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 Updated: Custom Games Patch for 7.0.0255
Updated: Custom Games Patch for 7.0.0255

dwergs says ( 16 Oct 2004 ):


Koen has added support for the latest MSN Messenger beta (7.0.0225) to his custom games patch for MSN Messenger.

>> Download MSN Messenger custom games patch 1.04.

>> FAQ: Can I add more games to MSN Messenger.

 MSN Messenger Premium is coming
MSN Messenger Premium is coming

Pure_BY says ( 16 Oct 2004 ):


Official testers of MSN Messenger 7.0 are recieving the following e-mail from MSN, which asks them to trial a subscription package that will be released along with Messenger 7.0.

"Dear ******,
As part of helping us test MSN Messenger Beta, we have selected a subset of our testers to help us test a premium subscription offering.

Blue Mountain® supplies Emoticons, Backgrounds, and Display Pictures for MSN Messenger. As an MSN Beta tester, Blue Mountain® has provided these PIN numbers so that you can download Messenger Beta content for free during this beta period. You will be able to download free: 1 Creaticon, 2 Regular Display Pictures, 1 Regular Display Picture Packs, 3 Emoticon packs, 3 Backgrounds, 1 Background Pack, and 1 Theme Pack.

Please follow the scenario below to download free Blue Mountain® content using the PINs below. Each PIN is assigned specifically to you to download the content only once. You must use the PIN for the specific type of content for which it is assigned.

Obviously, this is to do with the "Packs" button in the Messenger 7 Beta that most of us are using.

Could this be a sign of Messenger to be a paid service?

[Source: Forum]

[Reported by: Ben]

 Wink-less MSN Messenger 7.0.0225 going out to beta-testers
Wink-less MSN Messenger 7.0.0225 going out to beta-testers

dwergs says ( 15 Oct 2004 ):


no winks in latest msn messenger 7 betaMSN Messenger 7.0.0225 BETA was released to official beta-testers today. Twenty builds later, it's still quite buggy (we'll update the beta bug list later on) but like the disclaimer says: "It is important to understand that the beta release of any product will not reflect the stability of a shipped Microsoft product". The most apparent and anticipated change is the Winks option being greyed out, for security reasons. We also noticed the removal of the Deluxe Display Pictures category again from the My Display Picture menu.

>> Download Patch! by Daniel to remove the MSN Today button, Search bar, banner ad, actions pane and (BETA) tag.

[Reported by: violentArtist, )(Rockerboy, Pimpbunny & Bassie and probably more while I'm writing this]

 New MSN Messenger 7.0 features appearing
New MSN Messenger 7.0 features appearing

dwergs says ( 14 Oct 2004 ):


Some of us still using the blocked MSN Messenger 7 BETA (thanks to the Mess Patch) will have noticed the appearance of some new options last night. Their availability depends on your regional settings, so they're not live worldwide yet.

creaticons1) When you click the emoticon menu in a conversation window, you will see a new What's Hot category plugging emoticon sets you can order for $1.50 per set from Blue Mountain.

2) Another What's Hot menu item just appeared in the Packs pulldown menu. Packs can be just display pictures, or just backgrounds (at $1.50 per set), or can come as combination of display pictures, backgrounds and custom emoticons (at $3 per so-called Theme Pack).

3) The Creation Maker (see screenshot) allows you to customize a display picture with colorful text. Each creaticon will cost you $1.

Deluxe Display Pictures are not offered yet, but we expect them to have a price tag as well :( Payments can be made through mobile phone or credit/debit card. And if you don't like to pay for customizing your MSN Messenger, then there's always

>> Download's FREE and easy Freemoticons installers.

>> Download's FREE and easy Freemoticons Display Pictures installers.

>> Browse's 19000 FREE MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse's 5000 FREE MSN Emoticons.

[Reported by: )(Rockerboy)]

 Halo MSN Cards available starting today
Halo MSN Cards available starting today

dwergs says ( 14 Oct 2004 ):


halo msn cardsStarting today, two new Halo-themed designs will be available at the french MSN Cards Store.

During the store's opening hours, MSN Messenger users from France can order a free set of 20 personalized contact cards with one of these two themes or the regular MSN inspired ones.

>> Order your free MSN Cards (France only).

>> Learn more: What are MSN Cards and how to order them?

 More about the MSN Messenger for Mac update
More about the MSN Messenger for Mac update

dwergs says ( 14 Oct 2004 ):


MSN Messenger 4 for Mac logoRJT took a closer look at the MSN Messenger for Mac version 4.0.1 released two days ago. The update may be minor but brings improved performance and stability as well as one or two slight interface changes in the Preferences Dialogues and Sigin Dialogues.

