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 Goodie, another free emoticon goodie!
Goodie, another free emoticon goodie!

dwergs says ( 06 Jul 2007 ):


After supplying us with a first edition back in March, Microsoft France is offering a second free set of 30 animated Windows Live Messenger emoticons on account of Windows Live Search's one-year anniversary. They're high-quality stuff, really, but the two downsides present in the first auto-installable pack surface again:

free emoticons pack live search1) The choice of some of the keyboard shortcuts is a real pain. For instance, I do not want my "ok" messages to be replaced with an animated emoticon every single time. Next time, put common words between brackets.

2) There's no such thing as a free lunch, not even if wealthy Microsoft is paying. This installer blatantly tries to put the MSN Portal as your browser homepage, and Live Search as your default search engine. Click here for a short animated tutorial on how to opt-out of those modifications.

>> Direct download the auto-installable free emoticons pack here (French).

>> Watch the tutorial on how to opt-out.

>> Visit the Live Search Cadeaux homepage.


dwergs says ( 05 Jul 2007 ):


karamball! messenger gameMy knowledge of Italian doesn't reach much further than the menu of my local pizzeria, but I found a new Messenger game, Karamball!, which appears to be part of a large competition by an Italian travel agency called Karambola. So normally it's only available to Messenger users from Italy, but I've added it to our Messenger Games Launcher for all of you to "enjoy".

Just skip through the Italian introduction, choose a track and start playing this game in which you have to race your marble through sandy tracks full of curves, bridges, obstacles and holes.

>> Launch Karamball! through our Messenger Games Launcher.

 Hoan hô! Messenger going Vietnamese
Hoan hô! Messenger going Vietnamese

dwergs says ( 05 Jul 2007 ):


vietnamese flag display pictureThis one is for the 15 million internet users living in Vietnam. Microsoft together with four Vietnamese partners will launch the MSN portal as well as Windows Live Messenger, Live Spaces, Live Mail and Live Search in localized, Vietnamese language versions by September. Partner VIP Wireless will be in charge of ads and other business activities, Vietnam Data Communication Company is going to be responsible for the technical infrastructure, and both Vietnam Television and Lao Dong (Labor) Newspaper will provide local content for the portal.

Grant Watts, CEO of Microsoft’s online services in the Southeast Asian region, at the signing ceremony said that Vietnam was a key market to the broadening of Microsoft’s business activities in Asia.

[Source: Thanh Nien Daily]

 Download Windows Live for Nokia S60 v3 phones
Download Windows Live for Nokia S60 v3 phones

dwergs says ( 04 Jul 2007 ):


Now let's talk about the "iPhone killer" instead: the N95. Last week we already mentioned Nokia's pilot test in Sweden of a brand new Windows Live package, and I think someone was able to extract the app for everyone else's pleasure. The official Windows Live Client v1.0.614 integrates Windows Live Hotmail, Live Contacts, Live Search, Live Spaces and Live Messenger on all of the Nokia S60 N-Series and E-Series (and yes, that includes the überdevice, the N95). Some of its features:

- Synchronize Hotmail/MSN email and contacts with your mobile phone.
- Add a personal status message.
- Send and receive files images, sound clips and voice clips.
- Play voice clips sent by others.
- Phone vibration when someone sends a buzz/nudge.
- Sort contacts by online status/display name.

>> Download Microsoft Windows Live Client v1.0.614 to your PC here.

>> Download the client directly to your mobile from and enter this key: 853651.

NOTE: Install dep.sisx before the other file.

[Source: Tech[dot]Blog]

 Messenger on the iPhone
Messenger on the iPhone

dwergs says ( 04 Jul 2007 ):


As you all know by now, the long expected gadget phenomenon named iPhone hit the stores last Friday. Most reviewers speak highly of the youngest Apple device, but I still think there's no excuse for not adding a decent instant messaging tool to its feature list. Early adopters have suggested Meebo to access Windows Live Messenger and other IM accounts through the device's built-in browser, except there's no Enter-key on the iPhone in order to send messages. On Monday however, Meebo's developers already responded by adding an extra Go-button to their web-based client, making it the first and only multi-IM service currently compatible with the iPhone. Kudos to them!

 Become a next-gen Yahoo! Messenger emoticon
Become a next-gen Yahoo! Messenger emoticon

dwergs says ( 03 Jul 2007 ):


Contrary to what this ooVoo ad wants to make us believe, and despite the growing popularity of video conversations, emoticons are still very much alive after they were invented 25 years ago. We can tell just by the thousands of Messers who browse our emoticon gallery daily. "When I first created the :-) text smiley face, I never thought it would take off the way it has," said Professor Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University, who was the first person ever to use an emoticon. "It started as a way to show humor to a community of computer scientists, but now, 25 years later, consumers far and wide have really embraced the emoticon in their non-verbal communication to show emotions like happiness, love and concern, especially while instant messaging. The smiley has come a long way."

To honor their 25th anniversary, Yahoo! Messenger -fellow and first IM service to feature animated emoticons back in 2002- is throwing an Emoticontest (hmmm, where have I heard that nifty wordplay before?). Users are asked to submit a photo of a signature look or favorite expression (nothing we haven't seen before either) but the winner will actually get his or her mug made into an official emoticon included in Yahoo! Messenger later this year! So you better think twice about submitting retard photos of yourself before you're suddenly a new web celeb.

25 years of emoticons!Yahoo! also surveyed 40,000 Yahoo! Messenger users about their use of emoticons and I'm sure the results would be very similar for a sample among Windows Live Messenger users.

- Emoti-sential: 82% use emoticons daily.

- LOL: 83% say that "happiness" is one of the two emotions they express most often using emoticons. "Flirting" comes second.

- I Heart You (Not): More than 50% thinks that feelings of love are easier to convey using emoticons than in person. 57% would rather tell a "crush" their true feelings using an emoticon. 10% (!) would go as far as proposing marriage to their loved one via IM. On the other hand, only 12% of females and 11% of males would opt for a break-up with an emoticon.

- Emoti-Graphic Memory: 66% have memorized the text characters for three or more emoticons. 19% of respondents have memorized more than 10.

- Express Yourself: The majority says they best express themselves in IM using emoticons. Nearly two-thirds (61%) rely on emoticons to best express their feelings, while 17% rely on Internet slang like LOL and BRB. And 13% rely on photo sharing.

- Gen IM: Those aged 19-25 are the most avid emoticon users (68% in this age group using emoticons daily). But nearly half (48%) of respondents over the age of 50 are using emoticons in their everyday communication.

- It's a Girl Thing: 82% of respondents think that women are more likely to use emoticons than men.

- You're Fired!: Men are slightly more prone to use IM and emoticons to fire someone (14%) versus women (11%).

>> Visit the Yahoo! Emoticontest website (running in the U.S., India and Vietnam until July 31, 2007).

>> Browse +7000 free emoticons, like for instance the official Yahoo! Emoticons.

[Source: TechWhack]

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