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 New Intel motherboards to wake computer when called
New Intel motherboards to wake computer when called

dwergs says ( 14 Aug 2008 ):


Intel has announced a new range of motherboards that will feature the Remote Wake ability. This technology enables computers to "wake up" from power-saving states as soon as they receive a call over the Internet.

Current computers have to be fully on to receive a call, making them impractical and energy-wasters as replacements for the telephone. The computer can activate its microphone and loudspeaker to alert the user, then connect the call.
Jajah will be the first company to utilize the feature:
Jajah intends to offer the ability to wake up computers to other instant-messaging and Internet voice services, like Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger. It will be able to wake up subscriber computers both for calls dialed with a number and for those that are directed at a user name.
The first four Intel motherboards with the Remote Wake capability will ship in September 2008. They will be for desktop computers and require an Internet connection via an Ethernet cable, as Wi-Fi doesn't work in sleep mode.


 LEAKED: Features and screenshots of the new Windows Live Messenger v9
<b>LEAKED</b>: Features and screenshots of the new Windows Live Messenger v9

Inky says ( 11 Aug 2008 ):


A few days ago we obtained the latest installer for Windows Live Messenger, version "2009". We were asked to keep it quiet for now, but of course we couldn't contain our excitement and had to let all messers out there know about the new stuff. The most noticeable is of course the new look, with colors and headers resembling the new Windows Live header that has been discussed by Liveside before. On top of that, it looks like all the various dialogs are now also properly styled like Windows Live Messenger, rather than having the "old" Windows look. Here, why don't you have a look for yourself:

Contact list with new header
Conversation window with left-aligned DPs
New PhotoShare feature
About dialog (build 14.0.3921.717)

In the feature department quite a few things have been added and changed as well. The biggest of which is the new Groups feature (while the old groups are renamed to Categories). A Group is a special chat room to which you can invite your buddies, and which stays on your contact list until you delete it (making it an instant multi-party conversation). The group will appear to be online when a another buddy in the group is also online. With a group, you can share files, photos, chat history, etc. (More coverage on Liveside). Aside from groups, there's another new entry in the contact list: the Favorites category. This category is always shown at the top, and when contacts are added to them their full details are shown in your contact list (similar to the "Show all contact details" feature in v8.5). The favorites category is also shown on older clients, where it will display as a regular category.

Along with the new UI of the conversation window (most noticeably the display pictures appearing at the left side of the conversation), a new feature has also been added: photo sharing. You can add or remove photos from the current session, and browse through them while you and your buddy discuss the currently displayed photo. Although we couldn't try it out in detail yet, this promises to make it much easier to show all those holiday and party photos to your buddies.

The build in question is the first milestone after the questionable BETA period which was closed at the end of June, with a new second milestone already coming up. We can't wait to see what turns up in the next few months... Seeing as the most-requested features haven't been added yet (Messenger Team, we're looking at you!). We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Please digg our finding.

UPDATE #2: We have received a DMCA take-down notice which we are currently investigating. Until then we have taken the screenshots down. Looks like Microsoft really doesn't want everyone to see the new look Windows Live Messenger v9. The cat is out of the bag: the build has leaked so our exclusive screenshots are back up.

 Updated: Messenger Plus! Live 4.70 + Skinning contest
Updated: Messenger Plus! Live 4.70 + Skinning contest

dwergs says ( 11 Aug 2008 ):


Patchou yesterday released a summer update to his popular Messenger Plus! Live add-on. Here are a few changes:

- Paste very large chunks of text and pictures into a conversation.
- Emotion sounds are now played in stereo.
- All scripts and skins can now be automatically updated!
- New "panel size" option added for the Quick Icons panel. Use it to display more emoticons in each page of the panel.
- Double-clicking on a contact in the Contact List Clean-Up window now opens the Contact Information window.
- Etc... Check out the full change log.

The previously announced skinning contest also kicked off. You have five weeks left (until September 14th at 23:59:59 GMT) to submit the best Messenger Plus! Live skin mankind has ever seen (or make your existing skin even more fabulous). Prizes are impressive and clearly aimed at gfx wizards: tablets ranging from the Cintiq 12WX over Intuos3 6*8 tablets to the futuristic Cintiq 20WXS for the first prize winner. More information over at

>> Download Messenger Plus! Live 4.70.

[Reported by: MenthiX, Rik & warmth]

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