Conversation History appears to have been overhauled and tidied up a bit, however you may not notice any changes to the way it looks the code seems to have been optimized so that it loads faster, MSN Messenger has also become more responsive and stable with this latest build.

One big fix in this latest build is that File Transfers are now working, even from behind a firewall. This feature had become broken in MSN Messenger 4.0 a few weeks ago and it disrupted the MSN Messenger for Mac network. Every time a user tried to send a file it would fail, this has now been fixed.

However I must point out that this update is a long overdue minor update, no new features have been added just the code optimized and cleaned up, probably as a result of recent maintenance breaks to the .NET Messenger Service.

>> Download MSN Messenger for Mac v4.0.1

[Source: RJT]

 Added: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0205 BETA
Added: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0205 BETA

Pure_BY says ( 13 Oct 2004 ):


Are you tired of having one patch to hide the banner ad, another patch to disable tabs, third patch to remove MSN Search bar... a patch for this, a patch for that? Than we've got just what you need -- an ultimate patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0205 by Rolando that does the following:

- Blocks "Winks" (recommended for security reasons)
- Enable polygamy
- Adds custom Games
- Removes the (Beta) tag
- Blocks "Nudges" (the sounds will still be played)
- Enables multi-line nicknames
- Hides "Add Contact" label
- Removes MSN Search bar
- Hides banner ad
- Enables "Show/Hide Tabs" checkbox
- Removes "MSN Today" button
- Fixes nickname length
- If you still have not patched your MSN Messenger 7 with CVR patcher, Mess Patch does that too!

And last but not least, it creates a backup of msnmsgr.exe!

>> Download Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0205

>> Download Screenshot.

[Source:] dares you to Spleak! dares you to Spleak!

dwergs says ( 13 Oct 2004 ):


I just found out about this. There is a new intelligent, funny virtual buddy in development by a company called IMT Labs. It is supposed to have lots of features and will be very smart and funny. It will for sure pump some life into your MSN Messenger!

The beta version is to be released SOON and from what I've seen it'll be more exciting than "that other beta" that leaked lately. More thrilling even is the fact that you messers are the first to hear about it and will have the privilege to try it out first!

If you're ready to ride the Spleak wave, watch this space closely because in the next few days we will post a download link to the plugin for MSN Messenger which allows you to chat with Spleak, "the most intelligent and funny virtual buddy ever!"

>> Sign up for our News Alerts and hear about Spleak's kick off as it happens directly in your MSN Messenger!

Don't miss out on this. It just might be the next big thing.

 Updated: MSN Messenger 6 - Windows X 7.2.137
Updated: MSN Messenger 6 - Windows X 7.2.137

dwergs says ( 13 Oct 2004 ):


This version of MSN Messenger - Windows X Edition was completed 4 months ago, but Windows X decided to seal the project. However, it was worth the wait because the Longhorn skins would've never been included otherwise. And that's not all: a total of 23 new skins were added to this installer!

You will notice that at 6.3 megabyte the download is smaller than before. That's because the patch now works with an online engine for downloading the 50 skins and different languages. When you get the message: "Service Unavailable", give Windows X's download server the time to handle the current bandwidth load. You see this message when it reaches the maximum amount of concurrent users so if you wait for a couple of minutes and try again, it should work just fine.

The new skins are ChaNinja MSN (by STR8), Cow Messenger (by Animefan), Crystal SVG (by dlb), Ferrari (by Zolex), Fumaos Skin (by Adictos), Halo MSN (by GigaBlade77), GrayScale MSN (by Martini), Green Skin (by cr@nk), Longhorn MSN - Aero UI (by Rolando and Windows X), Longhorn MSN - Inspriat (by Rolando and StefanKa), MessBase MSN (by Gobliz), Mind Killer (by sanguinius), MSN Graffiti (by Toon Créative), MSN Love (by Zolex and Toon Créative), MSN Nebula (by Jeromebzh), MSN Nemo (by Zolex), MSN Simpsons (by Toon Créative), MSN Smiley's (by Toon Créative), MSN Smooth (by SosoDamn), MSN Soldier of Fortune II (by Toon Créative), MSN Stargate (by Yoman), MSN Tribal Tattoo (by Toon Créative) and MSN Virtual Skipper (by Njone03).

All found skin bugs were fixed, a PayPal donation dialog was added, the Fun & Games picture was fixed in each skin and the skin previewer now works with web hosted screenshots.

Now don't be fooled by the version number. It works with the latest official MSN Messenger build only, which is 6.2.0137 (believe me, an MSN Messenger 7.0.0205 compatible version would be pointless at this moment).

>> Download Windows X for MSN Messenger 6.2.0137.

