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 Windows Live Messenger mash-ups impending
Windows Live Messenger mash-ups impending

dwergs says ( 28 Apr 2007 ):


According to C|NET's Tech news blog, Microsoft will next week announce plans for allowing outside developers to build mash-up applications based on the Windows Live platform.

In an effort to drive traffic to the company's web services like Spaces and Messenger, both commercial and non-commercial web apps will be able to generate up to one million unique user visits to Windows Live properties per month for free. "Beyond that, Microsoft will charge 25 cents per user per year or look to establish a business relationship where it can deliver online ads to those sites."

One of the possible uses mentioned in the article would be an application that pulls birthday dates from a person's contact information and automatically sends a song via a music-sharing site. And at the Mix07 event next week, Microsoftís Brian Arbogast with Mike Presz and Eddie Dombrower of will demo how it integrated Windows Live Messenger into its dating website so people can anonymousy send messages to fellow members.

You'll have to be patient for utmost 3 months if you want to get your hands dirty with the new APIs.

More details as we find out...

 Windows Live Gallery adds Messenger personalization
Windows Live Gallery adds Messenger personalization

dwergs says ( 27 Apr 2007 ):


Looks like Microsoft is integrating its almost 4-year old ilovemessenger site into Windows Live Gallery as new subcategories for Emoticons, Display Pictures, Backgrounds and, yes, even Winks have been added to the official customization portal.

There's nothing to discover at the moment and no opportunity to upload yet, but expect content added by users and certified partners (especially for Winks) soon.

PS: If you're in dying need of custom stuff, remember that our site already offers over 37000 Display Pictures and Emoticons and CustoMess even installs quality content directly into your MSN/Windows Live Messenger.

 More on location-aware IM apps
More on location-aware IM apps

dwergs says ( 26 Apr 2007 ):


After my little discourse yesterday on the lack of development in "presence", I am obligated to mention a fairly new web-based service that nicely mashes up IM with location. Launched publicly a few months ago, radiusIM allows you to choose your location as soon as you log in. Then, in addition to the standard buddy list, your friends' pictures will also be shown on a map and other people located somewhere within the map view are placed around its borders. If you want, you can drag and zoom the map to see new people in other areas. This could be useful if you want to find a friend to go and grab a drink with, or if you're travelling somewhere and would like to meet new folks there.

The good news is that radiusIM, just like its big ajax-y sister Meebo, supports all major IM networks including MSN/Windows Live Messenger. The bad news, as expected, is that the location feature only works with people who are logged into it using the web-based radiusIM client and matching account.

>> Check out radiusIM.
>> All the latest in the developers blog.

PS: Another location-aware and MSN/WLM Messenger-compatible IM client called Meetro has been around for a few years already. Contrary to radiusIM, it's a downloadable program and you can get it here.

 Where in the world is the Show my location feature?
Where in the world is the Show my location feature?

dwergs says ( 25 Apr 2007 ):


Back in September last year a Beta of Windows Live Messenger premiered a new feature for Personal Status Messages. Instead of automatically showing the song you're listening to, you could show your current location. We never really saw it in practice as the option was quickly purged because it was too unpolished for a final release. In the meantime, AOL has recently released a location plug-in for its own Instant Messaging client. The free AIM plug-in, developed by Skyhook Wireless, allows users to see where people on their buddy lists are physically located. Their locations are tracked through wireless pulses emitted by all internal/external Wi-Fi transmitters (that includes those built into most laptops). The plug-in can also place a buddy's location on a map, or show usernames within a set distance in a new "Near Me" group.

If you ask me, "presence" is THE killer feature of IM in general, and regrettably it's been underdeveloped for many years. To give an obvious example, what's "Out to Lunch" still doing in there when most of us have breakfast, lunch, dinner/supper and probably a couple of snack breaks. So needless to say I believe expanding presence with a person's geographical status is a belated but very welcome evolution. So get your act together Messenger team and add some cool Windows Live Local magic... quick!

>> Two "Show my location" screenshots to refresh your memory: #1 and #2.

PS: Big thanks to Inky for blog-sitting enthusiastically while I was road tripping around Florida the last ten days. Please do stick around, pal!

 Messenger History Merger v1.3
Messenger History Merger v1.3

Inky says ( 23 Apr 2007 ):


If you are using the logging feature of Windows Live (or MSN) Messenger and you regulary switch between computers, you might know the problem: the log files are spread all over the various computers, with no easy way to integrate them.. Until now, that is. Fernando Felman has written a utility that can merge existing logs, so you will always be up-to-date:

"I tried to find a merging utility in the internet with no success so I'm left without options: I must implement the merging utility myself."

The utility is available for download for free, and contains no spyware. Fernando invites everybody who uses the utility to make suggestions for future versions!

>> Download Messenger History Merger 1.3
>> Messenger History Merger project page
>> Original blog post by Fernando

 McDonalds Netherlands launches campaign using Messenger Activity
McDonalds Netherlands launches campaign using Messenger Activity

Inky says ( 22 Apr 2007 ):


McDonalds Netherlands has recently started a new campaign to promote their "Euroknaller" products. With the campaign, which is centered around a new activity for Messenger, McDonalds hopes to attract more youth to their fast-food restaurants.

In the spooky game McHunter players must beat their buddies in a game to gather coins. After gathering enough coins, a special coin (called a "vooroudermunt") is rewarded to the player. The more of these special coins the player gathers the harder it becomes to obtain them. The player with the most special coins at the end of the campaign will receive a real gold coin with their face printed on either side.

Of course, you must be resident of The Netherlands to compete.

>> Visit the official McHunter website

 Pimp your Messenger: Mac-inspired Windows Live Messenger skins
Pimp your Messenger: Mac-inspired Windows Live Messenger skins

Inky says ( 22 Apr 2007 ):


AdamVester has created two Windows Live Messenger skins for those of you who want the Mac look on their Windows computer(s). The first skin features new (centered) icons, a smooth new background, rounded corners and and overal sleek look. The second skin is for those who prefer the "brushed" background of Mac applications.

>> Download the skins (includes preview)
>> Discuss these skins on our forum: Normal skin, Brushed skin

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