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 Allo Messenger?
Allo Messenger?

dwergs says ( 18 Nov 2005 ):


msn messengerUntil the 20th of December, residents of France can win 100 pairs of Logitech headsets ("casques", in French) and many more MSN Messenger Winks by Meego in the rather simple Allo Messenger sound quiz.

If you're not French, you can participate anyway and try to win the special MeeWink (it talks a bit of "English" as well). Leave your dictionary where it is because here are the answers you'll need (select the white space below with your left mouse button to reveal the solution):

Audio 1 = Answer 3
Audio 2 = Answer 2
Audio 3 = Answer 1

>> Go to the Allo Messenger sound quiz (France only).

UPDATE: Probably more exciting, but also limited to people from France, is the updated version of the Magic Search competition. This time, they're giving away three Xbox 360 consoles per day (that's before it has even been released!) as well as one MSN Messenger Wink per minute. The principle is the same as before: search for the suggested keywords and click the Magic Search link from the sponsor box to immediately find out what you've won.

>> Go to the Magic Search contest (France only).

 World's Best App: Free Source Code
World's Best App: Free Source Code

dwergs says ( 17 Nov 2005 ):


Bad news for us, end-users, but good news for fellow World's Best App contestants:'s Timothy has withdrawn from the compo.

Even better news: he withdrew with style, leaving behind a trail of code which you can freely use as long as you credit Timothy properly. Check the forum for free source code on How to do audio without Active-X , IsoMetric TileMapping and the little Fishbowl example.

>> Play Timothy's Cartoon Memory game against your contacts.

>> Read the entire MSN Messenger Activity SDK thread.

>> Extra Example Code: Virtual Earth Activity Sample Code.

>> Extra Example Code: Hit or Miss Activity Sample Code.

>> Visit the World's Best App contest pages.

Side note by timothy:
Before you start making complot theories, the reason why I withdrew was time, and time only. Just got myself a second job, and studying at two places at the same time (thatís a quadruple bonus score). So I am a very busy boy at the moment and wont be able to finish anything else soon, better to share it then keeping it for myself. This does not mean I wont try to submit more apps, but they wont be as big as I planned before.

 MSN Messenger not yet abandoned, new build expected
MSN Messenger not yet abandoned, new build expected

dwergs says ( 16 Nov 2005 ):


If you thought the current MSN Messenger 7.5.0311 was the final version of MSN Messenger *ever*, you're probably wrong. We heard through the grapevine that sometime late November or early December a QFE patch will be tested and released, fixing mainly sign in issues (QFE stands for Quick Fix Engineering, which means upgrading through a small patch instead of a 10mb setup file). This is good news for the unlucky ones recently experiencing sudden connection losses and ongoing log on failures.

 LAUNCHING: Mess Dudes for free Dudes & Dollz
<b>LAUNCHING</b>: <b>Mess Dudes</b> for free Dudes & Dollz

dwergs says ( 15 Nov 2005 ): is proud to present Mess Dudes, a free and easy-to-use online avatar toolkit that allows you to create your personal Mess Dude or Dudette using hundreds of different body parts, clothes, items and backgrounds (including a t-shirt!)

Not only does it produce MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger Display Pictures, but cross-platform dude(ttes) will love the fact that Mess Dudes also exports to AIM Buddy Icons, Yahoo! Messenger Display Pictures, Forum/Board/Blog Avatars, Mac/PC Desktop Wallpapers, Windows XP User Tile and Mobile/Cell phone background.

Those thinking the avatars look familiar are right. We mess dudespartnered up with the guys from DudeFactory founded last year, and decided to continue the free service under the new moniker: Mess Dudes.

If you're a real Messer, select the background or make your Mess Dude or Dudette wear the t-shirt. I'm hoping to encounter Mess Dudes on your blogs, Spaces, forums, etc. I'll leave a comment if I do :) Oh, and please spread the word on Mess Dudes using links and IM, so we can build an army of them!

>> Create free Dudes and Dollz with Mess Dudes.'s other MSN Display Picture generators:

>> My-Toons: Star in your own Display Pic.