 Don't believe or accept everything they IM
Don't believe or accept everything they IM

dwergs says ( 13 Oct 2004 ):


do not click me display pictureTwo quick warnings from big daddy dwergs:

1) Do not accept file transfers sending the file funny.exe and just always be wary of any files sent to you in general.

2) Do not believe instant messages with "apologies from Microsoft" for the recent Messenger outage asking you to "forward the message to at least 5 contacts" in order to stay connected for the next couple of days or during future downtimes.

 Updated: MSN Messenger 4.0.1 for Mac
Updated: MSN Messenger 4.0.1 for Mac

dwergs says ( 13 Oct 2004 ):


MSN Messenger 4 for Mac logoMSN Messenger v4.0.1 for Mac was published at the Microsoft Download Center yesterday. We are still unaware of the changes in this new build, but I'm afraid it will be "no biggie".

>> Download MSN Messenger for Mac v4.0.1.

>> Sign the MSN Messenger for Mac petition and strive for more features in the Mac version.

[Reported by: rick]

 Freemoticons: Once you go Mack, you never go back
<b>Freemoticons</b>: Once you go Mack, you never go back

dwergs says ( 12 Oct 2004 ):


freemoticonsFreemoticons are completely cost-FREE & adware/spyware-FREE automatic installers for MSN emoticons (and/or display pictures). With just a couple of clicks and with the ease of installing freeware software, our Freemoticons add emoticons directly into your MSN Messenger 6. No more browsing, naming & shortcut entering over and over again, but free display picturesbrings you instant satisfaction at absolutely NO charge & NO bundled spyware like similar installers.

Today, we're proud to announce you three new Freemoticons installers with the oeuvre of Mack D. Male, also known as MasterMaq! He maintains a blog but it's the gallery that caught our attention and led us to join forces and release not one, not two but three series of display pictures at once.

- MSN Activities with 36 actions like blogging, singing and toothing (in the bluetooth kinda way).

- MSN Emotions expressing 21 states of mind ranging from homesick to delirious.

- MSN Events picturing 16 events, for instance birthdays, St. Patrick's Day or Valentine's.

>> Download them from Freemoticons - Display Pictures.

NOTE: Freemoticons are NOT compatible with MSN Messenger 7... yet! Oh, and if they don't seem to work in MSN Messenger 6 after the first try, just try installing again. In many cases, it works.

 W32.Funner worm not so funny
W32.Funner worm not so funny

dwergs says ( 12 Oct 2004 ):


Coinciding with the .NET Messenger Service problems of the past few days, is the emergence of a new MSN Messenger virus, known as Funner, that tries to direct people to a Web site ( However, security software firm Symantec found no evidence that the virus, which had only spread to a small number of PCs, had caused any disruptions to the global Messenger service. Microsoft denied any connection.

"From what we have been able to see, it tries to send itself out to all of your MSN Messenger contacts," said Oliver Friedrichs, senior director of Symantec's security response team. "But we have only seen about 34 submissions in the last 24 hours--really not that significant."

The virus changes the configuration of an infected computer so that users who try to browse to one of more than 900 Web sites will be redirected to The virus may also attempt to download additional functionality from the site. The site, however, appears to be down.

[Source: CNET & eWeek] [Read more: Symantec]

 Outages over, Microsoft speaks
Outages over, Microsoft speaks

dwergs says ( 12 Oct 2004 ):


Microsoft acknowledged on Monday that it continued to battle a technical glitch that prevented MSN users from logging on to the service's instant messaging system for the past three days.

A representative of Microsoft said the company had fixed the issues that had prevented its users from logging on to MSN Messenger. "The system is now back up and running. We believe that the problem is now fixed."

The spokesperson would not give further details about the problem, except to say that the Monday morning outage was due to "administrative maintenance.".

[Source: CNET]

 Christopher "Superman" Reeve Dies

dwergs says ( 11 Oct 2004 ):


superman msn display picturesChristopher Reeve probably would have preferred to be only an actor. But it was his fate to be a Superman. On screen and off.

The actor who convinced movie audiences that a son of Krypton could fly and later inspired a world to believe that a paralyzed man could walk again, died Sunday at a New York hospital, his publicist announced. He was 52.

superman emoticon >> Donate to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

superman emoticon >> Buy the Superman Logo T-Shirt (15% off your purchase with coupon code SAVE15OCT04).

superman emoticon >> Buy a Superman Halloween costume at

superman emoticon >> Browse our Superman display pictures.

[Source: E!Online]

 Microsoft blocking words from nicknames again
Microsoft blocking words from nicknames again

dwergs says ( 11 Oct 2004 ):


Microsoft blocking words from nicknames againIt seems that after the .NET Messenger Service maintenance(s) this weekend we have a single re-entry in the Holy List of Forbidden Nicknames!

