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 Updated: TabMSN becomes Cameno
Updated: TabMSN becomes Cameno

dwergs says ( 05 Feb 2004 ):


Cameno, formerly known as TabMSN is a program which brings tabbed conversation windows to MSN Messenger 6.0 and above. This new beta-version 0.2 shows better stability, an improved interface and runs in the background with no user interaction (more version history on its homepage. )

After this beta, there will be one more before the final release. Beta 0.3 will mostly be about skinning. A lot of XP users are having trouble with the program while it works for many others. Feel free to get involved in the development and bugtesting by posting here.

>> Download Cameno beta 0.2

[Reported by: Camino] [Homepage: Cameno 0.2 Beta]


SLim_Shady says ( 05 Feb 2004 ):


WBMSN.netThe new version of Jared's web based MSN client called WBMSN is finally out! You can use it to chat to your freinds from school or college, or any other place where you can't sign-in with normal MSN Messenger.

>> Check it out

If you have any comments / bug reports / sugegstions, send it to!

 Freemoticons: Cyclop Emoticons UPDATED!
<b>Freemoticons</b>: Cyclop Emoticons UPDATED!

dwergs says ( 04 Feb 2004 ):


freemoticonsWe've already updated the Freemoticons Cyclop pack by MNeMoNiCuZ released yesterday. The image quality of the actual installed emoticons is now improved and a bonus cyclop emoticon was added: one eyed emoticons... Expect more Freemoticons by MNeMoNiCuZ soon! :D

>> Download the Freemoticons Cyclop emoticons (normally, just reinstalling will simply replace the previous ones).

 Freemoticons: Cyclop Emoticons
<b>Freemoticons</b>: Cyclop Emoticons

dwergs says ( 03 Feb 2004 ):


freemoticonsToday's new Freemoticons release features a classic already in the field of MSN Messenger emoticons: the Cyclops by MNeMoNiCuZ, also referred to as one-eye pack. A preview and download link can be found on the Cyclop Emoticons page.

cyclop emoticonsThis collection of 22 emoticons is currently being sold on many emoticon paysites while they were originally intended to be distributed freely. We cannot support people shamelessly ripping off artists like MNeMoNiCuZ and many others, so meet Freemoticons, our FREE automatic emoticon installers.

No more browsing, naming & shortcut entering over and over again, but instant satisfaction guaranteed at absolutely NO charge, NO dialers, NO pincodes, NO adware! With just a couple of clicks and with the ease of installing freeware software, our Freemoticons add emoticons directly into your MSN Messenger 6.

>> Download the Freemoticons Cyclop Emoticons

>> Download the Freemoticons emoticon fonts

>> Download the Freemoticons Valentine 69 emoticons

 Using Messenger in a restrictive enviroment
Using Messenger in a restrictive enviroment

Zero1 says ( 03 Feb 2004 ):


As many of you know, a lot of colleges etc dont like you using msn messenger. Well, now you can!
Hopster is a program that lets you bypass the firewalls and blocks set by your work/school/college.
Another application that is very useful to install is Messenger Plus!, using boss protection (pressing ctrl + spacebar) you can hide all your msn windows from nosy bosses and teachers.

Download: Hopster

 Suunto's N3 watch gets the message
Suunto's N3 watch gets the message

dwergs says ( 03 Feb 2004 ):


n3 sunto spot watchLast month we posted a review of the Abacus SPOT watch, but its creator Fossil is not the only company offering MSN Direct-based watches. Finnish company Suunto has unleashed the 300-dollar n3 which can receive news, weather reports, MSN instant messages, etc...

Read a full review at HeraldNet.

 Approaching 6000 free display pictures...
Approaching 6000 free display pictures...

dwergs says ( 02 Feb 2004 ):


james brown arrestedAt the moment a whopping 5924 display pictures are available for free to registered Messers. We're expecting to cross the 6000 MSN display pictures milestone early this week :) Awesome work people!

 Added: Mood Changer
Added: Mood Changer

SLim_Shady says ( 01 Feb 2004 ):


drunk display pictureMood Changer is DJMystic's plug-in for MsgPlus! 2 that pops-up a screen similar to MSN Today every time you sign-in to MSN Messenger, asking you what mood you are in. By default it includes DeViLs Display Pictures, but you can add your own ones too.

>> Download Mood Changer

[Reported by: Wabz]

 Agile Messenger 2.0
Agile Messenger 2.0

SLim_Shady says ( 01 Feb 2004 ):


Agile Messenger Agile Messenger is an instant messenger for your mobile telephone, that connects to the four most popular instant messaging services: ICQ, AOL, Yahoo! and MSN.
Agile Messenger is currently available for Nokia 7650 / 3650 / 6600 / N-Gage, Sony Ericsson P800 / P900, Siemens SX1 and MS Windows Smartphone.

And yes, Agile Messenger is free!

>> Download Agile Messenger

>> Visit Agile Messenger homepage

[Source: Agile Mobile]

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