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 Added: Longhorn Skin for MSN Messenger 7 BETA
Added: Longhorn Skin for MSN Messenger 7 BETA

dwergs says ( 28 Jan 2005 ):


Serial skinner Rolando has updated Longhorn MSN for MSN Messenger 7 BETA. The easy-to-use installer comes with two complete MSN Messenger makeovers: Aero theme based on Windows X's Aero UI visual style, and Inspirat theme based on Inspirat visual style by stefanka. Some changes compared to the previous version of Longhorn MSN:

longhorn msn skin for msn messenger 7- 100% compatible with Messenger Plus!;
- Hiding the top toolbar won't cause any problems and still gives the desired smooth look;
- Tabs in the Inspirat theme are disabled by default ("layout goes above tabs," says Rolando, and you better believe him)
- Some other minor bug fixes.

>> Download Longhorn MSN Skin for MSN Messenger 7.0 BETA.

>> Browse other quality MSN Messenger 7 Skins.

Rolando is currently working on a Slate skin, to be expected after the official release of MSN Messenger 7 halfway through February.

[Reported by: XeroCool and smooth-criminal]

 BlowSearch to launch IM service featuring encryption
BlowSearch to launch IM service featuring encryption

dwergs says ( 28 Jan 2005 ):


BlowSearch, a company that operates a meta search engine, is branching out into the instant messaging space, where it sees an opportunity for a service featuring strong encryption.

The company plans to launch early next month the BlowSearch Secured Messenger, an IM service that offers different levels of encryption to prevent malicious hackers from intercepting the communications. BlowSearch Secured Messenger also lets users aggregate into its interface buddy lists from the four main public IM services: AIM, ICQ, Yahoo! and MSN Messenger, but for the IM communications to be encrypted, both parties have to be using the BlowSearch service.

For a quarterly fee of $9.95 users get the "golden" 4096-bit encryption, the service's highest level. Below this is the "silver" level, which offers 256-bit encryption for $7.95 per quarter and the "bronze" level, which offers 56-bit encryption for $2.95 per quarter. All three levels include customer support. There is also the option of using the service for free, which also features 56-bit encryption, includes ads and offers no customer support.

The company initially will target individual users who want to protect the privacy of their IM communications, and, after doing some further development to the product, the company will also pitch the product to government agencies and corporations.

[Source: InfoWorld]

 Added: As seen on TV MSN Display Pictures
Added: As seen on TV MSN Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 27 Jan 2005 ):


the simpsons comic book guy's name revealedListen up, fans of The Simpsons! The name of Comic Book Guy, unknown to mankind since 1991, will be revealed in the episode right after the Super Bowl on February 6th! Countdown to the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment with this MSN Display Picture.

Messers upload all sorts of MSN Display Pictures and MSN Emoticons daily, but other new television and movie related MSN Display Pictures include latest Survivor season's participants, more of Natalie Portman and Michelle Trachtenberg and a new category for rising star Ian Somerhalder.

>> Browse 222 The Simpsons MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 35 Natalie Portman MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 50 Michelle Trachtenberg MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse all 2769 Female Celebrity MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 54 Ian Somerhalder MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse all 1792 Male Celebrity MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse 177 Survivor MSN Display Pictures.

>> Browse all 3269 Movies and Television MSN Display Pictures.

>> All starf***rs buy the hottest celebrity fashion at ASOS.

 New FaQ: Can I send instant messages with Hotmail?
New FaQ: Can I send instant messages with Hotmail?

dwergs says ( 26 Jan 2005 ):


Like Pr0xY and STR8 JACKET reported, everyone who signs into Hotmail today will receive an official message from Microsoft explaining that it's possible to send messages to your MSN Messenger contacts instantly from Hotmail. This feature was already enabled as a part of Hotmail Wave 10 in November last year, but MSN has waited until now to educate its users about it. Lots of people still act surprised, so I've added a new FAQ on the feature together with a couple of screenshots.

>> Read the FAQ: Can I send MSN instant messages with Hotmail?

 FAQ: What's a Gleam? What is Gleaming?
FAQ: What's a Gleam? What is Gleaming?

dwergs says ( 25 Jan 2005 ):


Have you noticed an orange sparkle next to someone's contact list icon lately? That means this person is "Gleaming". And no, that's not a illness spreading through MSN Messenger.

More Frequently Asked Questions are answered in our MSN Messenger FAQ.

 FRESH! EXCITING!: My-Toons Display Pictures
<b>FRESH! EXCITING!</b>: My-Toons Display Pictures

dwergs says ( 24 Jan 2005 ):


We promised you a "cool new service" last week so here it is: the My-Toons Display Pictures!

my toons msn display picturesThis brand new feature, kindly offered to us by, allows you to create cartoonish MSN Display Pictures starring celebrities, your friends and family or yourself in various comical situations. And like always here at, it's entirely FREE. You can also put your customized MSN avatars in e-cards and flash games! Finally, for just a small fee, you can even send the created MSN avatars to your mobile phone as MMS, screensavers or wallpapers.

Just click the Create Avatar button and you're all set to go. I've added six "celebrity" heads to get you started and let you try out stuff, but I suggest you quickly register so you can make MSN Display Pictures with your own face(s)!

>> Create free My-Toons Display Pictures starring... YOU!

>> Post your My-Toons creations on our forum!

 MSN Messenger Belgium adds flashy Xbox tab
MSN Messenger Belgium adds flashy Xbox tab

dwergs says ( 24 Jan 2005 ):


xbox msn messenger tabSince last Friday Microsoft's game console obtained its own MSN Messenger tab in Belgium. The brand new Xbox tab is the first and only tab in Belgium entirely in Flash and offers information on new games, products and competitions (FYI: currently one on Pro Evolution Soccer 4).

>> Get rid of dull tabs and select your own favorite ones with TabMgr.

>> Show the enable/disable tabs checkbox in MSN Messenger 7.0.0425 with Mess Patch.

 MSN Messenger downtime
MSN Messenger downtime

Zero1 says ( 23 Jan 2005 ):


MSN Messenger seems to be experiencing worldwide connection problems at the moment. MSN's servers report the following information about their status:

The .NET Messenger Service is temporarily experiencing difficulty. You may be unable to sign in. Please try again later.
Last Update: 1/23/2005 7:30:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT -8:00)

In the meantime, why not visit the Forums where some deny the downtime.

UPDATE: Thanks to everybody worldwide for informing us about their connection statuses. The .NET Messenger server problems now appear to be over and we are expecting a public statement from Microsoft explaining the downtime anytime soon.

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