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 Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0425
Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0425

dwergs says ( 19 Nov 2004 ):


Mess Patch, the must-have patcher for MSN Messenger and a co-production of Rolando, theunknown, Koen, TheBlasphemer & Windows X, is now available for the latest betabuild: 0425. You can choose the following tweaks la carte: enable polygamy, install custom games, remove the (BETA) tag, disable Nudges, enable multiline nicknames, remove add contact label, remove MSN Search bar, remove banner ad, show enable/disable tabs checkbox, remove MSN Today button, fix nickname length, additional display picture sizes, select sign-in status from system tray and remove white space from conversation windows.

>> Download Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0425,,,, or,,,, or

dwergs says ( 19 Nov 2004 ):


Like announced yesterday, several country-specific Hotmail domains are now available from now on, instead of just

Thousands of people already registered short and original Hotmail account names, for instance using only their first name or famous names. So join the race and get your own unique,,,, or account ASAP, while it's still available! Note that some words or phrases have been reserved or prohibited for .NET Passport registration.

You don't have to live in the U.K, Germany, France, Italy or Japan to register them. Several messers reported this trick to grab your own foreign account name. If you're experiencing problems when following these instructions, add the language of the preferred Hotmail domain's country to your Internet Options > Languages.

>> Example: ot registration pages.

[Reported by: Ben, Dan C and Mx, )(Rockerboy, Quoix and smooth-criminal]

UPDATE: Two more changes were spotted in Hotmail Wave 10:

- Bean sent us a screenshot of the new Server Too Busy message, replacing the sober black-text-on-white-background message I got so used to.

- I also noticed that hyperlinks in e-mails do not time out anymore. Their code now look like this: javascript:ol(''); instead of the random session links. For me, this change is a blessing, because sometimes links timed out even before I finished reading eg. an entire newsletter.

- No sign of the contact cards yet, but I expect them by the end of this month.

With all the Hotmail Wave 10 news lately, this site is starting to look more like Mail with MSN Hotmail than Mess with MSN Messenger, but you can't deny both MSN services are tied closely together and the integration will only increase in the future.

 MTV Europe Music Awards Roma 2004
MTV Europe Music Awards Roma 2004

dwergs says ( 19 Nov 2004 ):


mtv europ music awards roma 2004 msn display picturesThe MTV Europe Music Awards 2004 proved to be a feast of glitz, glamour and turbocharged performances. And the winners are...

Best Group, Best Song and Best Video: (only) 2 Outkast MSN Display Pictures.
Please upload more Outkast stuff, Andre 3000 and Big Boi deserve it!

Best New Act: 11 Maroon 5 MSN Display Pictures.

Best Male and Best Album: 51 Usher MSN Display Pictures.

Best Pop: (only) 4 Black Eyed Peas MSN Display Pictures.
I can't believe no Fergie pics were uploaded yet! I'm waiting...

Best Female: 625 Britney Spears MSN Display Pictures.
Also a winner when it comes to having the most MSN Display Pictures @ dedicated to one person!

Best Hip Hop: (only) 4 D12 MSN Display Pictures.
Not 4 but 12 MSN Display Pictures would be kind of a minimum here... So help us out!

Best Alternative: (only) 2 Muse MSN Display Pictures.
We still need some Muse DP's, so feel free to upload.

Best Rock: 105 Linkin Park MSN Display Pictures.

Best R 'n B: 78 Alicia Keys MSN Display Pictures.

>> Visit the MTV Europe Music Awards homepage.

>> Tag your MSN Display Pictures with the URL before you upload and win in our 2nd dispay pic competition.

 Added: More OC, Britney and Flags MSN Display Pictures
Added: More OC, Britney and Flags MSN Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 19 Nov 2004 ):


the oc msn display picturesDetermined to make a display picture for every single country in the world, Baulie has uploaded another twentysomething flags. He's very close to achieving his goal! lpchick added some more display pictures to The Oc category and newcomer realitylpma expanded our collection of Britney Spears display pictures with over 100 new ones. Good going, guys!

>> Browse 220 The OC MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 625 Britney Spears MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 194 Country Flags MSN Display Pictures.

 Country-specific Hotmail domains coming
Country-specific Hotmail domains coming

dwergs says ( 18 Nov 2004 ):


Microsoft is excited to expand the MSN Hotmail account possibilities and introduce country-specific domain names for the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Japan.

A country domain is really just a country specific address. For instance, if you live in the U.K., instead of getting an e-mail address, you'll be able to get one

Let's face it, with 187 million customers around the world using Hotmail, getting the exact e-mail address you want isn't always easy. The new domains will allow for Hotmail customers in these five markets to more easily find desirable e-mail names within their country. Free accounts in the new domains will continue to receive all the benefits of the classic Hotmail service, including free anti-virus scanning and cleaning features, life management tools, rich e-mail capabilities and storage.

