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 Euro 2008 Kick-Off: Free Windows Live Messenger Goodies
Euro 2008 Kick-Off: Free Windows Live Messenger Goodies

dwergs says ( 07 Jun 2008 ):


Here's's round-up of all free Euro 2008 themed goodies for Windows Live Messenger made available by different MSN offices around Europe.

1) The Netherlands is known for its "Orange Craziness", a peculiar football fever that colors the entire country and its residents orange. So unsurprisingly, MSN Netherlands compiled a Welpie Theme Pack (sponsored by a Dutch supermarket chain) that contains:

welpie theme pack

- 1 dynamic display picture
- 1 static display picture
- 3 conversation window backgrounds
- 3 winks and
- 5 animated emoticons

>> Download the Welpie Theme Pack (recommended installation instructions).

2) MSN France keeps it international with three separate Messenger Foot packs that contain a bit of everything:

euro 2008 emoticons and display pictures

- 20 animated emoticons (Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and several general soccer emoticons).
- 21 display pictures (France, Turkey, The Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Russia and several general soccer icons).
- 7 conversation window backgrounds (France, Greece, Romania, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland).

>> Screenshot Euro 2008 Messenger Foot Emoticons.
>> Download Euro 2008 Messenger Foot Emoticons (recommended installation instructions).
>> Download Euro 2008 Messenger Foot Avatars (recommended installation instructions).
>> Download Euro 2008 Messenger Foot Backgrounds (installation instructions).

3) Supporters for Azzurri get the smallest treat from MSN Italy, but a treat nonetheless: 10 animated emoticons featuring a ball colored like the nation's "Il Tricolore".

>> Screenshot Europei 2008 Emoticons.
>> Download Europei 2008 Emoticons (recommended installation instructions).

4) Last but unfortunately not so impressively comes the Football Family Emoticon pack, which is the same for Austria and Turkey. It includes 12 football-shaped animated emoticons which are of doubtful quality, though most of them are pretty general and can be used by all Euro 2008 supporters no matter what country.

>> Screenshot Football Family Emoticons.
>> Download Football Family Emoticons (Austria) (recommended installation instructions).
>> Download Football Family Emoticons (Turkey) (same instructions).

That's all what MSN-provided content is concerned, but stay tuned for more from us!

 Mask of Emotion trades facial expressions for LED pixel emoticons
Mask of Emotion trades facial expressions for LED pixel emoticons

dwergs says ( 07 Jun 2008 ):


mask of emotionThe Mask of Emotion, a project from the Digital Media Design Dept at Hongik University in Korea, converts your facial expressions for LED pixel emoticons. Obviously, its default setting is no expression, but if people shake hands with the wearer, the mask shows a smile. If you frown, the mask changes the LED design to a slanted frown as it sees fit.

The project was designed to hide personal emotions by eliciting a different set of public facial expressions that could be used to generate conversation and response in public spaces. Sounds perfect for boring meetings and dull parties... just put your emotions on auto-pilot!

>> Find more photos, sketches and behind the scenes pictures at the project homepage.

[Source: Coolest Gadgets and Make]

 Windows Live Messenger UK brings you Facebook
Windows Live Messenger UK brings you Facebook

dwergs says ( 05 Jun 2008 ):


Because of our downtime I didn't have the chance to post this earlier, but exactly a week ago Messenger users from the United Kingdom (with their tabs visible) have been given access to a special Facebook tab in Windows Live Messenger.

After opening the tab for the first time, you need to log in and then authorize the Facebook Updates for Messenger app by Windows Live via your browser window. When that's done, you can change your status or check your Facebook friends' statuses, invite them to Messenger, browse their photos, poke or message them, or write on their wall.

windows live messenger facebook updates tab

The tab is MSN UK's own initiative and not related to the company's 1.6% stake in Facebook, nor does the social network pay for the extremely valuable presence in Windows Live Messenger. However, both parties did work together on the tab to optimize the Facebook experience within Messenger. Other countries have already shown interest in the tab, so let's hope it goes global in the near future. We'll keep you posted.

By the way, has its own fan page on Facebook now, so hurry up and become a fan here.

 This was the final downtime (well, almost)
This was the final downtime (well, almost)

dwergs says ( 04 Jun 2008 ):


What a mess it was the past couple of days! But at least we were not alone...

After another day of unexpected downtime yesterday, our server has been stable for about consecutive 18 hours now. We hope and expect it to remain so until a planned maintenance of 4-6 hours on either Saturday 7th or 14th of June.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience and the lack of information during the outage. In the unfortunate case something similar happens again, check out (or start following) mess on Twitter, where I post backstage observations and statements.

 Messenger 9.0 BETA to close by end of month
Messenger 9.0 BETA to close by end of month

Inky says ( 03 Jun 2008 ):


Today we, and probably everyone else who is an official BETA tester for the 9.0 client, has received an e-mail from Microsoft about the recent BETA program. According to the e-mail, over 1000 bugs and suggestions have been posted, and well over 5000 messages on the newsgroups! The e-mail continues to explain the long (unusual) silence over the past few months:

"For the past several months we've been gathering feedback from not only you, but also from past beta testers' comments, other external Windows Live Messenger customers, and Microsoft employees. We've compiled a thorough list of feedback, and it's now time to shift our focus to building the new version of Windows Live Messenger. Therefore, on June 24, we will close the official beta testing program.".

The Messenger team looks dedicated to taking a look at all the bugs and suggestions which have been posted so far, promising to have processed them all by the end of the week.

Furthermore, when the BETA closes in a few weeks messers will still be able to use the 9.0 client, which is definitely a big plus. Of course, the official Connect BETA program will close by the end of the month, so you will no longer be able to download the official 9.0 client from Connect. Be sure to grab a copy before then if you want to install it on a new machine!

We are looking forward to the next BETA, which the Messenger team promises will be sometime later this year.

 Downtime explained:'s server data center catches fire
Downtime explained:'s server data center catches fire

dwergs says ( 03 Jun 2008 ): server room catches fireOn May 31st, a transformer in the data center where the server is housed, caught fire and caused an explosion that knocked down three walls. Thankfully, no one was injured and our server didn't suffer any damage. However, due to strict orders from the fire department and seriously damaged equipment, power in the data center was down for the past 48 hours. That is why disappeared from the World Wide Web for a horribly long time and probably the longest in our site's almost seven year history.

We're sorry for the inconvenience, and needless to say: we're so glad to be back!

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