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 Mozilla + Pidgin = Instantbird
Mozilla + Pidgin = Instantbird

dwergs says ( 20 Oct 2007 ):


instantbird, the powerful instant messenger based on Mozilla technologies and Pidgin!Yesterday I reported about the Meebo add-on for Mozilla Firefox, which proved just how easily this web browser can be attuned to a particular user's desire. Now what if you would have the same extendibility in your instant messaging client, without the silly limitations we currently have in Windows Live Messenger? Florian Qučze and Quentin Castier are determined to give power to the people and with Instantbird they want to simplify the creation of one's personal "fantasy IM client" through extensions, plugins and themes, similar to Firefox.

Based on Mozilla's XULRunner framework and the libpurple library used by both Pidgin and Meebo, Instantbird is the youngest open source, cross-platform and multi-network IM client in the game (connecting to Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, QQ and XMPP). Its current 0.1 version is a very basic IM client without the bling bling (only two statuses, no emoticons, avatars or file transfers), but developers are highly encouraged to contribute to Instantbird, or to start writing their own extensions, which will be added later to To give an idea of where things are going, the team behind Instantbird suggested the following roadmap:

Instantbird 0.2 - status handling (away, busy, etc…), contact management, extensibility, notifier, and more.
Instantbird 0.3 - rich text for outgoing messages, buddy icons, file transfers, preferences, sounds, and more.
Instantbird 1.0 - should be close to what Pidgin offers.
Instantbird 1.0+ (read: distant future) - video and voice support

Of course, all of this is under reservation but we'll definitely keep an eye on this little birdie...

>> Download Instantbird 0.1 (Windows/Mac OSX/Linux) here.

>> Developers can find documentation here.

 The most common Windows Live services installation problems
The most common Windows Live services installation problems

dwergs says ( 19 Oct 2007 ):


Since we're being nearly forced to use the Windows Live installer (link) to get our hands on the public Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta (I said "nearly"), I've received several grievances and enquiries from Messers (and personal friends) having problems with the damn thing. Well aware of the issues, Microsoft added a knowledge base article treating installations gone wrong.

>> KB 940065 (revision 1.2): "The most common Windows Live services installation problems".

>> Avoid the hassle and just download Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta 2 in the desired language here.

 Meebo invades Firefox
Meebo invades Firefox

dwergs says ( 19 Oct 2007 ):


The Meebo crew has developed a little add-on for Firefox (v1.5 and up) that allows you to open a sidebar with your buddies while browsing the web, get a visual notification when you receive a message, and drag-and-drop links or images directly from the web onto your contacts.

I don't see the advantage of having a continuously visible contact list, and the Meebo tab itself already starts blinking when you're messaged, but at least the last mentioned feature sounds somewhat useful to me.

>> You can download and install the Meebo add-on here.

 Added: Rihanna, Ciara and Meet The Robinsons DPs & CEs
Added: Rihanna, Ciara and Meet The Robinsons DPs & CEs

dwergs says ( 18 Oct 2007 ):


Consistent with last month's 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, our Display Picture collection at this moment correctly represents the current state of pop music. By uploading several hundreds of new display pictures, Messer liavatars has personally shifted the power balance towards the new princess of pop, Rihanna, who with 737 avatars now beats former recordist and fallen star Britney Spears, good for 665 display pics. Instead of sending me "Leave Britney alone!" mails, I suggest fans just try to take over again by uploading new material in the Britney category.

Also thanks to liavatars, there's a new Ciara category, and my old self has collected some Meet The Robinsons avatars and emoticons. I know, that Disney movie is old news in all countries except here in Belgium, where it has just arrived in theatres last night.

rihanna display pictures for windows live messenger ciara msn display pictures meet the robinsons windows live messenger emoticons and display pictures

>> Browse 737 Rihanna Display Pictures.
>> Browse 29 Ciara Display Pictures.
>> Browse 24 Meet The Robinsons Display Pics & Emoticons.

