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 Guess Who? Moo!
Guess Who? Moo!

dwergs says ( 29 Dec 2006 ):


Yet another Messenger game within the scope of the anti-violence campaign "Watvoorkuddedierbenjij". This one's entirely Dutch too, but it's a simple adaptation of the classic Guess Who? board game (except now it's with cattle) so you don't need to read a single Dutch word.

watvoorkuddedierbenik windows live messenger gameFirst both players have to select their favorite tetrapod, then ask each other questions in turn (via the conversation window) in order to determinate the other player's choice and finally smack the red button to make a guess.

>> Play Watvoorkuddedierbenik via our Messenger Games Launcher.

>> Read more about the campaign and the first game.

UPDATE: The campaign's Messenger-based webcast turned out to be a huge success. With over 5.000 participants/viewers each Wednesday and a crazy total of 15.000 questions asked during the second webcast, each hour just flew by. This bears repetition if you ask me, and across the Dutch borders too. So, marketeers, watch and learn!

[Reported by: Joost]

 MSN loses users in Asian earthquakes
MSN loses users in Asian earthquakes

dwergs says ( 29 Dec 2006 ):


Earthquakes in Taiwan on Tuesday have caused a disruption in telecommunication services around Asia. Damage to several submarine cables has slowed down or in some areas entirely blocked access to MSN/Windows Live Messenger and other foreign-based services.

During the ongoing outage, domestic IM services like QQ and Popo have seen a substantial increase in signups and simultaneous users online. It seems like in times of trouble, people can't live without IM and tend to give up product loyalty quickly. The question remains whether Microsoft really lost these Asian users once and for all. We'll see as soon as Internet is fully restored.

 How Windows Live Messenger actually works
How Windows Live Messenger actually works

dwergs says ( 28 Dec 2006 ):


Together with one of the commenters on MSBLOG some of you would rather like to know when Windows Live Messenger actually works, but Zack Whittaker posted a nice visual representation of the Messenger Relay System together with a technical description of how IM conversations come about. "Most of the time your message will be sent at least twice around the world, in the space of 2 seconds." Impressed?

>> Read how Windows Live Messenger actually works here.

>> Hear it from the Messenger dev team here.

UPDATE: Fellow news poster and former Microsoft intern, Inky, pointed out some errors in the description linked above. Here they are, just for the sake of correctness:

- Most likely there's no datacenter in Redmond, but in California instead.
- The Notification Server is only a small part of the servers, and a pretty big layer, the Presence Servers, was left out.
- Although Switchboard is still the most commonly used name, the official name of these servers are Mixers.

 Whee, it's Messenger on the Wii!
Whee, it's Messenger on the Wii!

dwergs says ( 28 Dec 2006 ):


It did the trick on the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP, so it's only natural someone had to try the method on the Wii. So here are HaHa UK's video and unsophisticated instructions on how to log in with your Messenger account with Nintendo's latest game console.

windows live/msn messenger on nintendo wii1) Bring up the Wii browser.
2) Type Google into address field.
3) Search for emessenger.
4) Select emessenger mobile from the results.
5) Select MSN Mobile (or AIM/Yahoo).
6) Enter your sign-in details.
7) Now log in (use the refresh button to update your conversations).

Actually, there are dozens of variations possible to achieve the same, and a handful of alternative web-based Messenger clients. But this is the procedure as demonstrated in this video.


 Quick News: VOiP chips, Mr. Movie, contacting tech support, etc.
Quick News: VOiP chips, Mr. Movie, contacting tech support, etc.

dwergs says ( 26 Dec 2006 ):


Christmas display pictureStill two parties to go and I'm done with the roast turkeys and neve-ending portions of Christmas pudding. I hope all of you are spending amusing time with family and friends. Meanwhile, here's some news from the world of Messenger:

The scripting contest for Messenger Plus! Live has wrapped up several days ago at about 120 entries and, as already stated, the winners will be announced in January. The addon itself now reached another milestone with 14 million active users.