ETA for the country-specific domains: 19th of November, 2004.

[Source: Microsoft PressPass]

 End of Hotmail Inbox saga in sight? (I hope so!)
End of Hotmail Inbox saga in sight? (I hope so!)

dwergs says ( 18 Nov 2004 ):


Just when I thought I had posted my last message on the Hotmail Inbox expansions -a story already evolving for five months- I found official information in a Q&A with Microsoft VP Brian Arbogast on how the upgrades are carried out:

- Over the last several months existing customers have been upgraded to larger storage space. We at expect unfortunate customers still waiting for their upgrade to get lucky tomorrow, the 19th of November.

- At this time new MSN Hotmail customers in nine markets (including the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the U.K.) will have the ability to obtain 250MB of free storage, good for 50 000 e-mails. When they sign up for a Hotmail account they will instantly get 25MB of storage and the ability to send 10MB attachments and will be UPGRADED AUTOMATICALLY to 250MB after 30 days of creating the new account. From then on, your Del-key will become a collector's item ;)

The storage waiting period was created to ensure that new accounts are used by qualified customers and are not being generated by spammers or malicious users.

 MSN Web Messenger: Final
MSN Web Messenger: Final

dwergs says ( 18 Nov 2004 ):


After more than three months of beta-testing but within the estimated time period ("by the end of the year"), MSN Web Messenger is now official and finished.

User feedback and bug reports were taken into account to release this final version, which has adapted the look of MSN Messenger 7 and allows you to select your status before signing in. For obvious reasons, customization -like custom emoticons and display pictures- and multimedia features -like games, audio and video- are still left out. But most importantly, you can chat and perform basic contact list actions anywhere from within a web browser.

UPDATE: bnevets27 pointed us to the new MSN Search field added at the top of conversation windows.

>> Try out MSN Web Messenger.

>> FAQ: What is MSN Web Messenger?

>> Third party web-based MSN Messenger clients.

[Reported by: Adam Clarke, Rhys and many others]

 Hotmail Wave 10 hits the shores
Hotmail Wave 10 hits the shores

dwergs says ( 18 Nov 2004 ):


As predicted, around midnight .be time and after a quite funny slip-up from Microsoft, Hotmail Wave 10 hit all our accounts worldwide. You probably have already noticed some new options by now. Together with the update of Hotmail, an upgrade to build 0425 is being forced upon all early MSN Messenger 7 BETA version owners.

The most visible change is that when you log into your Hotmail account on Internet Explorer, you see a pulldown menu with your current Messenger status and the options to send an instant message or invite your Hotmail contacts for realtime conversations.

Cool new service is the integration of a web-based picture editor for attached photographs and images. After installing the ActiveX component, you can select pictures from your local drives and edit them from within Hotmail using options like cropping, rotating, contrast, etc.

I'm not entirely sure, but I reckon the New pulldown menu shows a new option to send e-cards from Same doubt over the novelty of a few fresh e-mail editing tools: Spell Check, Dictionary and Thesaurus. (UPDATE: According to messer Roy, these features are dead-old... sorry :p)

No sign of the contact cards yet, but we keep looking...

NOTE: Your Messenger status is not always display correctly yet.

NOTE #2: All abovementioned features work in Internet Explorer, but not necessarily in other browsers.

UPDATE: ivan reports that, in the line of a previous integration stop, users of Outlook or Outlook Express and other e-mail clients have lost the privelege to access their free Hotmail inboxes through their favorite e-mail software. The server will respond that "Access to Hotmail via Outlook and Outlook Express now requires a subscription. Please sign up at" That's right... Premium Members only!

[Reported by: XeroCool, )(Rockerboy and Comgenie]

 Purpose of the "white line" revealed
Purpose of the

dwergs says ( 17 Nov 2004 ):


conversation window ad banner halo 2 packTwo weeks ago a white bar started to appear at the bottom of the MSN Messenger 7 BETA's conversation windows. We already speculated its role would be something commercial, like displaying (con)text(ual) ads. Today we know the answer.

Messer xsicxtransitx noticed a free Halo 2 Pack listed in MSN Messenger 7 for a while already. But not until the new beta build, 0425, he was able to install it. After doing so the completely themed conversation window showed a link at the bottom (Halo 2 Earth Will Never Be The Same) to the official Halo 2 website.

We can compare this to what we know in marketing terms as "branding" and in the Instant Messaging sphere we've seen it before with Yahoo!'s IMVironments. I'm sure we can expect a lot more "conversation window themes" centered around a specific game, movie or singer, and bundled with emoticons and display pictures... A first step to official MSN Messenger skins!

