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category Addons & Bots (3)
Extend MSN Messenger's features with add-on software and bots
category Basic & Various (22)
Basic knowledge and various topics
category Browser-based Messenger (3)
What's the link between MSN Messenger and your web browser?
category Connection & Firewall (7)
About connectivity problems, firewall settings, routers, IPs, ports and more
category Contact List & Status (16)
Managing your buddy list, including (un)blocking, increasing the limit, see who blocked or added you, custom status...
category Games (8)
Games in, on and during MSN Messenger
category Hotmail (2)
If you say MSN Messenger you say Hotmail, the integrated free web-based e-mail service of MSN
category Installation & Removal (10)
Troubleshooting the setup, software and uninstallation errors
category Instant Messages (6)
Get the most out of messages you send to your contacts
category Intelligent Chat Bots (2)
There's a whole breed of chatbots living on MSN Messenger. Here's how to address artificial intelligence.
category Messenger Plus! (7)
This popular allround MSN Messenger extension deserves its own Q&A category
category MSN Display Pictures (3)
MSN Display Pics are custom avatars allowing you to give yourself a face or visual in the MSN Messenger conversation window
category MSN Emoticons (14)
Emoticons are little icons used to quickly get a message across or express emotions in MSN IM chats
category Nicknames (5)
The possibilites of your MSN Display Name
category Resource Hacking (3)
Tweaking resource files. WARNING: Resource Hacking information is for educational purposes only, altering the software is against Microsoft's User Policy...
category Security & Viruses (8)
Knowledge about securing your instant messages, file transfers and other interaction through MSN and Windows Messenger
category Skins, Backgrounds & Sounds (3)
Customise the way your MSN looks and sounds
category Software Developing (6)
Programming tips, tricks and resources
category Video & Audio Conversations (1)
Add voice, video and music to your MSN Messenger conversations
category Website (3)
Questions about the site and the surrounding community
category Winks and Nudges (2)
About the two most extravagant new features in MSN Messenger 7
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