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 Exclusive: MSN Messenger 6.1 Update 2
<b>Exclusive</b>: MSN Messenger 6.1 Update 2

timothy says ( 28 Aug 2003 ):


Time passes, and more details of MSN Messenger 6.1 unveil. We have found some more activities again !

Challenge your friends with this puzzle game from the creator of Tetris®! ( I am gonna love this one ! )

Share a smile, a kiss, or a LOL with QuickGreets from Include images and sounds in your instant messages-just pick your favorite and click Send.

Emoticon Factory
Create new emoticons and change Messenger emoticons to suit your fancy. The Emoticon Factory has the tools you need to make emoticons that express your every mood—blank face shapes you can customize with eyes, ears, nose, and hair stamps; fun stamps for accessorizing; and drawing tools for doodling. Double your fun by inviting a friend to join you!

MSN Photos Plus
Share a slideshow of photos in real time with your friend!

For the moment the new activities don't seem to work in beta phase. But you can take a look at the new "launchsite" page over here, and look they have finally changed the whole site for MSN Messenger 6.1

Small note: You can already try the single player version of Hexic here.

 Permission-based third-party access to MSN Messenger not guaranteed
Permission-based third-party access to MSN Messenger not guaranteed

dwergs says ( 28 Aug 2003 ):


Last week Microsoft announced a security upgrade to its MSN Messenger network on October 15th that would lock out a lot of third-party software allowing its users to acces it. Vendors of these applications are given the opportunity to buy a license for authorized access, but due to administrative restrictions these permits won't be available until after the deadline:

"It's likely going to take longer than (Oct. 15) for formal licensing," said Lisa Gurry, group product manager for Microsoft's MSN. "There's a lot of work that has to be done. ... It will be more of a long-term process."

That's some bad news for die-hard Trillian users. Let's hope they'll like MSN Messenger 6.0 once forced to use it in order to maintain their current contact list...

[Source: EWeek]

 MSN 9.0 is no more. Get ready for MSN Premium and Plus!
MSN 9.0 is no more. Get ready for MSN Premium and Plus!

dwergs says ( 28 Aug 2003 ):


"Announced today is the next version of MSN, but we are no longer referring to the versions by numbers," a Microsoft spokesperson told BetaNews. "The next version is our MSN Premium and Plus."

Digital photography is a centerpiece of the new MSN release. Subscribers can create and share photos via e-mail or MSN Messenger, and MSN Premium will feature a tool dubbed Photo Story for adding narration and music to online slideshows.

[Source: BetaNews] [In-depth:]

 Added: Do-It-Yourself Chatterbot Tutorial
Added: Do-It-Yourself Chatterbot Tutorial

dwergs says ( 27 Aug 2003 ):


Intelligent chatterbots for MSN are becoming increasingly popular (*note to myself* update that terribly out-of-date page). Bot2k3, DestructiveChild (see below) and The Amazing Trivia Bot have all found their way into a lot of Messers' contact lists. Cheeselord, creator of the last mentioned and ruler of The Federated States of Cheeseland, has been so generous to make a do-it-yourself package available to all of you interested in creating your own trivia bot (based on ActivePERL and the SBDA Revolution IM Server). Get a hold of it here and start hosting your trivia show on MSN Messenger!

 Security Upgrade Message appearing on Windows CE-based mobiles
Security Upgrade Message appearing on Windows CE-based mobiles

dwergs says ( 25 Aug 2003 ):


Both Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 are based on Windows CE .NET so maybe it would be interesting to know for owners of these devices, that starting August 28, 'wireless instant messagers' will also receive a note like:

"You are running a version of Messenger that requires an immediate security update. Please visit to complete the update."

No upgrade is available as we speak, but be prepared :)

[More information:]

 A new MsgPlus plugin database
A new MsgPlus plugin database

Wolkje says ( 25 Aug 2003 ):


There's another Plus! plugin database now. Since DjMystic left MsgPlus he still wanted to spread his plugins of course. So he and Lareamond opened their own database, which is quite small at the moment but DjMystic expects it to grow with time.

You can find the collection here. [currently offline till thursday]

 Bug Fixes: MSN Messenger 6 games
Bug Fixes: MSN Messenger 6 games

dwergs says ( 24 Aug 2003 ):


Reporting some bug fixes to the MSN Messenger 6 games:

- Connection bug fixed: For some people, the games started but they never left the disconnected state and the user interface stayed disabled. This problem should not occur anymore!

- Chess fix: Believe it or not, but a player could move into stalemate while it's not his turn. Chess version updated to v0.2.

- Installer fix: Some people got Run-time error '13'. Type mismatch. Shouldn't happen anymore.

Now where can you find all these games and stuff? Over here of course!

 Released: Ave MSN Status/Block Checker Server v1.0
Released: Ave MSN Status/Block Checker Server v1.0

dwergs says ( 24 Aug 2003 ):


Ave MSN Status/Block Checker Server by AndreasV is an application that allows you to run your own MSN status-checker server on your PC. Accessing http://youripaddress:port/ will return the real status of a chosen contact.

- Fully configurable
- Automatically request caching
- Logging
- IP bans
- Default status cache

Download this riveting DIY block-checker-kit here.

And may we remind you that our own MSN Status Checker is there again for your private investigation needs.

 Super Submission: WolfyJames uploads 157 Silent Hill display pictures
Super Submission: WolfyJames uploads 157 Silent Hill display pictures

dwergs says ( 24 Aug 2003 ):


Unseen before on one user submits 157 display pictures in one go! The honor goes to WolfyJames who spent a lot of time making screenshots from Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3, cutting out and resizing the characters to 96x96 pixels and uploading them to us. With this big collection of Silent Hill display pictures he instantly becomes our top uploader:

1. WolfyJames: 157 images
2. Skelliwag 99 images
3. kennetjuh 86 images
4. mathibus 79 images
5. yukky 79 images

Congratulations to these top uploaders, but of course to everyone who submits their MSN Messenger 6 images to us: many littles make a lot!

(If you have created over 25 display pictures or custom emoticons that go into one and the same category, send them zipped together to (% = @) and we'll get back to you)

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