 Jellitons, My Mood 2Day and Spleak added to CustoMess
Jellitons, My Mood 2Day and Spleak added to CustoMess

dwergs says ( 17 Nov 2004 ):


customess for msn messengerYou definitely know Apothix already, but probably under another name. Still nicknamed DeViL he designed the Jellitons, one of our most popular MSN Display Picture series. He's also the man behind the just as famous My Mood 2Day series. If you haven't imported Apothix's display pictures yet, it's about time you become familiar with his work! That's why we've added both packs to CustoMess for MSN Messenger, our free, easy and safe content installer for MSN Messenger 7.

On top of that we added Spleak's MSN Display Pictures for all her fans!

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7 v1.0 RC1.

[Thanks to: Timothy]

 New Beta Build: MSN Messenger 7.0.0425
New Beta Build: MSN Messenger 7.0.0425

dwergs says ( 17 Nov 2004 ):


On the same day set to bring us Hotmail Wave 10, a new build of the MSN Messenger 7 BETA has become available to testers.

It looks more stable in general, but the most obvious change in build 0425 is the return of (15 default) Winks ("Noooooo!", I hear somebody scream in the back...).

A welcome change is that you can now see emoticons animate in the shortcut menu, even your custom animated emoticons!

We have been anonymously tipped that on Thursday, November 18th, anybody running a previous version of MSN Messenger 7.0 (build 0332 and prior) will get automatically updated. Of course, current users of MSN Messenger 6 will not be affected by this forced upgrade.

Recommended 7.0.0425 compatible downloads:

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger v1.0 RC1 .

>> Download Patch! for cosmetic changes.

>> Download TabMgr (0425 no longer uses the beta config URL).

[Reported by: XeroCool and R-Style]

 Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0332
Updated: Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0332

dwergs says ( 17 Nov 2004 ):


Earlier today Messers like TCLN-Ryster, Mark and Speedy_Kevin reported the re-appearance of the MSN Search Bar in their MSN Messenger 7 BETA. Fast as hell, Rolando issued a new version of his Mess Patch for build 0322.

In addition to a variety of handy tweaks, it will get rid of the search bar and also remove the white bar at the bottom of conversation windows.

>> Download the new Mess Patch for MSN Messenger 7.0.0332.

 Added: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Display Pictures
Added: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 16 Nov 2004 ):


charlie and the chocolate factory msn display picturesSome of you already know I am a big fan of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its 1971 silver screen adapation.

Now via CollegeHumor I stumbled across the first teaser photographs from Tim Burton's 2005 recreation featuring Johnny Depp as ber-pimp Willy Wonka. That's cool, but nobody's gonna beat the original Oompa Loompas!

>> Browse 15 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory MSN Display Pictures.

 Hotmail Inbox upgrades an everyday thing now
Hotmail Inbox upgrades an everyday thing now

dwergs says ( 16 Nov 2004 ):


Almost every day now I receive e-mails from Messers happily informing me that their Hotmail Inboxes were expanded from 2 MB to 250 MB. After comparing different reports I have to conclude that the upgrades do not seem to be "bay-dependent" (after logging in, check the URL for your account's bay number), nor does the age of your account matter. Maybe upgrades are performed on a need-for-space or a degree-of-activity basis? I really can't tell... But if you haven't been upgraded yet it's probably just a matter of days now.

[Reported by: Austin, Comgenie, kamil, Hydraulic M@TT, Mykster_x and many more...]

NOTE: Thanks for all the e-mails but please do not contact me anymore just to let me know your Hotmail account was upgraded. Like I said, it's an "everyday thing" now. Good luck!

 Krome Intellekt iQ700, world's smallest MSN Messenger phone
Krome Intellekt iQ700, world's smallest MSN Messenger phone

dwergs says ( 15 Nov 2004 ):


According to their press release, Melbourne-based Krome created the world's smallest Microsoft Windows Enabled device: the Intellekt iQ700.

krome intellekt iq700 phoneThe fully functional Windows PC hidden in a mobile device allows you to:

- Syncronise your email, contacts, tasks and calendar effortlessly with Activesync;
- Send emails on the run;
- Take VGA quality pictures and movies and transfer them to your Windows PC;
- Download business application software for your device;
- Conference calling;
- Surf the internet;
- Chat through MSN Messenger... and much more!

For now, the iQ700 will be available in Australia and India only. Funny enough, we were unable to find the actual dimensions of Krome's "smallest" Smartphone...

UPDATE: Pingu and Himesh Patel pointed us to iQ700's identical twin brother, the Orange SPV C500 Smartphone, a marvel of miniaturisation available in many countries around the world.