It's been since May 2003 that a word got blocked from display names, but when you try to put .NET Messenger Service in your nickname today you will get a message that "The display name you chose was invalid. Please choose another display name or try again."

If you play with capitals and lower case (eg. .net messenger service), you will see that variations are allowed though! This only adds up to the mystery around nickname filtering being re-implemented again for a single chain of words. If you discover any other (if any, probably MSN related) forbidden nicknames, let us know.

Smart-asses trying to work around this nickname filter will notice that their display name returns to its original state after signing out & in again, unless you use the blank nickname character (hold ALT and type 0160) as a space between the words (tip from Huuf).

UPDATE: As expected, after yet another maintenance downtime, the useless nickname filter has gone already and .NET Messenger Service is tolerated in display names again.

 Updated: Messenger Plus! 3.21.104
Updated: Messenger Plus! 3.21.104

dwergs says ( 11 Oct 2004 ):


A new version of Messenger Plus! is out, reports A. Madsen. Changes include:

- The Floating Contacts feature (drag & drop important contacts on your desktop) was improved a lot;
- A lot more tooltips were added to help you out;
- Messenger Plus! now detects when you sign-out due to an Internet connection problem;
- The sponsor agreement is displayed differently to previous versions. Be cautious when running through the installation procedure and don't install things you don't want!
- The Plus! menu is now accessible from Messenger 7 Beta. For now, it just displays the compatibility info window: no Plus! feature will work with Messenger 7 in this version. You can expect a fully compatible version to be released sometime in November.

NOTE: The MSN Messenger 7 compatibility date is a little later than Patchou's previously announced estimated time of completion, but he promises "some surprises" to go with the release.

>> Download Messenger Plus! v3.21.104.

 Ups and a lot more downs for the .NET Messenger Service
Ups and a lot more downs for the .NET Messenger Service

dwergs says ( 11 Oct 2004 ):


After being brought back to life for a short while, the .NET Messenger Service appears to be down again for a second time in a period of 12 hours. Some people are unable to sign in, others fail to have smooth conversations. According to the status page, last night's maintenance has been completed and the service has now become temporarily unavailable.

msn messenger down time

This has NOTHING to do with you running MSN Messenger 7 instead of an official, public MSN Messenger client. It's affecting all Messenger users, including those appealing to Windows Messenger or even Web Messenger, Microsoft's browser-based MSN Messenger client.

The last .NET Messenger downtime dates from July 6th but didn't last as long as the current one. All we can do now is wait for the green flag.

UPDATE: "All systems are stable and running" again, since somewhere around 2 PM CEST.

UPDATE 2: Maintenance again...

 Messenger Downtime? Join our chatroom!
Messenger Downtime? Join our chatroom!

Sean says ( 10 Oct 2004 ):


The .NET Messenger Service is undergoing routine maintenance and is unavailable at the time of writing.

In the light of this downtime, mainly manifested in the inability to have conversations, we remind you of our chatroom

Want to chat directly to other messers and staff? If so, why not join in the live conversation at the Official IRC Channel?

To join you can either:

1) Use the simple Webchat Applet and simply click 'yes' on the security warning if you get one. Follow the instructions for instant chatting!

Note: The security warning is simply the installation of our webchat applet.

2) Connect via. mIRC by running across to the mIRC website and downloading the latest client. Use the following command to join the server: /server -j

ZiPP and Sean wish you happy chatting!

 Messenger Plus! compatibilty with MSNM7 progressing
Messenger Plus! compatibilty with MSNM7 progressing

dwergs says ( 10 Oct 2004 ):


saralk sent me the screenshot below of Messenger Plus! running on MSN Messenger 7, which explains why Patchou's display name in my contact list contained an overload of color codes lately. I'm glad to see how they actually look in MSN Messenger 7: GREAT!

messenger plus! for msn messenger 7

Like we told you before, you'll have to wait until the end of October to see this working live for yourself, when Messenger Plus! is expected to be fully compatible with MSN Messenger 7.

 Updated: SpeedyMSN 1.4 for 6.2.0137
Updated: SpeedyMSN 1.4 for 6.2.0137

dwergs says ( 10 Oct 2004 ):


Speedy_Kevin's personal MSN Messenger mod was recently updated to v1.4. SpeedyMSN is a stripped-down version of MSN Messenger 6.2.0137 without less commonly used features and with an easier navigation. In this new version, the improved installer also enables polygamy and removes the ad. Also note the changed conversation window bar.

>> Download SpeedyMSN v1.4.

Click Here!

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