ::..

NEW Direct download MSN Messenger 4.6 for Windows 9x and 2000 here

Improved support for computer-to-phone calls

More flexibility in resizing the conversation window


..:: MSN MESSENGER 4.6 for XP ::..

NEW Direct download Windows Messenger 4.6 for Windows XP here

Add-ins for Windows Messenger
This new architecture allows a variety of third party developers to extend Windows Messenger version 4.6 with exciting features, such as e-mail integration, chat, mobile text messaging, and more. These add-ins can make Windows Messenger even more useful and fun for you, while the add-in architecture provides new opportunity for others in the industry to create new, innovative offerings.

Users should click here to see a list of available add-ins for Windows Messenger.

Third party developers interested in offering add-ins for Windows Messenger should click here to learn more.

Additional computer-to-phone service options
Enterprise organizations can customize the phone-dialer window in Windows Messenger to route computer-to-phone calls through the service provider your enterprise IT department selects. This can reduce the cost of long distance voice calls for your organization and enable new services that integrate with Windows Messenger. -And you benefit from the convenience of calling right from your computer.

Other improvements
This update also provides some enhancements to Help, clarifications within error messages, more flexibility in re-sizing the Conversation Window, and other minor performance improvements.

Note: without the MSN add-in installed you cannot get e-mail notifications or send e-mail through Windows messenger, with it installed you get the notifications but you get that damn Banner window at the bottom.

Other addons:
1. In the I want to : feature a new option has been added called Go to Chatroom.
2. in Tools, the options Add in website and ADD on feature is available
3. In Tools, Options, there is the Account option back again. one is Windows messenger and one is Communication Center
4. Just below one`s status its written you are not signed into all your services its a link
5. Edit your profile <---- this has been added on Options>Personal
6. Right Clicking on a MSN Buddy a new options is readded from the old msn called View Profile.

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