[Read more:, & HindustanTimes]

 Critical Messenger Plus! BETA Update
Critical Messenger Plus! BETA Update

dwergs says ( 15 Nov 2004 ):


messenger plusPatchou has released a new, MSN Messenger 7-compatible Messenger Plus! BETA update that fixes the memory leak/slowdown and a number of other bugs. The new build is 3.40.110 and Patchou has marked it as a very important update: "Anyone using an older beta must install this new one".

Patchou also introduces a new DLL that is now distributed with the software: "This should help solve problems related to the global impact of Messenger Plus! on older and/or slower systems. It may also fix incompatibility some people may have encountered with other programs (like with Photoshop 5)."

Various other improvements in the Messenger Plus! 3.40.110 BETA:
- the font problems in your contact list should be fixed;
- contact names should never appear blank in the chat window anymore for no apparent reason;
- the /nick command and Personalised Status Tags now work in MSN Messenger 7;
- custom names do not crash MSN Messenger 7 anymore;
- new option in preferences panel to disable formatting in the MSN Messenger 7 contact list.

>> Visit the download page (direct redistribution of the public beta is forbidden).

[Reported by: EvilSeph and soccer5sg]

UPDATE: I was just kidding in an earlier news post when I noted that Patchou was being "tickle-tortured until he agrees to replace the optional sponsor program in Plus! with MSN Toolbar". Apparently the joke started to live its own life and evolved into an unpleasant rumor. For the record: Microsoft DID NOT (offer to) buy Messenger Plus!.

[Reported by: Chris Boulton]

 First Backgrounds Pack in CustoMess for MSN Messenger
First Backgrounds Pack in CustoMess for MSN Messenger

dwergs says ( 14 Nov 2004 ):


backgrounds for customess for msn messengerIn less than 48 hours after its initial release, over 2000 people have tried out our latest product: CustoMess for MSN Messenger. The user feedback was generally positive and we're still very interested in your comments and suggestions.

As promised we will permanently updated the instantly downloadable MSN Messenger content, so today we added the first backgrounds pack. It includes eight colorful and relaxing conversation window backgrounds created by the multi-talented Timothy. If you want to add them to your MSN Messenger account with a single click, then download CustoMess for MSN Messenger now! Expect more cool beans tomorrow!

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger v1.0 RC 1.

 Hotmail Wave 10 coming right atcha!
Hotmail Wave 10 coming right atcha!

dwergs says ( 14 Nov 2004 ):


On the 17th of November, Hotmail Wave 10 will incorporate new features and functionality, reports The changes relate to Hotmail's Human Interface Proof validation, sending photos, Junk Mail filtering, anti-virus scanning on e-mail forwarding, contact cards, Sender ID and e-mail search & sort.

"Customers can now send digital photos in Hotmail with a simple process of selecting and sending the photos. They can attach multiple photos to a message at the same time, and edit images within Hotmail."

"Spaces is a free MSN service available later this month that will allow a customer to set up a personal Web Log, (better known as a blog), photo album, music play list and more."

Your Hotmail contacts will also be able to have contact cards attached to all their e-mails. Now take a good look at this screenshot taken by At first sight, you will notice a striking similarity with the contact cards from MSN Messenger 7. Only the Hotmail one is filled with a lot more information, like a blog entry and thumbnailed photos... which happen to be two features of the new, abovementioned Spaces feature (check out the "View Space" button!).

Also pay attention to the "coffee time" text displayed underneath the MSN nickname (DeEtte Day), MSN Messenger status (Away) and the e-mail address ( Is this a first sign of new or even personalized status messages?

The same screenshot shows us an avatar of a girl in baggy jeans pants, bearing a huge resemblance to the Korean Messenger PowerPlus avatars. Does this mean the fee-based Korean service will become available to Hotmail (and Messenger) users in the U.S. and Europe after all?

Again, a simple screenshot that arises a lot of questions and assumptions related to MSN Messenger that we will see answered in the very near and exciting future! :)

 Updated: Gaim v1.03, the Pimpin' Penguin IM Client
Updated: Gaim v1.03, the Pimpin' Penguin IM Client

dwergs says ( 14 Nov 2004 ):


gaim for msn messengerGaim is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows. It is compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, and Zephyr networks. Gaim users can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously.

Version 1.0.3 comes with the following bug fixes:
- Jabber authentication fixes;
- Yahoo buddy idle reporting is more accurate;
- Allow All" privacy setting works on Yahoo;
- Fix a crash when dragging a buddy to the conversation entry area;
- Fix a crash removing chats from the buddy list;
- Correctly display buddy pounces for aliases with &, < or > in them;
- Correctly follow the per-conversation logging option.

>> Download Gaim v1.0.3.

Click Here!

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