>> MSN Avatars Creator by Sketchie.

 Long time no Web2Messenger invites...
Long time no Web2Messenger invites...

dwergs says ( 15 Nov 2005 ):


It's been a while since we last shared Web2Messenger BETA invites (and unfortunately boulder dashed the free service doing so), but we still have a supply of them stashed away and it's time to get rid of them. We're taking it slowly this time with just small batches. First set has been contributed by master-skinner Rolando. Clickety-click if you want them!

#1, #2,...

UPDATE: All consumed, but here are five extra provided by gring0:

#1, #2, #3, #4 & #5.

>> What are you on about, man? What's Web2Messenger in the first place?

 WLM BETA signup page disappears again
WLM BETA signup page disappears again

dwergs says ( 15 Nov 2005 ):


Seems like everytime we link to the Windows Live Messenger BETA signup page, it gets removed. Same thing happened yesterday, so I guess the presumptions were right and the page still wasn't ready for public. Will it ever?

[Reported by: streather, hObO, Willz, Jordan Black & Beau Giles]

 Download section back online
Download section back online

dwergs says ( 14 Nov 2005 ):


Some hangovers last longer than bearable, but you know what they say: no brains, no headache (does that mean we got some big-ass brains?). Anyway, our downloads are back!

To refresh your memory, some interesting files added recently:

>> Download Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0328 Dutch Translation.
>> Download MSNP13 to MSNP12 Downgrader.
>> Download Mess Patch 7.5.0311 - Generation3.
>> Download MSN Slate, Urban MSN and Penguin MSN skins for MSN Messenger 7.5.

 Another MSN Messenger Keychain auction
Another MSN Messenger Keychain auction

dwergs says ( 14 Nov 2005 ):


Remember Huuf's MSN Messenger Keychain auction last month? Well, it ended up going once for 36 euros (approximately US $42.26)!

3V3RT is hoping to reach the same impressive turnover for a similar MSN Messenger Wink Keychain which he obtained at a meeting in Holland. Raise your bids (if you live in The Netherlands that is, because apparently he's only shipping nationally).

While browsing eBay for more MSN Messenger stuff, I noticed indecent proposals being made by Natalie from the UK. The naughty student is auctioning off a 30-minute webcam session in order to be able to buy a car. Hmmm, maybe during one of those 30-minute chats someone can tell her most student jobs pay more than GBP 1.20 per half hour... And they don't involve stripping for a complete stranger.

 Windows Live Messenger BETA signup page returns
Windows Live Messenger BETA signup page returns

dwergs says ( 14 Nov 2005 ):


I'm sure that after seeing and enjoying all the Windows Live Messenger teasers on this site, most of you out there are dying to pre-live the hype and be among the first to use a working and feature-rich Windows Live Messenger 1.0 BETA. As some Messers have noticed, the scanty BETA signup page we mentioned last month (and was removed immediately after), has returned using the Live template. The page's adapted text now reads:

"We think you are really going to enjoy test driving the new features. And we canít wait to hear what you think of it. We need your help to build it right.

To sign up for the beta, please give us your e-mail address so we can send you an invitation when it becomes available. We'll also use it to keep you in the loop about the latest developments. We'll use your e-mail address for this beta release and relevant updates only, and the first notice you receive about this will include the option to discontinue further messages regarding the Messenger Beta if you choose.

Like before, we're not sure if this signup page already records submitted addresses. The absence of linkage from the main Windows Live Ideas page and the faulty link to the MSN Sandbox page for "more info on WLM" both plead against its operationality. But I guess it never hurts trying.

Be aware that applying for a BETA-tester position entails more than just test driving the new Messenger before your friends and foes. First of all, you'll have to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement under which you'll agree to not disclose any information related to the BETA outside of the MSN BETA program community. Next to normal daily use, you will also have to carry out provided testing scenarios and immediately submit bugs along with as much details as possible.

If the page does work, and you are selected as a participant, you will be sent a "Welcome" e-mail with info on how to proceed and download the software.

>> Windows Messenger Live BETA signup page

[Reported by: whiteshark, Joe Hargett and giasens]

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