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 Easter's early, Messenger goodies late?
Easter's early, Messenger goodies late?

dwergs says ( 21 Mar 2008 ):


Are you in an Easter mood yet? I'm not (am I ever?) and it's quite understandable that you aren't either, because this is the first time since 1913 that the Easter Bunny shows up so early in the year. It's one of those holidays tied to the cycles of the moon, namely the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21. The next time Easter Sunday will come so early would be 2228, so don't hold your breath.

Surprisingly -and maybe because of its early arrival- there's not much prepared for the religious holiday on the Messenger front. So if you come across any free theme packs or other specials for Messenger, feel free to tip me off!

easter on messenger easter emoticons and display pictures easter emoticons and avatars

>> Browse our Easter emoticons.

>> I love this Rowdy (Easter) Bunny Dynamic Display Picture which you can download for free from Kiwee.

UPDATE: Just wanted to let you know about Easter sales at two of the best online t-shirt stores: Hilarious shirts at! ($13.99 per t-shirt until the 23rd of March) and (t-shirts start at $9, first 5000 to enter coupon code spring08 get an extra $5 off on orders over $50).

UPDATE #2: How could I forget -and thanks for reminding me, Felix Michel (and many others)- about the bunny emoticon that's been "hidden" under the ('.') shortcut in Windows Live Messenger 8.5 for about a year. Put it in your nickname or status message for that special Easter touch ;)

 Digsby into public beta, adds Twitter, spell-check, AV chat, etc.
Digsby into public beta, adds Twitter, spell-check, AV chat, etc.

dwergs says ( 20 Mar 2008 ):


Remember Digsby, the all-in-one IM/e-mail/social network aggregator we introduced to you about two weeks ago? Starting today, those who earlier missed out on our private beta invitations as well as existing users can get their hands on the first public beta version of the software.

"Since going into private beta testing just six weeks ago, we have released 15 new builds which included 35 major changes, 53 enhancements, and 109 bug fixes. Thank you to everyone who participated in the private beta test for the all the feedback and bug reports."
Digsby enters the public arena with a couple of exciting new features:

- Twitter support (may I suggest you start by adding digsby and mess?)
- Web-based audio/video chat in partnership with TokBox.
- An English spell-checker with 50+ other languages to be added shortly.
- Listening to-status supporting iTunes and Winamp (and other media players in the future).
- Quite useful: contact blocking support.
- Full screen preferences (in the "Advanced" tab) allow you to configurate Digsby's behaviour while running full screen applications or games.

A full changelog for build r13522 can be found here.

We must note that that the "Show in Taskbar" option has been temporarily removed and that sending IMs with new lines will be sent as one line for now (due to the new spell check feature). The software's also still a serious memory hog, but Steve Shapiro assures optimized memory usage is a top priority and that it will come down significantly in the near future. If you encounter any bugs or problems, just drop an e-mail to

>> Download Digsby for Windows (or Mac or Linux).

 Avoid pooop and fist (and other .info domains)
Avoid pooop and fist (and other .info domains)

dwergs says ( 20 Mar 2008 ):


Messer Aeriff reported to us about a series of phishing websites with .info as top-level domain, that try to steal your Messenger credentials.

- pooop.i...
- srys.i...
- fist.i...
- bulkbul.i...
Their URLs are spread through mass IMs sent by unknowing victims. Avoid at all cost.

>> The full story over here.

UPDATE: More recently created and malicious .info domains that infected victims shower onto their Messenger contacts:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc...
That's what you get when you sacrifice a TLD for (practically) free domain registrations. Fortunately many of them are already deactivated. Two other deceitful and less odd-looking links you should neglect are and

 Updated: Messenger Plus! Live 4.60
Updated: Messenger Plus! Live 4.60

dwergs says ( 20 Mar 2008 ):


Three months after its previous release, there's a new version of Messenger Plus! Live out that's worth the download, especially if you're creating/using Plus! scripts or skins.

Along with bug fixes and additions to the scripting library and skin engine, build 4.60.324 comes with several other changes:

- You can now filter yourself out from event logging.
- WMA sounds can now be selected for event notifications.
- Mobile Device chat windows are now fully supported by Messenger Plus! offering Quick Texts, commands, smart tags and previous message recall.
- Mobile chat windows are now tabbed too. If you prefer keeping your mobile chats separated from one another, you can use the new TabMobileChatWnds registry setting.
- Logging is fully functional.
- If too many Plus! notification popups try to be displayed on screen, Messenger Plus! queues the extra windows to be displayed later, when possible (so that notifications aren't displayed out of screen).
>> Download the latest version of Messenger Plus! Live.

[Reported by GiantSpider & warmth]

 MSN Webcam Missile Launcher now for sale
MSN Webcam Missile Launcher now for sale

dwergs says ( 19 Mar 2008 ):


The MSN Webcam Missile Launcher we announced in January has "hit" online shops around the world. You can get it from reputable stores like (for all of you in Europe) or (for U.S. and the rest of the world). Expect a little review in this space soon.

PS: You can use this missile launcher emoticon to warn your buddies of incoming missiles.

 And so I'm back. From outer space.
And so I'm back. From outer space.

dwergs says ( 18 Mar 2008 ):


Three weeks after my little hit-and-run redesign manoeuvre, I've returned to inspect the damage. Judging from the feedback I've read on the forum and in e-mails, you prove to be a tough audience to please... but I expected no less! :) Of course I'm grateful for all the constructive criticism so far, and it still is welcome. I'd also like to invite you to participate in a survey that will go live next week, as its results will help me prioritize the many facets in the next phase of's overhaul.

Finally, many thanks to the ever helpful Inky to whom I was able to trust the front page to for a few weeks. *Applause*

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