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 Updated: Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792
Updated: Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792

dwergs says ( 24 Jun 2006 ):


mess patch for windows live messengerAs promised here's a new, multi-langual Mess Patch, for your convenience compatible with both final versions of Windows Live Messenger released during the past week: 8.0.0787 and 8.0.0792. Fifteen languages (great work, translators!), updated patching profiles (including a new one by well known Messenger scene contributor, wtbw), and six bugfixes (find them in the addon's description).

>> Download Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger FINAL (8.0.0787 & 8.0.0792)

>> Or download it via the auto-updater integrated in your current version of Mess Patch.

 Messenger Plus! Live, a matter of hours
Messenger Plus! Live, a matter of hours

dwergs says ( 24 Jun 2006 ):


Messenger Plus! Live is going to be released very soon now. Unfortunately, I'll be at a party during the time so I won't be able to post about it. But just point your browser to the new Plus! site at this time (look for the city nearest to you) and you'll be able to download it. Damn Patchou for working in weekends ;)

 WC2006: World Cup Live Messenger Alerts
WC2006: World Cup Live Messenger Alerts

dwergs says ( 23 Jun 2006 ):


Did you know that just like during the previous World Cup you can sign up for free World Cup Messenger alerts again that will notify you of the start and ending of each match as well as each goal made? This can be particularly useful when you're behind your computer all day at work, at school, or at home studying.

world cup tux display picturesThis time around, the service is available in more regions than before as well as in several languages. Below's a list of providers I know of (please tell me if I forgot any). Sadly, these "live" alerts can take anything between 30 seconds up to 10 minutes to appear on your screen and some providers are quicker than others. If you're a die hard, I suggest you sign up for a couple of them to get the news as soon as possible.

>> World Cup Alerts - Dutch/The Netherlands: Sign up here.

>> World Cup Alerts - Dutch/Belgium: Sign up here.

>> World Cup Alerts - French/Belgium: Sign up here.

>> World Cup Alerts - French/France: Sign up here.

>> World Cup Alerts - Portuguese/Brazil: Sign up here.

>> World Cup Alerts - German: Sign up here.

>> World Cup Alerts - Chinese (Traditional)/Hong Kong and Taiwan: Sign up here.

>> World Cup Alerts - Italian Sign up here.

BONUS: Get your free Goal! winks here, there's one for each participating country. Oh, and don't forget about the cool World Cup Tux and World Cup Buddies display pic sets available for free through CustoMess.

By the way... has its own news alerts, delivering the latest headlines directly to your desktop. Sign up here y'all!

UPDATE: Added Chinese (Traditional) alerts thanks to Him.

UPDATE #2: Added Italian alerts thanks to cavajuolo and CiKKiNo. forum downtime forum downtime

dwergs says ( 23 Jun 2006 ):


bloody ratA sewer rat bit through one of the forum's power cables and took the system down. Unfortunately, the animal was not killed during its mischief.

No, seriously, the forum is currently down but it will return later today.

 About that 8.0.0792 version... Part 3: Offline Messaging
About that 8.0.0792 version... Part 3: Offline Messaging

dwergs says ( 22 Jun 2006 ):


Apart from the added references to Yahoo! Messenger contacts and the fact that the accidentally leaked 0792 build is ready for MSNP14 (just waiting for the server to be updated), mario discovered some extra error messages in the new client regarding Offline Messaging:

- "The following message could not be delivered because you have exceeded the maximum number of messages per minute. Please try again later."

- "This message was not sent because you don't have permission to send an offline message."

- "This message was not sent because it is too large for the user's offline message store."

- "This message was not sent because Offline Instant Messaging is not yet available in your region."

As you can see, they're putting some restrictions on Offline Messaging which might seem bad at first but will hopefully make the feature more reliable in the end, because I don't know about you but sometimes I want to kick that little green buddy in the expressionless face for not accepting my messages...

 About that 8.0.0792 version... Part 2: the reason why
About that 8.0.0792 version... Part 2: the reason why

dwergs says ( 22 Jun 2006 ):


MenthiX sent me a copy of a message from John from the Windows Live Beta team, posted in the private newsgroup for managed messenger beta testers:

"Is there a build 792? Yes.

Should you be downloading it? Not really. To be honest, it's not officially released yet, test isn't done testing it, so you're installing it at your own risk. We don't have a date or time that it will be officially released. And, for what it is worth, you won't see any differences if you do use it.

