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 Updated: Toaster for Winamp 5
Updated: Toaster for Winamp 5

dwergs says ( 29 Apr 2006 ):


I uploaded Toaster for Winamp 5 a while back but apparently forgot to post it in the news. Anyway, I now updated this music plugin to the latest version which includes a special WLM Mode for Windows Live Messenger's "Now Playing" feature. For those who are annoyed by the way the artist and track title are swapped around, this is the solution:

How can I swap artist and title in MSN Messenger?
In the preferences screen under the 'Extra' tab, change the MSN Format field to read {1} - {0} instead of {0} - {1}

How can I swap artist and title in Windows Live Messenger
There is no method to do this cleanly. You will need to simply set '%artist%' where the title should be, and '%title%' where the artist will be. Note that clicking the song name will look up the song in this wrong order. There is no way around this in the latest versions of WLM.

>> Download Toaster for Winamp 5 v0.7.7

>> Download Toaster for Winamp 2 v0.7.2

 3 launches mobile MSN Messenger in Australia
3 launches mobile MSN Messenger in Australia

dwergs says ( 28 Apr 2006 ):


Three, a mobile 3G network operating in several regions around the world, has activated its previously announced mobile access to MSN Messenger in Australia.

three mobile msn messengerMSN Messenger is Australia's most favorite IM service with over four million users. According to a Ninemsn survey last year, 30 percent of Australian male MSN Messenger customers use it to arrange dates, and 32 percent to make new mates. Ninety-four percent of the "Sheilas" prefer to use MSN Messenger for a chat instead of other software, and 95 percent of 12-17 year olds log into the service at least twice a week.

Needless to say many Aussies will be taking MSN Messenger on the road, even though a small fee of $5 for 30 days has to be paid. Pay attention though, MSN Messenger is currently only available on the following 3 mobile handsets: Sony Ericsson k608i, and z800, as well as the LG 8138, 8180, 8330, 8360, 8380, u880, u890 and Motorola v3X. Three promises to add more phone types later on.


 A crystal ball look into the future of Messenger
A crystal ball look into the future of Messenger

dwergs says ( 27 Apr 2006 ):


I'm sorry about creating high expectations with such a post title, but I'm just reporting a French teaser campaign promoting Windows Live Messenger. The video shows a young future teller, called Miss Destinée, who's close to "revealing" the future of Messenger. A sequel will be published on her website on the first of May. The words the uploader has tagged the video with already reveal that it will involve some sort of game.

The Windows Live Messenger Beta is currently being promoted via standard banners and links across all regional MSN portals and services. So, albeit French only, the Miss Destinée campaign is unique in the sense that it's Microsoft's first attempt at creating a buzz around an upcoming version of Messenger using the same viral techniques that made the world wonder about Origami.

UPDATE: The first part of this post got lost when I hit submit. I've added the intro again.

UPDATE #2: Sorry to spoil your buzz, Microsoft, but blaim it on your own slovenliness. Lapytsh has found a link to the Miss Destinée Messenger tab. It features the entire video, including the interrupted ending which -as I expected- doesn't reveal anything new to us die-hard Messers (and I dare to contest her forecast of "more emoticons and winks"). As previously noted, it ships with a contest but I have no idea about its prizes as of yet.

UPDATE #3: If there's a large, white gap above, YouTube is working on their service... again.

 Push that Spaces button
Push that Spaces button

dwergs says ( 26 Apr 2006 ):


MSN Push The Button tabThe time has come to push the button. Galvanize! Create a Space! Especially if you live in the United Kingdom and haven't started your free, MSN-based blog yet, it literally pays off clicking the Space button in your MSN or Windows Live Messenger dashboard (or the "Push the Button" tab) because MSN will reward you with a FREE £5 voucher at I Want One Of Those, a website with lots of stuff you don't need but really really want.

MSN is also giving away a pair of limited edition Cube Worlds to the top 250 blog entries in their Push the Button competition. Cube Worlds are funky little spaces inhabited with multi-talented stickmen. And these little fellas start interacting when connected together.

cube worldsIf you already have a Space (and thus aren't eligible for the £5 voucher), but you are intrigued by the Cube Worlds or any other gadget at I Want One Of Those for that matter, I have a golden tip for you (valid only until tomorrow, April 27th so be quick): when you spend over £20 at IWOOT you will receive 40% back as a gift voucher for their shop. All you have to do is enter SPEOFF6 at the shopping cart page and hit the submit button.

>> More info: MSN Push the Button competition

>> What are these Cube Worlds? (Also available at: Firebox).

 More WIN1200A Windows Live Messenger Phone details
More WIN1200A Windows Live Messenger Phone details

dwergs says ( 25 Apr 2006 ):


windows live messenger phonesIn January Bill Gates introduced two Windows Live Messenger phones, one designed by Philips and the other by Uniden. These dual mode Internet phones will allow users to hold three-way conferences with Windows Live Messenger, download contacts and contact statuses, and receive e-mail notifications. We didn't have much info on the WIN1200A by Uniden, until now.

Seems like the estimated retail price we were previously given was a serious underestimation, as it has been lifted to about $175 US. Standard features include handset speakerphone, caller ID, call transfer, and 20 distinctive ring tones. It will be available in Canada (I bet that counts for the US as well) in June 2006. No release dates for other regions yet.

>> The WIN1200 product page.


 Added: Hungarian (yes, Hungarian!) translation for 8.0.0683
Added: Hungarian (yes, Hungarian!) translation for 8.0.0683

dwergs says ( 24 Apr 2006 ):


Only a very tiny percentage of Messers will find this useful (0,50% to be exact) but we appreciate the effort Manction has put into the Hungarian translation of the Windows Live Messenger Beta leaked last week.

>> Download the Hungarian translation for Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0683 (Branches).

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