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 What men chat about...
What men chat about...

dwergs says ( 20 Mar 2004 ):


Men are only interested in talking about sport, money and what they are doing at the weekend. Researches have revealed that when it comes to conversations in MSN Messenger, most men tend to stick to just these three main subjects.

Thousands of online conversations involving men and women were monitored to discover what people really talk about. Sadly, I'm not aware of any more details on this study.


 Windows Messenger 4.7.3000
Windows Messenger 4.7.3000

timothy says ( 20 Mar 2004 ):


With the public preview release of XP SP2 a new Windows Messenger is available. Version 4.7.3000 only comes with the new service pack you can download from microsoft.

Warning! Only use SP2 if you know what your doing, this is still beta software!

 Downtime sucks!
Downtime sucks!

dwergs says ( 19 Mar 2004 ):


Mass paranoia when .NET Messenger went down last night (our time) caused a block checker overload which kinda snowballed into a lot of server complications. We're sorry for the downtime and for the lack of updating, but we'll be returning to our daily habits tomorrow!

 MSN Messenger 4 for Mac a cheap rip-off ?
MSN Messenger 4 for Mac a cheap rip-off ?

timothy says ( 19 Mar 2004 ):


Sad news for Mac users, MSN Messenger 4 for mac is probably going to be a cheap rip-off of version 3.5. The new help files were uploaded not long ago, and did not differ much from the old one. So here is the list of new things:

- Integration with Entourage.
- New graphical user interface.
- And the default MSN Messenger 6 emoticons.

That`s it, no custom emoticons, no webcam, no display pictures, no launch-site, no nothing..

 .NET Messenger problems!
.NET Messenger problems!

dwergs says ( 18 Mar 2004 ):


The .NET Messenger service is experiencing problems again. That's why many of you cannot sign in to MSN or Windows Messenger at the present (those who are still online, try to stay connected!;)). Last time I checked Microsoft's status page was down too. Huuf was able to catch this message right before:

"Sign In The .NET Messenger Service is temporarily experiencing difficulty. You may be unable to sign in. Please try again later. Last updated: 18-3-2004 10:43:00 Pacific Time (GMT -8:00)".

 Updated: Nega Patch for MSN Messenger 6.1.0211
Updated: Nega Patch for MSN Messenger 6.1.0211

dwergs says ( 17 Mar 2004 ):


nega patch for msn messengerIt took me a while to post it, but here we are: the Nega patch for MSN Messenger's latest version: 6.1.0211. By applying this fella:
- you hide the 'User is Typing' message from your contacts;
- remove the ad banner;
- appear offline automatically when signing in;
- remove the butterfly from the MSN Messenger icon;
- and enable multiple MSN (polygamy).

>> Download Nega Patch for 6.1.0211.

flur has also let me know Nega for aMSN 0.90 (Linux) was released some time ago. You can download it from the Nega patch homepage.

Any creative Nega users out there looking for some exposure? Show your support for Nega and make a Nega Patch display picture or custom emoticon! More info on flur's homepage.

[Reported by: EvilSeph, Niels-je, ZiPP, Johnny_Mac and Flur]

 M-11 Spanish Rail Bombings nickname support
M-11 Spanish Rail Bombings nickname support

dwergs says ( 16 Mar 2004 ):


Last week's rail bomb attacks in Madrid have claimed the lives of 200 people and injured more than 1,400. People are expressing their sympathies for the victims of this disaster by putting a lowercase "x" in front of their MSN Messenger display names. They're told to do so by a "chain instant message" (call it SPIM if you want) forwarded via MSN Messenger from contact to contact. Another version of the message commands the letter L instead, which stands for Liberty.

A more recent, rather humorous instant chain message claims "x" is a serious insult in the Timbuktu language and asks to replace the letter with "y".

Jokes aside,'s thoughts are with the victims and their families.

[Reported by: DarthBrummie & Huuf]

 MSN Messenger 4 for Mac update
MSN Messenger 4 for Mac update

timothy says ( 16 Mar 2004 ):


MSN Messenger 4 for Mac logoYet another update on MSN Messenger 4 for Mac OS, today we bring to you the official new Messenger for Mac logo, and some proof that this version already exists.

The first shot shows the new logo, on a chrome background. Possibly MSN Messenger is going to be styled this way. The second shot is a shot of the same logo with a white background. And last but not least a screenshot that tells us that MSN Messenger 4 for Mac already exist because it is running in the dock bar.

Seems that the new MSN Messenger for Mac is going to be a lot darker then the old one.

 Plus! 3 progress report
Plus! 3 progress report

Johnny_Mac says ( 16 Mar 2004 ):


Improved setup procedures; installations on limited user accounts; and new look multi-format text panel. That's just a handful of improvements from Patchous progress report on Messenger Plus! 3.

When I hear you cry? Its all expect by 'mid-April'!

Read his post in full here.

 Added: Jnrzloader for Windows Messenger
Added: Jnrzloader for Windows Messenger

dwergs says ( 15 Mar 2004 ):


Jnrz just submitted his popular Jnrzloader tool for Windows Messenger v5.0.0482 (released a couple of days ago). It enables polygamy (run multiple Windows Messengers simultaneously) and signing in invisibly (in "Appear Offline" status).

>> Download Jnrzloader for Windows Messenger 5.0.0482

 4th Artist Showcase: Diesel Sweeties by R Stevens
4th Artist Showcase: <b>Diesel Sweeties by R Stevens</b>

dwergs says ( 14 Mar 2004 ):


freemoticonsQuestion: "What webcomic looks like it was drawn on a Nintendo and features among its cast a former adult-film actress, a nice-guy robot, and a Macintosh with a libido?" (--K. Daniels)

Answer: Diesel Sweeties.

diesel sweeties display picturesThe fourth artist showcase features no one less than rstevens (R is for Richard), a one-time graphic designer living in Connecticut, USA, who has been working on Diesel Sweeties since April of 2000. Stevens is heavily addicted to caffeine and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. He also teaches graphic design and visual communication part-time at the Hartford Art School.

Diesel Sweeties is drawn on a Mac with a Logitech optical mouse in Adobe Photoshop using the aliased pencil tool. And especially for's Artist Showcase, Richard Stevens created us 20 Diesel Sweeties display pictures and 6 emoticons, now bundled in a unique Freemoticons installer!

diesel sweeties freemoticons

>> Download Diesel Sweeties Freemoticons.

>> Visit the Diesel Sweeties home.

>> Get Diesel Sweeties strips in your email by sending a message to

Click Here!

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