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 Messenger Air Live 2 released
Messenger Air Live 2 released

dwergs says ( 21 Jul 2007 ):


According to plan, Messenger Air Live has just been released and you can download the add-on over here. Leave your comments and remarks on our forum please!

 Tweet, Twitter, TwitterMSN
Tweet, Twitter, TwitterMSN

dwergs says ( 20 Jul 2007 ):


twittermsn - twitter from windows live messengerWe've already seen one Twitter x Windows Live Messenger mashup in the past (remember Twessenger?), but the first service that actually allows "twitting" from within Messenger has just been launched. TwitterMSN operates entirely through a bot -or Windows Live Agent as they're being called lately- and that's where you send your tweets to. The setup procedure couldn't be more simple:

1) Add to your contact list.
2) Since you're not likely to have one yet, create a TwitterMail-account by typing 'new'.
3) Tell the bot your Twitter username and password (will be securely stored).
4) You'll be given a unique TwitterMail-address which you can send tweets to via e-mail (put the tweet in the body).
5) And from now on, anything you tell the bot will become a tweet, tagged with TwitterMSN.

Extra features include an automatical URL shortener (via TinyURL), guaranteed tweet delivery even when Twitter is down, longer tweets (although I don't know exactly how long), and TwitterMSN will also strip your AutoMessages. And if you send it the 'friends' command, the bot will reply with the latest 20 updates of your friends.

I've tested it and it's working like a charm for me. However, one remark: its name. And for two reasons. In The Netherlands, where TwitterMSN was developed, "MSN" is synonymous for Messenger. But that won't wash in other parts of the world, especially those where Twitter is more popular. Secondly, we all know what eventually happens with Dutch domain names containing the "MSN" trademark. Too bad for them is already registered...

 Two days until Messenger Air Live 2 release
Two days until Messenger Air Live 2 release

dwergs says ( 19 Jul 2007 ):


messenger air live 2Remember Messenger Air Live? No? Well, no worries, because Messenger Air Live 2 is a whole different add-on, built from scratch in Destruction's workshop since late March. And after months of hard work Messenger Air Live 2 is all set to go "live" on Saturday 21st.

Let's cut to the chase and talk features. It'll have an anti toast flooder to prevent stacking sign-in toasts, several "contact spy" options, status-bound display pictures, time-bound status and personal message changes, a display picture slideshow, a Windows Live Messenger lockout feature that stops other from logging in after you signed out, special event alerts, etc. Check the entire feature list right here, or have a look at the screenshots below (they could differ from the final version).

>> Screenshots: main window, display picture options, status options, toasts & blocking window.

>> Keep your eyes on or for the download link.

>> Destruction is giving away a Hugo Boss MP3 Player, but hurry up, the contest will end soon.

 Dead easy registration trick
Dead easy registration trick

dwergs says ( 19 Jul 2007 ):


For the time being here's a new "hack" to acquire a working address instead of a one:

1) Make sure you're logged out of your current account and then go to or and sign up for a free account.

2) At the signup page, go to the address bar and in the URL replace hmnewuser.aspx with newuser.aspx (remove the hm) and remove the &hm=1 afterwards. Hit enter.

3) You can now sign up for a brand spanking new address!

Don't thank me, but ScottIsAFool from LiveSide!

>> Discuss on our forum.

UPDATE (20th July 2007): Microsoft has fixed the glitch once again. No more live.* registrations for now, sorry!

 Virtual pets bring together Messenger users worldwide
Virtual pets bring together Messenger users worldwide

dwergs says ( 18 Jul 2007 ):


The largest Windows Live Messenger activity to date requires some serious downloading (32mb at only 35kb/s!) and installing (30 minutes, including two crashes) but then again it's a mishmash of a social network and a virtual gaming world. GoPets, which Microsoft describes as "a global dog park for the 21st century", is indeed an entertaining take on both MySpace and Second Life.