What changed? I really want to know! I've really said all I can. Sorry.
You heard the man, just stick with Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0787.

 Don't fall for the MySpace Messenger worm!
Don't fall for the MySpace Messenger worm!

dwergs says ( 22 Jun 2006 ):


A worm that has been existing on other IM networks for some time has hit the Messenger service. As usual, it spreads through an instant messaging including a hyperlink ("check out these pics of us! http://*******") and when you click it, it propagates to all your online contacts.

Serena from Canada posted these instructions on how to remove the bad ass.

[Reported by: joeleb & Michaela.]

 About that 8.0.0792 version...
About that 8.0.0792 version...

dwergs says ( 22 Jun 2006 ):


I haven't the foggiest why Microsoft removed Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 (leaving just several regional versions) from its download center a couple of hours after posting it. Are they prepping up another build? Is there a major bug in 792? Aarrrghh... Microsoft, COMMUNICATE!

By the way, if you're having trouble installing any of the downloads below (eg. because of this error: "Extracting file failed. It is most likely caused by low memory (low disk space for swapping file) or corrupted Cabinet file.") just uninstall your previous version of Win Live Mess first.

In other news, Messer auroras discovered the following recently added Yahoo! Messenger references in the online help file:

"If you are sending a message to a Yahoo! Messenger address, enter the full e-mail address. You may see two entries for the same contact. This can occur when you add a Messenger contact that uses both Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. To determine if a contact is using Yahoo! Messenger: Open a conversation window in Messenger. If there is a Yahoo! Messenger icon under the contact's display picture, they are using Yahoo! Messenger. Hover your mouse over the contact's name in the main Messenger window. If their e-mail address is followed by Yahoo!, they are using Yahoo! Messenger.
Furthermore, Messer mario found this in the type library: "A friend on the {33013} network has added you to their Messenger List. To send instant messages to {33013} contacts, sign up for the {61143} Beta.". Whereas {33013} is of course Yahoo!, but does "{61143} Beta" mean we'll see a Beta-version with Yahoo! integration first? Either way, they better hurry if they want to keep their "first half of 2006" launch estimation.

 Updated: Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 (What the...?!)
Updated: <b>Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792</b> (What the...?!)

dwergs says ( 21 Jun 2006 ):


That's right, about 48 hours after the "final" release of Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft has already issued another build: 8.0.0792.

Download links:

>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - English
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Arabic
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Turkish
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Spanish
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Swedish
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Slovak
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Danish
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Chinese (Simplified)
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Chinese (Traditional) (thanks to gunsmith)
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Russian
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Portuguese (Brazilian)
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Hungarian (thanks to akyyy)
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - French (thanks to Nunx)
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Italian (thanks to Doc)
>> Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0792 - Portuguese (European) (thanks to Nunx)

[Reported by: Denial, hmaster, Orhon, DN2004, glare & StefVision]

Also, according to Messers thomasa88, Angrymonkey, john_a & Michael C the .NET Messenger Service is experiencing problems in several parts of the world. Are they prepping up the Yahoo! & Windows Live marriage?

UPDATE: Added direct download links of the currently available languages, thanks to thelegbra.

UPDATE #2: If you can't live without Mess Patch, just stick to WLM 8.0.0787 until Friday(-ish) when we're planning to release a multi-language version with a couple of bug fixes.

UPDATE #3: Some language links were broken. Others were added.

 Is there a doctor online?
Is there a doctor online?

dwergs says ( 21 Jun 2006 ):


doctor display pictureA new bot from Sweden was recently approved in Microsoft's Invasion of the Robots contest. Dr Phile Knowledge (as it is fittingly called referring to the TV quack) provides information about system files (.exe & .dll and whether they're legit or not) and viruses in the wild. While this is quite useful information to be able to access on the fly via your contact list, in reality the bot is hardly replying to my queries. Badly built or is it the Incesoft SDK to blame?

>> Add Dr Phile Knowledge to your contact list.

PS: The image next to this post was taken from Orneryboy's Display Picture pack, available for free via CustoMess.

