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 Alert: Third WLM Invitations Avalanche!
Alert: Third WLM Invitations Avalanche!

dwergs says ( 21 Jan 2006 ):


Watch out! 71 72 73...

This "invitalanche" was made possible with the help of Alex Dijkstra, omarc786, bosox8814, Zypher, cmeister2, light on light off, TraJiK, pricey and dan.

And remember, another hundred tomorrow...

 Alert: Second WLM Invitations Avalanche!
Alert: Second WLM Invitations Avalanche!

dwergs says ( 21 Jan 2006 ):


You can't say we didn't warn you! Here they are, offered by ndspspx, rickie, !!james!!, joachim depoortere and jesterz:

31 32 33 34...

And it ain't over yet!

 Alert: Windows Live Messenger Beta invites avalanche!
Alert: Windows Live Messenger Beta invites avalanche!

dwergs says ( 21 Jan 2006 ):


In desperate need of a Windows Live Messenger Beta invitation for yourself or your loved one(s)? Today we're gonna make it a bit easier for you to grab one (after all it's weekend for all of us). Unlike the 200 invites we handed out yesterday and the day before, we won't post Saturday's on the sly on the invites page but wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am directly in the news!

This means that if you're subscribed to our News Alerts you'll be notified of our posts in a jiffy and thus have a bigger chance to snap an invite before someone else does.

For those already subscribed (or those who luckily just arrived), here are the first thirty of the day, kindly donated by qzheng, Shaun Meadows, Michel, Opperator, Sam Shorty, Beau Giles and Victor B:

1 2 3 4...

All used (bad URLs)? Just wait for the next avalanche... and duck!

 4 8 15 16 23 42... EXECUTE!
4 8 15 16 23 42... EXECUTE!

dwergs says ( 20 Jan 2006 ):


Seventeen million fans -heaps more worldwide- chain themselves to their TV screens each week for the latest episode of ABC's hit drama Lost. lost MSN display picturesWhat's the monster? Who are "the others"? What's the purpose of the hatch and what was the black smoke?...

Ok, I admit, I'm obsessed as well!

Especially for us, Lost fans, lpchick has made over 200 MSN Display Pictures featuring main cast members Jin, Charlie, Claire, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer (control yourself, Charlotte!), Shannon, Jack and Sun.

Please upload and add your own Lost MSN Display Pictures, eg. Locke, Sayid (do it for my mom!) Michael, Mr. Eko, etc.

UPDATE: Ouch, made a mistake in this post's unusual title, accidentally referring to another top TV show where it should've been "23". (...Or maybe, just maybe, there's a "reason" for this mixup ;)). Anyway, thanks for correcting me x2zen, RosscoB, Sr_Colgao and Mablung.

 Biggest Windows Live Messenger Invites Giveaway... EVER!
Biggest Windows Live Messenger Invites Giveaway... EVER!

dwergs says ( 19 Jan 2006 ):


windows live messenger kermitOne hundred and seven Messers have already received personal invitations from us to try and download the new Windows Live Messenger 8.0 BETA. But we wouldn't be the number one MSN/Live Messenger site if we didn't hand out more... lots more! That's why we're going to distribute 100 WLM invitations PER DAY during at least the next 5 days!*

Keep checking the Windows Live Messenger page, as that's where they'll be published along with their donaters (did you see the 30 invites we put there yesterday?). Taking curious Messers worldwide in account we'll release them at irregular moments, even if that means getting up at 5 AM for me ;)

*We're aiming for 8 days (after all, it's Messenger 8.0) so send your leftover invites to (replace _._ with @). Don't forget to put your nickname in the comments box!

>> Download 78 remixed Windows Live Messenger buddies (inc. Kermit) with CustoMess.

 New in CustoMess: Windows Live Messenger Buddy REMIXED
New in <b>CustoMess</b>: Windows Live Messenger Buddy REMIXED

dwergs says ( 18 Jan 2006 ):


As promised, now available for free and instant download via CustoMess: remixed live messenger buddythe "Best Of" all submissions we received for the competition we held during the past two weeks. Be a proud but unconventional Windows Live Messenger user and choose one (or more) of the messed up green buddies in this pack as your Display Picture (you can always delete the others).

You will get 78* never-seen-before, remixed Windows Live Messenger buddies, ranging from Elvis to 50 Cent, from Britney to Madonna from Popeye to Homer and from Superman to Darth Vader.

All contributors have been mentioned in the post below. Thanks again guys... and girls!

*We might have promised 80 yesterday but two of them started living another life and will feature in a DP pack of their own!

>> Download CustoMess for Windows Live Messenger (Messenger 8.0) and MSN Messenger (7.0 and up).

 WLM Invitation Round #3: The Winners!
WLM Invitation Round #3: The Winners!

dwergs says ( 17 Jan 2006 ):


popeye msn buddyPHEW! It took me an entire day (no kidding!) to go through the HUNDREDS of entries for the third round of our Windows Live Messenger invitations giveaway. Lots of Yoda's, 50 Cents and Elvisses (since when did HE get popular again?). I've seen lots of other good ideas, but I had to draw a line somewhere in terms of quality as well as originality. My final selection consists of 80 Messed-up buddies and will be added as a free and auto-installable pack to CustoMess tomorrow. As a teaser, I've added the Popeye buddy by Jurgen next to this post because today it's the famous sailor's 77th birthday!

Now before I announce the winners, take your time to look at this list of Messers who generously offered their WLM invites to Zero1, Lylesback2, XeroCool, Zelath, Lord d'Eath, Volv, Ivan, Craig_25k, Nehemoth, SSS and Stuartb55.

And finally, here are the names of the 67 winners (yes, some of them have submitted multiple hits): Glenn Howard, Dan Beale, Jurgen DM, Shadow Wolf, Rajeevan, Edwin Sanchez, jesse, Anders, Maarten de Heus, TimBozo, Omar Sierralta, Shut, Aaron Tsang, theo khoury, Jack I Are, Shikou, Jason S, Andres Torres, Dan D, Terrence, Yash K, Brimble2010, Astrattis, Lars, Thiago, nvleafs, Matthew McKenna, Billy R., SHRBR, Pinky Linkin, MersauX, Faizal, Kade, Rix, Gezo, Thomas B, Matthias Foo, bosheks, Brian Y, Robin B, ZeNiTRaM, Marcello-Milord, Matt B, TiDaV, Bruno E, SmogTM, Tigaz, Brent M, Bas, Micky, Steve Robison, Matty, Diloshan, EmSixTeen, Matti, Tadas, Eduardo R, Shaini K, Jeremy S, John McGabbin, Tom Harrison, Sikaffy, Gezo, Chris 22, Marcus, Kangie, xxgrayxx88 and SamuelDr. By now you should've all received your invitations via e-mail (check the address you used to submit)!

On a final note, I'm not going to organise a large-scale competition for Windows Live Messenger invites for a while because I didn't expect to invest so much time in this one. The good news is I'll be randomly posting HUNDREDS OF WLM INVITES during the next couple of days, so watch that page like a hawk! Of course, invite donors will be credited appropriately per batch.

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