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 Four Messers rewarded for Christmas display pics and emoticons
Four Messers rewarded for Christmas display pics and emoticons

dwergs says ( 08 Jan 2005 ):


On the side of our still-running-but-in-its-final-stages 2nd Display Picture Compo, we asked our visitors to upload Christmas MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons. Messers revenant, Duane Bale, pHr0sTbYt3 & Liyster each uploaded 20 pics and are therefor rewarded with a little after-Christmas treat: a free Splitreason t-shirt of their choice. As you can see, uploading to is a rewarding business...

 Updated: Gaim v1.1.1
Updated: Gaim v1.1.1

dwergs says ( 07 Jan 2005 ):


gaim for msn messengerGaim is a multi-protocol instant messaging client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows. It is compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, and Zephyr networks. Gaim users can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously.

Two builds were released already since our latest update on, so here are all the MSN Messenger related changes made in the past months:
- MSN bug fixes;
- Drag-and-drop to conversation window file transfers work again;
- Correctly display file transfer dialogs for filenames containing &, < or >;
- Correct display of MSN authorization dialogs for friendly names containing &, < or >;
- New MSN protocol icon;
- Fixed some leaks;
- Eliminated MSN switchboard errors;
- Fixed MSN buddy icon synchronization;
- Fixed a crash if the MSN buddy list.

>> Download Gaim v1.1.1.

 Gates on Xbox 2 and MSN Messenger
Gates on Xbox 2 and MSN Messenger

dwergs says ( 07 Jan 2005 ):


In a recent interview with CNET, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates offered some insight into Xbox 2.

xbox msn display pictureAs expected, Xbox 2 is going to expand its reach: great video gaming but videogaming for a broader set of people, more communications, more media, more connectivity. This extends to music, media, and greater integration with MSN Messenger:

"Instant Messaging will go from just being a text thing to also being voice and video and music, so instant messaging, particularly for young people but in general, is very, very explosive.

And Xbox Live is really talking to your friends, doing things with your friends. And as we bring in new game titles that are more approachable, appeal to different demographics, the boundary between what's game playing, what's socialization and what's communication--you will have really broken down the barriers there.

We can make these hot, super great graphics games something that are easy for people to use. That's a big initiative we have as we move to the next generation of Xbox. Likewise, the connection between the Xbox Live and our Messenger will be really simple so people can say, "Hey, come and play," "Oh, okay, I'm finishing my homework, I'm almost done, I'll get on and play with you." And so even as they're connected up to each other, they don't think of, "Oh no, now I'm gaming, now I'm communicating."

>> Browse 1066 Games MSN Display Pictures.

[Source: CNET]

 Skype Launches New Version, Messaging Features
Skype Launches New Version, Messaging Features

dwergs says ( 06 Jan 2005 ):


Skype, announced version 1.1 of its Internet telephony service, adding new design and improved instant messaging features to put it better placed compared with other messaging rivals such as MSN Messenger.

While Skype has always been superior to its main rivals in terms of voice quality, critics pointed to its rather spartan instant messaging functions. The latest version indeed puts its wealthy rivals to shame with its smart clear interface and total absence of any advertising. Other benefits over other voice chat, instant messaging and file transfer programmes are the Skype encryption, which keeps all communications private and immune to hacking.

In addition to these features, the new version 1.1 for Windows now gives Skype users the ability to start chat rooms of up to 50 people. Other new features include improved contact list management and smarter look, with avatars alongside highlighted contacts and alerts that help users to monitor when their contacts come online.

Skype has also begun to experiment with a voicemail service, hoping to introduce new paid offerings such as offering incoming calls from landlines to capitalise on its success.

Skype is already growing faster than Hotmail at its zenith, with 20.2 million registered users and around 100000 new users signing up daily.

>> Browse 20 Skype Avatars (yup, for MSN Messenger).

[Source: News] [Homepage: Skype]

 MSN Messenger users mourn Asian tsunami victims
MSN Messenger users mourn Asian tsunami victims

dwergs says ( 05 Jan 2005 ):


tsunami tragedy hits msn messengerTypical in the Instant Messaging universe is the use of abbreviations. Common phrases are condensed to a couple of letters (think BRB and LMAO), emotions are replaced with emoticons. Avid users of IM software are capable of expressing their feelings and opinions through a handful of self-acquired symbols or actions. And sometimes, when the IM generation as a whole is affected by a new, broadly shared emotion or extremely touching event, another original symbol will be conceptualized by somebody, somewhere... and easily picked up by fellow users through IM's power of word-of-mouth.

In 2004 we've seen thousands of MSN Messenger users reduce their relief and disbelief with regard to the Madrid Bombings and a young girl's death to just a single symbol in their nicknames. Today, in early 2005, a great part of chatters have already put their MSN Messenger status to Busy, after receiving the following massively dispersed instant message:

"Ask everyone in your MSN [Messenger] contact list to place their status on busy, this is to show respect to the ones who died in the last disaster in SouthAsia. This action has started 14 hours ago."

Like with all these occurences of mass IM expression, we have no idea where or from who it originated. Judging from the poor grammar it could have been translated from another language, but that's just a wild guess. Either way, it's nice to see so many people care about what's happening "at the other side of the planet". It's closer than you think, though: in 2004 our website received 340 000 pageviews altogether from the countries hit by the tsunami. Therefor, we suggest actual donating or buying Splitreason products through (100% of our profit goes integrally to the Red Cross) to those who want to show their support a bit more actively. By doing so, you're probably even helping friends and families from fellow Messers. Thank you!

Other tsunami tragedy articles on
>> Wear your MSN Display Picture and support the earthquake victims
>> Red Cross accepting aid for tsunami victims.

UPDATE: According to messers Thrai and the andyman, a variation exists to the abovementioned trend. A lot of people (for instance in Sweden) are instead putting the flower emoticon (F) at the beginning of their nicknames to mourn the tsunami victims.

[Source: Ben's Space]

 New in CustoMess: MNeMoNiCuZ Custom Emoticons Pack #8
New in CustoMess: MNeMoNiCuZ Custom Emoticons Pack #8

dwergs says ( 05 Jan 2005 ):


mnemonicuz emoticonsOne of the most well-known MSN emoticons designers, MNeMoNiCuZ, turned 18 yesterday. CoNGRaTuLaTioNZ!

To celebrate his birthday, we've added number 8 of his many emoticon packs to CustoMess for MSN Messenger, our unique and free MSN Messenger 7 content autoinstaller. And you can expect more MNeMiC packs in CustoMess later!

>> Visit MNeMiC's homepage.

>> Download CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7 BETA.

 New address for Messenger Plus! Community Forums
New address for Messenger Plus! Community Forums

dwergs says ( 05 Jan 2005 ):


Update your bookmarks: the Messenger Plus! Community Forums have been moved to a new, stronger server in order to improve accessibility and decrease the number of times the "server load page" is displayed. And together with the server move comes a new URL: See you there...

[Reported by: Leonel Galán and A. Madsen]

 Updated: Futuristic MSN for MSN Messenger 7 BETA
Updated: Futuristic MSN for MSN Messenger 7 BETA

dwergs says ( 02 Jan 2005 ):


Futuristic MSN, the future-looking MSN Messenger skin by apothix and Rolando has been updated for MSN Messenger 7 BETA.

Next up: Longhorn MSN. And may 2005 bring us lots more quality MSN Messenger 7 skins!

>> Download Futuristic MSN for MSN Messenger 7 BETA.

>> Automatically add MSN Display Pictures also by apothix to MSN Messenger 7 BETA with CustoMess for MSN Messenger 7.

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