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dwergs says ( 28 Sep 2007 ):


No, I'm not facing a blog burnout (yet!) but for the next two months I want/have to focus on the major overhaul of So for the first time in the site's history, I'm openly searching for some talented volunteers to join our current front page team (Inky, Rolando, timothy, Zero1 -happy 20th BTW!-, zipp and myself).

- Do you "eat, sleep, mess"?
- Do you love Windows Live Messenger enough to be involved with it every day, but hate it enough to expose and decompose it?
- Do you have a thorough command of the English language?
- Do you have journalistic aspirations?
- Do you analyze things and postulate your own ideas rather than copy-paste them from others?
- Do you want to reach out to an international readership of hundreds of thousands?
- Do you want to contribute directly to the first and now globally acknowledged MSN/Windows Live Messenger community, visited by over one hundred million people during the past six years?
If you're going "yes! YES! YESSSSSSSS!" already, please keep reading. is hiring!We're looking for news posters:
The kind of people who know the next version's build number before anyone else, have a few talkative Microsoft employees on their contact list and work with add-on developers from the alpha stage.

We're also looking for contributors:
Those not necessarily in the loop on all the latest (though it helps), but those who write with ease about developments in the world of IM, are eager to dig into a new feature and try every add-on that crosses their path. Those who have already helped so many desperate Messers they can blindly toss off tutorials. Should you think inspiration is an issue, don't worry, we have plenty!

So, if you think you can consistently help us with news, reviews, columns and/or tutorials, please get in touch now! Send an e-mail to (no attachments) and include the following information:

1) Your name, nickname, gender, age, your country and native language.
2) Your current activities in school or work (no details required).
3) Your web experience (mention your own blog(s), sites you contribute to).
4) Your Messenger experience (number of years you've been using Messenger and been visting [link to your forum profile if applicable], your specific strengths/interests)?
5) Specifically how you can contribute to
6a) News posters, can you name three news items we haven't posted yet but we should?
6b) Contributors, can you name three issues we haven't covered yet but we should?

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!

PS: Those of you who applied before, please do so again so I know you're still after the position. offers cool Hotmail accounts sans offers cool Hotmail accounts sans

dwergs says ( 28 Sep 2007 ):


Microsoft India is offering free personalized email addresses for use with Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger and other Windows Live services.

Earlier this year, the company already introduced the domain as well as a few others, but now it has expanded its catalogue with over 200 domains, particularly aimed at young Indians. Some of my favorites include,, (in what?),, and A complete list and easy registration procedure is available at

cool hotmail accountsWHERE I LIVE: Whether you call Bombay your home, or Bangalore, get cool e-mail IDs as proof of residence!

WHO I LIKE: Hrithik, SRK, Dravid, Sachin, Ash, Surya. Who is your favourite star? Exclusive e-mail IDs created for the top icons!

WHO I AM: Are you hot? Or would you rather call yourself cool? Find an e-mail ID that describes your personality right here!

WHAT I LIKE: Sport, food, drink and lots of fun! IDs for all occasions. How many of these funky e-mail IDs have you got?

I DON'T FIT: You’re in a class of your own, individuality is your key. It’s all about being you, in your own space. It’s about your e-mail ID!
What about the domain itself? Nope, doesn't appear to be available.

And what about the much sought-after Can't be long now... (or does this site maybe open the doors to a new hack?)

Remember that you can also claim any (unregistered) domain name (I recommend ) and then create unlimited Windows Live IDs (+ free Hotmail inboxes) with Windows Live Domains.

 A special message from Bob Dylan...
A special message from Bob Dylan...

dwergs says ( 27 Sep 2007 ):


Long before Instant Messaging, there was Dylan Messaging. Here's a special not-so-instant message sent to us by the one and only Bob Dylan (if you have no clue who that is, ask your dad):

>> Leave your birthday wishes here (YouTube) or here (forum).

>> Try Dylan Messaging yourself, it feels just like MSN Messenger -0.5.

 Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta 1 expires
Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta 1 expires

dwergs says ( 26 Sep 2007 ):


"There's no need to stick with Beta 1 if there's a Beta 2", the Messenger team thought, so this morning it started to force all users of the first beta of Windows Live Messenger 8.5 to upgrade upon connecting to the service. Messer Artea reported seeing the upgrade prompt early today, but it may take a few more hours to appear for others.

In a way, the upgrade is part of the beta as well, and there are different scenarios for different operating systems:

- Windows XP users will see the new unified installer experience as an optional update.
- Windows Vista 32/64-bit users will see the Windows Installer and MSI experience as a mandatory update.
- Windows XP 64 and Windows 2003 Server users will see the Windows Installer and MSI experience as an optional update

Of course, Windows Live Messenger 8.1 and MSN Messenger 7.0 users won't be bothered.