 Messenger Plus! Live on Saturday
Messenger Plus! Live on Saturday

dwergs says ( 20 Jun 2006 ):


Write it down in your agendas: on Saturday, June 24th, at 23:40 GMT you'll be able to download the official and final version of Messenger Plus! Live (version 4.0 of world's most popular Messenger addon) from Unless we do the Windows Live Messenger trick again and post it sooner ;)

[Reported by: Tobiaz, Zahid, Harper, x2zen, Jamamala, C.T, theweirdone, GamezMaster and Patriot]

 And here it is, Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0787
And here it is, Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0787

dwergs says ( 20 Jun 2006 ):


I'm very proud to present you the latest Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger! This is probably our best release so far, with a couple of cool new *original!* features, improvements and comebacks. With a total of 76 messy options you will not be disappointed, and just look at that changelog for Mess Patch 8.0.0787 Generation 4:

- Added "Translucent Dashboard" option (Mess Patch Original, check out the screenshot below).
- Added new "Add Personal Settings Button To Upper Panel" option (Mess Patch Original).
- Re-added "Switch Tabs To Right Side" (Mess Patch Original).
- Lots of you are gonna enjoy hearing this: Patching Messenger doesn't stop you from sharing folders anymore.
- Enhanced auto-update feature: The downloading process is done through the patch itself.
- Fixed multi-line nicknames feature, now fully compatible with the yet to be released Messenger Plus! Live (the "Formatting Codes" button appears properly).
- Fixed "Remove Bottom Text Advertisement" option, now removes the advertising space as well (as requested by Pure_BY).
- Detects if there are any backups and offers to restore them before patching.
- Detects if Windows OneCare Live is installed and shows a warning to the user.
translucent dashboard in windows live messenger

Although Windows Live Messenger is now final and it'll take a while before we see another update, we'll keep developing Mess Patch. We welcome your ideas at!

>> Download Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0787.

Don't forget to spread the word about Mess Patch on your websites, profile pages, blogs, Spaces, MySpaces, etc. If I come across such posts I usually can't resist commenting ;)

UPDATE: Two small bugs were fixed, nothing serious.

[Well done, Rolando!]

 WC2006: Exclusive World Cup Buddies
WC2006: Exclusive World Cup Buddies

dwergs says ( 20 Jun 2006 ):


world cup buddiesTo celebrate last night's release of Windows Live Messenger, Timothy has dressed up the brand new Messenger Buddy mascot in all 32 World Cup 2006 country outfits.

We're still looking for contributions to our World Cup 2006 categories (thanks to the Messers who already uploaded World Cup Display Pictures or World Cup 2006 Emoticons!). You can always base your images on this standard Messenger kit.

>> Import the World Cup Buddies directly into MSN or Win Live Messenger via CustoMess.

>> Also available: World Cup Tux by Rolando.

 What you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting for?
What you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting for?

dwergs says ( 20 Jun 2006 ):


Not upgrading to the final Windows Live Messenger release until you'll be able to mess with it? We'll tell you how much longer you'll have to be patient:

- We estimate an English-only Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0787 to become available later today.

- And the release date of Messenger Plus! Live will be officially announced tomorrow (thanks for the tip iNfiNiTy). Patchou has told us the software is completely finished, but the translations and website are still being worked on (that's why it's password protected guys).

(PS: Our free Messenger content installer, CustoMess, still works like a charm) and addresses postponed and addresses postponed

dwergs says ( 20 Jun 2006 ):


Don't hold your breath if you're hoping to register a brand new or address today. Karin Muskopf, Windows Live product manager, told BetaNews that the new addresses will not be available for registration yet as initially planned: "The company is working out some last minute tweaks and the new domains for Windows Live ID will debut at a later date."

 Dead Man's Tale: Windows Live Messenger's hidden treasure
Dead Man's Tale: Windows Live Messenger's hidden treasure

dwergs says ( 20 Jun 2006 ):


Finally a Messenger game worth the buzz (and our five star rating). The Dead Man's Tale puzzle game, included in the final version of Windows Live Messenger, combines a chatbot with an activity and throws in Spaces and Search integration. You'd almost forget you're participating in an advertisement for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. From the press release:

The game called Dead Man's Tale blends audiovisual storytelling, chat, collaboration and gameplay to dead man's taleimmerse participants in the world of the movie. Users are enticed to join the crew of the Black Pearl, first playing by themselves and then with a friend as they move through challenges that use many of Windows Live Messenger's unique communication, sharing and interactivity features. As users successfully complete each challenge, they unlock details about the Dead Man's Chest storyline from game narrator Billy Bones, the movie's skull-and-crossbones title icon who has come to life. Once they conquer the final challenge, players are rewarded with an exclusive film clip from Dead Man's Chest that is available only through Windows Live Messenger.
>> Launch Dead Man's Tale from our Messenger Games launcher.

>> UPDATE: Here's a preview video of the game for those still on MSN Messenger who want to know what this is all about.

