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How can I utilize the MSN Messenger protocol in my software?

- If you want to develop addons, bots or software that uses MSN Messenger in some way, you may want to read the research and documentation on MSNP8, MSNP9 and MSNP10 written by Mike Mintz. Good luck!

- dotMSN is a class library to make use of the MSN Messenger Service. The library is built in C# and can therefore be used by all languages the .NET environment supports. DotMSN provides an easy and consistent interface through a clean Object Oriented approach. DotMSN abstracts the low-level MSN protocol so you can quickly integrate dotMSN with your application and make direct use of MSN-connectivity. DotMSN is free and can be used in both non-commercial and commercial applications. The library can, among other things, be used for:

  • MSN bots
  • Sending application-notifies
  • Self-made clients / webclients
  • Integrating contact info with your application

Ofcourse there are more possibilities, if you have an awesome idea, just download the library and happy coding!

- If you need any help you can also search and query the MSNFanatic forums.

Don't forget you can submit your own addons to The best ones will be featured and hosted on this site.

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User Comments
Opperator <>
November 29, 2003 at 1:10am

Hoe kan in mijn programma's het MSN Messenger protocol laten gebruiken?
Als je addons, bots, of software die op een of andere manier te maken heeft met MSN Messenger wilt maken, wil je misschien de research en documentatie over MSNP8, MSNP9 en MSNP10 lezen, geschreven door Mike Mintz. Veel geluk!

Als je enige help nodig hebt, kan je zoeken en dingen vragen op de MSNFanatic forums.

Vergeet niet dat je je addons die je hebt gemaakt op kan sturen naar De beste zullen op deze site worden gezet!

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