Erik Bethke, CEO and founder of GoPets Ltd, explains it's "an online community where anyone can adopt a pet, customize it to their liking and interact with other pet owners anywhere in the GoPets virtual world at any time of day." And from now on that community is accessible directly through Windows Live Messenger, "making it easy for pet fans to make friends all over the world through common interests and shared experiences, such as chatting and playing games on the Windows Live Messenger and GoPets platforms." By the way, message to serial Tamagotchi-slayers: GoPets can't be tortured or killed.

gopets for windows live messengerAt the moment GoPets is being offered to Windows Live Messenger users in the United States, Australia, Japan and Korea, with expansion planned to more than 30 countries by the end of 2007. And with the current availability of Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Thai, Tagalog, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian (in addition to English, Korean and Japanese) it's not hard to guess which countries will be covered. Of course, we at allow anyone anywhere to launch it via our Messenger Games Launcher.

Using GoPets is free, and revenue comes from advertising and the sale of virtual items like special clothing or accessories. In the long run, Erik Bethke aims to gain between 20 and 50 million new users thanks to the integration of GoPets into the world's most popular IM software.

TIP: If you'd like to launch GoPets but don't want to bother any of your contacts, you can simply add Lily Panda, the official Windows Live Agent for GoPets (add, check her Space). Why a panda, you ask? Because the Windows Live Messenger version of GoPets exclusively allows you to adopt pandas, that's why.

>> Launch GoPets with our exclusive games launcher.

...And now I really have to sprint to the toilet, what's up with the murmuring water sound effect?

 Fourth vidcast for Windows Live in Canada: Messenger
Fourth vidcast for Windows Live in Canada: Messenger

dwergs says ( 18 Jul 2007 ):


Jacky Mok, Product Manager (PM) for Windows Live, and Farhan Thawar, PM for Live Search, have just wrapped up their fourth video in the Windows Live in Canada series and this time they discuss some more advanced features of Windows Live Messenger.

They start off showing how to exchange pictures with Sharing Folders, then go through the possibilities of the Power Search activity within Messenger, and last subject on the menu is PC-to-PC (audio/video) calling.

Obviously most of you have used these long before, but others might be tempted to give them a first try after seeing the vidcast.

>> More on Sharing Folders, Power Search and PC-to-PC calling.

>> Watch other Windows Live in Canada videos here.

>> Visit the Spaces of Jacky Mok (Windows Live) and Farhan Thawar (Live Search).

 More IM for iPhone: fine or fishy?
More IM for iPhone: fine or fishy?

dwergs says ( 17 Jul 2007 ):


With the risk of starting to look like a total "Apple Fanboy" (disclaimer: I do not own any Apple hardware) I'd like to tell you about another iPhone-compatible IM service today. This one's called heysan! and a pre-launch version is already on trial at The very basic mobile client connects to AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, ICQ and Google's IM networks.

Meanwhile, I've seen the first warning for a "phoney" iPhone Messenger client, viciously called iPhone MSN Messenger. Don't confide your login and password to just any new, web-based service that pops up. Go with Meebo or eBuddy to set your mind at rest.

UPDATE (18th of July 2007): Yet another legit one: JiveTalk for iPhone (v0.8.2) at Still in alpha stage, but it works and looks quite good.

 The Netherlands remains guinea pig in Windows Live Hotmail story
The Netherlands remains guinea pig in Windows Live Hotmail story

dwergs says ( 16 Jul 2007 ):


After being the first and only to be able to officially register a Windows Live-address, people from The Netherlands will again lead the way in the full scale conversion from MSN Hotmail to Windows Live Hotmail. Starting on Wednesday, Microsoft will send out e-mails to its Dutch users explaining that Hotmail is going to look a bit different and that storage capacity will be expanded to two gigabytes. Of course, existing e-mail addresses will continue to work and all e-mails and contacts will survive the migration.

The move only affects the 35 percent of users who are still using the old Hotmail service.

[Reported by: Hades] [Source: Webwereld]

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