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 Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone 2.0 firmware
Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone 2.0 firmware

dwergs says ( 26 Jul 2008 ):


palringo brings windows live messenger to iphoneNot Microsoft, but Palringo released the first iPhone app that connects to Windows Live Messenger. Of course, it also connects to AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, Jabber and iChat, and aggregates all contacts into one list.

By "official" we mean it's available in the AppStore, at no charge, and that makes it the first native Messenger client that runs on the iPhone 2.0 firmware. Agile Messenger, we posted about earlier this week, only works with firmware version 1.1.4, and the many web-based IM services are just that, web-based.

From iPodTouchFans:

You can instantly exchange text, photos and receive voice-based IMs with individual contacts, or you can set up groups and send simultaneously to all of them - and sending any message is a really quick, 'single-click' operation. Using Palringo uses hardly any data: just one megabyte is sufficient for Palringo to send and receive the equivalent of about 4,500 SMS messages, send and receive about 32 picture messages, or receive up to 15 minutes of vocal instant messages! adds:
Because the Apple SDK limitation, it cannot be run in background. It will try to keep the connection stay alive. It may quit suddenly. But, if it stays alive and receive a new message, you will be able to see it in the springboard.
Earlier this month, Palringo released a version of its client for the BlackBerry Curve, Pearl and 8800 series.

>> Palringo
icon on iTunes.
>> You can find Palringo in the "Social Networking" category of the AppStore.

 Obamaticons, the animated Barack Obama emoticons
Obamaticons, the animated Barack Obama emoticons

dwergs says ( 25 Jul 2008 ):


We proudly present to you today: the Obamaticons! It's a free set of animated emoticons for Windows Live Messenger starring, you guessed it, rock star presidential candidate: Barack Obama. Use this set as a substitute for the standard yellow emoticons and have Obama laughing, winking, blushing, crying, etc. in your IM conversations. Also included is a bonus display picture that'll animate if you're running the Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta.

obamaticons - animated msn emoticons of barack obama for windows live messengerAdding them to your Messenger account is easy. Download our freeware CustoMess application here or from Install and fire it up, then just click the Obamaticons pack in the menu and the animated emoticons and avatar will be automatically added to the currently signed-in Messenger account. The keyboard shortcuts are oba followed by the code you'd use for a default emoticon: oba:@ oba:$ oba:p oba(h) oba:( oba:D oba:( oba:) oba:o oba;). Remember that you can send a maximum of five custom emoticons in one message. is not affiliated with Obama in any way, we're just infected with the Obamamania now spreading worldwide. I've even set up a separate domain to support the set, check it out at Obamaticons and feel free to link to it.

>> Install the Obamaticons via CustoMess. Download it here or from
>> Obamaticons support page.
>> Another bonus: 18 official Obama Display Pictures.

 Pics for MSN Friends scam persists across numerous domains
Pics for MSN Friends scam persists across numerous domains

dwergs says ( 25 Jul 2008 ):


We first spotted the Pics for MSN Friends phishing/spim method back in May and -as mentioned in more recent posts- the scammers are keeping it alive by constantly moving to new domain names. All the domain names we previously flagged have been disabled by now, but "Jeff Fisher" seems to register a few every day. Usually these URLs have the inexpensive .info top level domain, but today Messer Ragwing spotted a regular .com domain hosting the mischievous form:

pics for msn friends phishing/spim scam

If you receive a link to any domain preceded by your messenger username (just the local-part, before the @-sign) you can bet your dollar it's another active Pics for MSN Friends case snowballing (eg. It would be helpful to tell the sender to change his or her Windows Live ID's password immediately at Oh, and let us know the domain, so we can list it here.

While your account can only be abused after submitting your username and password to the site, we advise against even just visiting these sites because you never know what pop-ups they might trigger.

UPDATE (July 26th 2008): Chuckie reported another domain part of the hoax:

 Updated: Messenger Plus! 3 (and yes, we're still 2008)
Updated: Messenger Plus! 3 (and yes, we're still 2008)

dwergs says ( 24 Jul 2008 ):


Especially for those of you refusing or unable to update MSN/Windows Messenger versions 4.7 to 7.5 on either Windows 98, Me or 2000, Patchou has fixed an issue with the good old Messenger Plus! 3 that made it incompatible with older operating systems.

Damn, MSN Messenger... those were the days.

>> Download Messenger Plus! 3 for non XP/Vista Windows versions.

[Reported by: Chris4]

 Show off your Line Rider tracks to your contacts
Show off your Line Rider tracks to your contacts

dwergs says ( 23 Jul 2008 ):


line rider integrates Windows Live MessengerIf you're into casual gaming on the interwebs, chances are high you've across Line Rider during one of your procastinating sessions. For others, it's a Flash Silverlight 2-based "physics toy" that allows you to draw "lines" to construct "rides" for a fearless, little guy in a sleigh. While extremely simple, it has become so popular since its launch in 2006 that some of the 36.000 ride videos on YouTube have been viewed millions of times, and even McDonald's used it in one of their ads. Offline versions of the game for all major consoles are in the making.

The masterminds behind the game recently ported it to Silverlight 2 which allowed them to make it interface with Windows Live Messenger. So in this new version you can sign into Windows Live from within the design area, and then share your track with any of your contacts. This will automatically present them with a message containing a direct link to watch your ride's movie in their browser. I was unable to try this myself as I got an error while testing ("Sorry, there was a problem completing your request. Please try again later")... just a temporary glitch I assume.

windows live messenger in line rider

>> Play Line Rider (feel free to share your rides on the forum).
>> Line Rider: McDonald's ad.
>> Line Rider: Jagged Peak adventure.
>> Line Rider: Super Mario Bros 1-1 level.
>> Podcast interview with Rick Barraza and Bryan Perfetto about how and why they ported the popular to Silverlight 2.

 Agile Messenger Beta for iPhone/iPod Touch [UPDATED]
Agile Messenger Beta for iPhone/iPod Touch [UPDATED]

dwergs says ( 22 Jul 2008 ):


agile messenger for iphone and ipod touchWe've mentioned a fair number of native and web-based Messenger clients for the iPhone/iPod Touch before* and earlier this month another stunning one called Agile Messengerappeared onstage. Agile Mobile's IM client was already available for a range of PDAs and mobile phones, and has recently been ported to run on the popular Apple devices. Agile Messenger -currently in beta- supports MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ and GoogleTalk, comes with the standard set of Messenger emoticons (even the sheep's included) and allows you to access your chat history.

A few more features that I found via iPhoneFreakz:
- Copy and paste message parts.
- Add/edit contacts/groups.
- Renaming and moving contacts to different groups.
- Data traffic counter (KB) for conversations.
- Vibrates to notify when a message was received.
- Display contacts even when they are offline.
- Share pictures taken with the iPhone camera.
- Agile Messenger will remain active while you run other apps. To terminate it completely, go to the menu and select Exit.

>> Download Agile Messenger via the Network folder in the
>> Look here for instructions on how to get the third party software installer application.
>> More information about Agile Messenger iPhone.
>> *Previously mentioned iPhone/iPod Touch clients: Apollo IM, Mundu IM, Heysan & JiveTalk, eBuddy and Meebo).

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