In order to differentiate from competitors like AMD, chipmaker Intel is considering integrating a new technology into its semiconductors that would allow improved quality for VOiP communication through software like Windows Live Messenger. Richard Doherty, director of Envisioneering Group, expects the new feature to become available in 2007, though Intel was unavailable for comment.

Far EasTone is the first mobile operator in Taiwan to launch a Windows Live Messenger service to its six million customers. Thanks to Miyowa's turnkey mobile Instant Messaging solution called MoveMessenger, the service can be accessed on i-mode as well as WAP-enabled phones.

Mr. Movie (add is a new, Dutch Messenger bot which lists every movie playing at movie theatres in 92 cities in The Netherlands.

Colin Harford, an IT Pro Advisor at Microsoft Canada, has recently blogged about his bad experience with Windows Live Messenger Technical Support, the main complaint being standard cut and paste replies with questions already answered in previous e-mails. He concludes his post with four general tips for effective communication with any company's tech support:
1) Always be polite, but firm.
2) Document everything, such as the operator's name, contact information, date & time, suggested actions, etc.
3) Often repeat back the support pro's name and make some small talk.
4) Be realistic, don't expect the impossible.
The Windows Live Messenger Technical Support team can be contacted here. Feel free to share your personal experiences with them on our forum.

 Not so funky Christmas, Godfather of Soul dies
Not so funky Christmas, Godfather of Soul dies

dwergs says ( 25 Dec 2006 ):


James Brown, the dynamic, pompadoured Godfather of Soul, whose rasping vocals and revolutionary rhythms made him a founder of rap, funk and disco, died early Christmas morning in Atlanta. He was 73. Being a longtime fan myself ever since I first heard "Sex Machine" and "The Boss, I couldn't resist taking a few minutes off from the Christmas-mania to post this tribute. May he rest in peace.

james brown RIP 25-Dec-2006 james brown RIP 25-Dec-2006 james brown RIP 25-Dec-2006

[Source: The Showbuzz]

 A Messy Christmas to all!
A Messy Christmas to all!

dwergs says ( 24 Dec 2006 ):


A Messy Christmas to all our visitors around the world, enjoy the festivities!

>> Bill the Bespectacled ReindeerCheck out these old & new xmas goodies:
- Our Christmas Display Pictures Special
- Badder Santa and other Christmas Display Pictures
- Christmas Emoticons Pack
- Christmas Emoticons and animated holiday Emoticons.
- Kiwee's Christmas Special and Christmas video winks.

>> Add some Santa Claus bots... or are they?

>> Use the Ms. Claus-themed wallpaper by Will Ingles.

>> Create Christmas greetings/jokes/etc. speech bubbles for your emoticons. Some examples:

santa emoticonchristmas animated emoticon speech bubble    santa emoticonchristmas animated emoticon speech bubble    santa emoticonchristmas animated emoticon speech bubble    santa emoticonchristmas animated emoticon speech bubble    santa emoticonchristmas animated emoticon speech bubble

>> Feeling lucky? Here's a Christmas contest offered by (you must be at least 12 years old and you can only participate once per e-mail address):
- Guess how many lights there are hanging in his Christmas tree and win an Apple iPod (type TREE or use this shortcut). The bot also added the ringading memory game (shotcut).

>> And the following Christmas contests are offered by Mr. Exclusives, which means they're open to Windows Live Messenger users from the UK only:
- Win a trip for two to the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada!
- Click here to win one of two Xoro HSD 7500 Portable DVD Players.
- Click here to win one of two Limited Edition Original Star Wars Movie Prints.
- Click here to win one of five Alias Limited Edition boxed sets with seasons 1 to 4.

By the way, the current offer for free personalized Windows Live contact cards is about to expire soon. You can still get them here or here and if you enter your country after your city (for the German offer, that's in the "Stadt" field on the "Ihre Bestellung" form) you can have them sent to anywhere in the world.

Jingle those bells, deck the halls and see you after Christmas!

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