>> Add Billy Bones to your contact list and talk to him for a single player experience.

>> Download a free Dead Man's Chest theme pack here.

>> Discover your very own pirate name (click here for the female version).

 Ladies and gentlemen, we got it!
Ladies and gentlemen, we got it!

dwergs says ( 19 Jun 2006 ):


Once again, we're first (at GMT 21:11:13): DOWNLOAD WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER FINAL (and it is in indeed 8.0.0787)! Great find, Timothy!

UPDATE: We'll be posting changes on the fly. There are a little more visual changes than just the icons (eg. note the smaller font in your own display name and song titles).

UPDATE #2: And timothy found some more versions: Dutch | French | Spanish | German | (Brazilian) Portuguese | Italian

MORE LANGUAGES: Chinese (Traditional) | Chinese (Simplified) | Russian | Polish | Finnish | Hungarian | Turkish | Slovak | Danish (thanks Roemer) | Swedish (thanks Alizz84) | Norwegian (thanks Josh82) | Japanese | Taiwanese | Hebrew | Greek | Korean | Portuguese (thanks to Nunx) and finally, Arabic.

UPDATE #3: Waiting for Mess Patch? It'll be here in a couple of hours! Messenger Plus! Live will take slightly longer to arrive, but you can expect it very soon as well!

UPDATE #4: Added the (European) Portuguese version.

UPDATE #5: Added the (Simplified) Chinese version.

 Tonight's Windows Live Messenger release confirmed
Tonight's Windows Live Messenger release confirmed

dwergs says ( 19 Jun 2006 ):


Microsoft's official Messenger Says blog confirmed tonight's launch of Windows Live Messenger. We expect it to become available very soon over here. We'll post the download links as soon as we know them (our guess: this URL) UPDATE: Direct download links to all languages posted above.

For those wondering what will happen to MSN Messenger as soon as its successor goes final, it will live on "for people using operating systems older than Windows XP (on which Windows Live Messenger is not supported)".

UPDATE: The final build number will be 8.0.0787 (or higher). Timothy also noticed an extra icon in the dashboard in this brand new promotional screenshot.

UPDATE #2: Despite the fact that an official press release has been posted, it's still not available for download yet.

No news on changes yet (probably most of them are bugfixes), but we already found out that the Sharing Folders and Windows Live Today icons have gotten a makeover.

 Windows Live Messenger ready to ship?
Windows Live Messenger ready to ship?

dwergs says ( 19 Jun 2006 ):


While I was at the Sónar festival in Barcelona, the previously supposed release date for Windows Live Messenger (luckily for me) quietly passed by. Meanwhile, a new possible launch date has been blabbed out by a Microsoft employee: Tuesday 20th of June. That's tomorrow, or if you live in the U.S. it might already be available for you on Monday evening!

[Reported by: StefVision, eNoyx, Jamie, Deador, Andy Smith, DN2004, bobsta & psy] [Source: via LiveSide]

In other news, the Windows Live Favorites tab for Messenger has been vastly improved with the following changes:

- Folder Support
- Favorite Count
- Add favorites directly from Messenger.
- Manage menu.

UPDATE: TheFighter & Timothy pointed me to the new Windows Live Messenger homepage, which is not live yet but located here. Some screenshots on there show the final version (without the red Beta-tag), and the Yahoo! Messenger icon we mentioned last week. The text next to this screenshot however, tells us that the Yahoo! integration will not be immediately available when the final version hits the web.

 The Wine Kone: Annoyed with IM habits
The Wine Kone: Annoyed with IM habits

dwergs says ( 18 Jun 2006 ):


Haven't heard of The Wine Kone yet? Toronto-based Tony Huynh's random rants full of cynism and self-criticism are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube (think hundreds of thousands of viewers). In a recent movie which I embedded below, TWK spawns his comments on the nasty habits of Instant Messaging users, like the inevitable bad spelling and grammar, the danger of cybersex STDs, the meaninglessness of the LOL acronym (he suggests the "TOL" alternative - "Thinking of Laughing") and the inappropriate use of the Away status (abusers are called "Yawas" from now on).

I realize some of you will find this guy himself utterly annoying, but in case you like this I also recommend watching his Parody of the Logitech Video Effects video originally by Bowiechick (which we posted back in March. And in another rant he talks about an anonymous girl that IMs him out of the blue on MSN Messenger telling that she loves him. Click here for a complete overview of all of Tony's solos.

Click Here!

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