 Watch out for two of the latest Messenger worms
Watch out for two of the latest Messenger worms

dwergs says ( 17 Oct 2007 ):


Thought all Messenger worms were rooted out? Think again, they're still running rampant. Recent reports include a worm that spreads by the filename (eg. and drops rpmsvc.exe when the inside the zip file is executed. The file transfer is usually preceded by one of the following messages:

This picture isnt you... right?
newest pics for ya :)
hey did i ever show you this picture of me?
is it ok if I add this pic to my new slideshow?
can i up some of these pics of ya to my myspace profile?
Wow i think i found your pic on myspace!
hah I think I found an old pic of us!
haha lets hope your parents dont see this picture of you :D
you care if i put this pictuer of you in my new album?
OMFG!!!!!!!! :D
wow! look at this old picture i found
sorry about the messup i fixed the pic! Try it one more time pz
is this pic tooo sexy for photobucket??

>> You can find a complete list here.
If you're one of the unfortunate victims that accepted the transfer and opened it, here are the removal instructions:

1) Run regedit.exe and delete the following registry entry:

"Remote Terminal Service" = "rpmsvc.exe "

2) Restart Windows.

3) Delete the virus files:

%System%\rpmsvc.exe (Read-only, System, Hide attribute)

Another worm dubbed Warezov.* (or Stration) is spreading through the following link: and triggers the download of photo.exe. So whatever you do, don't!

[Source: C.I.S.R.T.]

 I'm making a difference and I might win an Xbox!
I'm making a difference and I might win an Xbox!

dwergs says ( 16 Oct 2007 ):


xbox 360 + windows live messenger contestAs if the warm feeling inside knowing that you're raising money for charity isn't stimulating enough, Xbox-blog is throwing a contest to raise awareness for the i'm Initiative in Windows Live Messenger. And thanks to sponsors Sierra and the Windows Live Messenger team at Florida State University, the prizes should persuade even those who never touch their Messenger nickname: one brand new Holiday Xbox 360 Pro Bundle (with Forza 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance), two combo sets of Project Gotham Racing 4 and Blue Dragon, one copy of Timeshift, and one copy of F.E.A.R and F.E.A.R. Files expansion pack (Crash of the Titans was already allotted before I found this contest). And if you already own an Xbox 360, you can substitute the grand prize with something of equal or lesser value.

For every prize there will be a raffle (about every three or four days), and once entered you are eligible for all remaining raffles. The winner will be messaged over Windows Live Messenger and announced on Entering is easy:

1) Click this link:
2) Download Windows Live Messenger 8.1 (or 8.5) if you're not already using it.
3) Add one of the i'm Initiative text codes to your display name.
4) Add to your contact list.
5) Send a message with your name and e-mail to the newly added address (mind you, a response could take quite a while).

For those with privacy concerns, DaKing240 assures us that he won't be spamming anyone: "No one sees your information, it just goes on an Excel sheet for me to keep track of entries, names and emails."

Good luck, Messers! And as always, let me know if you win!

[More information at] [Digg this and spread the word!]

 Instant Messaging curbs productivity, study finds
Instant Messaging curbs productivity, study finds

dwergs says ( 15 Oct 2007 ):


Recent research by Datamonitor among 390 IT-people and 524 companies in 13 countries, has revealed that business people consider instant messaging as counterproductive. Seventy per cent of the people surveyed felt that e-mail improves productivity, while communication over the phone is good for 53 percent. But when it comes to IM, VoIP solutions and blogs, the majority said they do more harm than good.

Perhaps the concept of Quiet Time, as piloted by chipmaker Intel, isn't such a bad idea?

"300 engineers and managers, located in two US sites – will adopt a 'Quiet Time' agreement. Every Tuesday morning they will all set their email and IM clients to 'offline', forward their phones to voice mail, decline all meetings, and isolate themselves from 'visitors' by putting up a 'Do not disturb' sign at their doorway. Thus, for half a day each week they will have the ability to focus on the “thinking work” that researchers have shown is critical to creativity, innovation, and to faster, better production of output."

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