>> Download the standalone Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta 2 installer here.

>> Download Mess Patch for Windows Live Messenger 8.5 Beta 2.

UPDATE: For those wondering, this is not the final version of 8.5 despite the lack of beta-tags.

 Sharing folders vulnerable to buffer overflow, remote exploitation
Sharing folders vulnerable to buffer overflow, remote exploitation

dwergs says ( 26 Sep 2007 ):


Even though the recent webcam vulnerability in MSN/Windows Live Messenger was only just addressed, another exploitable bug has already surfaced. This time it's a buffer overflow error that affects the Sharing folders feature in Windows Live Messenger 8.1 (and maybe other versions) running on Windows XP.

The safety of the Sharing folder feature got questioned before, but we now have a concrete example of how it can be abused. A Spanish security expert going by the name of Lostmon Lords has discovered that an attacker can cause a Denial-of-Service (DoS) or even execute arbitrary code in Windows Live Messenger 8.1 by means of a specially crafted jpg, wmf, gif, ico or doc-file.

blue screen of deathThe attacker can "Create a sharing folder" for its victim and then put the malformed file into the physical location of that folder on his hard drive (My Computer > My Sharing Folders > Note that if the attacker would drag & drop the file directly into the Messenger window, his own client would crash. Considering that the victim has accepted the sharing folder, the attacker can simply click the sharing icon to crash Windows Live Messenger, or even Windows XP entirely when the process isn't terminated in time. The victim then needs to delete the sharing folder entirely to cease the exploitation.

The vulnerability was discovered on the 20th of August 2007 and reported to Microsoft on the 23rd. The company responded one day later that it will address the issue in "the next service pack". Although there have been no reports yet of actual exploitation via this method, you should note that in order to protect yourself you should avoid sharing folders with contacts you don't trust.

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 MSN Messenger 7.0.0820 available for Windows XP
MSN Messenger 7.0.0820 available for Windows XP

Inky says ( 26 Sep 2007 ):


For those Messers out there who wish to continue to use MSN Messenger on Windows XP (instead of being forced to use Windows Live Messenger, or using MSN Messenger 7.5 in Windows 2000 compatibility mode) there is good news: MSN Messenger 7.0.0820 is now available for XP.

From the MessengerSays blog:

"We’ve seen feedback from several people that they would like to stay on a version of MSN Messenger. [...] For those of you on XP who are passionate about staying on MSN Messenger, we’ve now released the new, more secure build of MSN Messenger 7.0 build 0820 for Windows XP, and we recommend you install and use this build [...]. If you currently have MSN Messenger 7.5 installed, we recommend you uninstall it via Add/Remove Programs and install MSN Messenger 7.0.0820.

You can download the new build from the Microsoft Download Center.

>> Download MSN Messenger 7.0.0820
>> MessengerSays post by Anand

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 eBuddy adapted to Sony PSP
eBuddy adapted to Sony PSP

dwergs says ( 24 Sep 2007 ):


ebuddy on sony psp messengerOnce upon a time we had to go through the lengths of hacking our PSP to get us sign into Windows Live/MSN Messenger, but thanks to the official built-in browser and a specially crafted PSP-version of eBuddy released last week, it has now become a piece of cake.

Not only does the PSP-edition of eBuddy fit the handheld's screen perfectly, it also has full emoticon support and comes in English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Magyar, Italiano, Arabic, Nederlands, Português and Pt. Brasileiro (with more translations added soon). Point your Sony PSP's browser to to check out the beta, and send your comments to

[Source: eBuddy blog]

 Xbox 360 Messenger Kit: To buy or not to buy?
Xbox 360 Messenger Kit: To buy or not to buy?

dwergs says ( 24 Sep 2007 ):


xbox 360 messenger kitWe haven't had the chance yet to lay our hands on the Messenger Kit for the Xbox 360, but the first reviews that appeared on other sites are all favourable. A compilation of verdicts:

- Planet Xbox 360: "It's practical, it's comfortable, and it's affordable. The keypad fits the controller like a glove. Even the seams in the plastic perfectly align with the seams of the controller. The Xbox Live Messenger Kit made messaging much easier for those of us that do a lot of it. If you’re in the market for an item like this, I recommend this one."

- CVG: "The chatpad is a great piece of kit but you only really need it if you're the type that uses MSN too much."

- GamersReports: "A solid keyboard attachment that won't distract you while you play, and will give you the ability to 'pwn n00bs' via Messenger while in-game."

- The Shadow Corporation: "The messenger pad has been so well designed that it is impossible not to be impressed, the keyboard is built superbly and makes it a joy to send a message..."

And then someone did all the messing for us and ripped the chatpad apart. A gallery of the bloody dissection can be found here.

>> Buy the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit (US).

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