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 Messenger Plus! purchased by Microsoft & Daddy Patchou?!
Messenger Plus! purchased by Microsoft & Daddy Patchou?!

dwergs says ( 01 Apr 2006 ):


Life's being good to Messenger Plus! developer Patchou! :)

[Reported by: Nitemare]

 Quit Messing, start Talking!
Quit Messing, start Talking!

dwergs says ( 01 Apr 2006 ):


UPDATE: Below you will find's April Fools joke. To those who fell for it, you can safely add us to your favorites again! ;)

Back when Google Talk was first released in 2005 we briefly considered a Mess with Google Talk sister site, but due to our lack of financial means as well as our available manpower we decided to keep concentrating on Microsoft's Messenger. Last January, however, was contacted by a few people from Google with the request to market their IM product, Google Talk, in very much the same way we've been treating MSN Messenger since 2001. Apparently, they liked our "messy approach" so much we've been offered free hosting, top rankings in Google's search results and last but definitely not least, premium rates for our Google ads. In return, starting next week's focus will slowly shift away from MSN and Windows Live Messenger to Google Talk, an equally cool (if not superior) IM product we have grown to like (wouldn't you, with such a deal?). Because of our popularity and huge userbase, we will hold on to the domain name for at least another six months.

Our special announcement goes together with the leak of the latest version of Google Talk, v1.0.0.91, which now allows the use of 96x96px avatars (good news for Talkers: we already have over 26000 free Talk avatars for you!). More information here. We've also been informed that Google Talk will soon allow complete application skinning, a feature we've been requesting for MSN Messenger for YEARS.

>> Download Google Talk v1.0.0.91 here (NOTE: Make no mistake about it, this is not an April Fools but an authentic link to the new version! Google has a reputation of genuine announcements on April 1st)

People without a Gmail account needn't worry, early next week we will publish an instant invitation generator.

To get in the mood, here are some Google Talk avatars and emoticons:

>> Download 30 Default Google Talk Avatars
UPDATE: Their mascotte seems to have landed on Area 51!

>> Download 19 Google Talk Animated Smileys (for use in MSN Messenger).

 Another Windows Live Messenger interface change
Another Windows Live Messenger interface change

Zero1 says ( 30 Mar 2006 ):


Microsoft have once again tweaked the design of Windows Live Messenger, supposedly the last of the interface changes that are going to be made.

Update: Seems that there are going to be some more interface changes to Windows Live Messenger still, although the version we see here is probably very close to what will be the final version. (Thanks to Overdo).

Those of you who liked the design of the status icons in Windows Live Messenger build 365 but disliked the fact that you were not able to see the exact status will be pleased to know that this version features the same style status icons as in 365, but has the 'old' style status indicators. Along with this most of the icons in the display list have been redone to give a 'glassy' look.

Also featured is a few new icons at the top of the contact list window - one showing a phone with a tape next to it (VoiceMail?), and a phone - presumably for PC-to-PC calls.

The conversation window has changed too, with the user's display name and email showing in the window title. Again, icons have been improved in the conversation window as in the contact list window. New 'No Dp' display pictures have been added too to replace the old green buddy one from build 566.

>> Contact List.
>> Conversation Window.

>> What do you think of it? Discuss on the forums.

 Logitech Video Effects for messing with your webcam
Logitech Video Effects for messing with your webcam

dwergs says ( 30 Mar 2006 ):


logitech video effects stick figureLogitech's free Video Effects software has been out for a while but I haven't been able to experiment with it, simply because it's only distributed with selected compatible webcams (listed below). Now, a couple of minutes ago I came across this amateur demo of the software, created by a girl named BowieChick. While talking about her things in her personal life, she demonstrates how easily her Orbit MP's webcam image can be transformed into various avatars (eg. the stick figure to the right), or embellished with accessories like glasses, hats and mustaches. And yes, the software is compatible with the Video Conversation feature in your beloved MSN Messenger.

logitech video effects stick figureWith over a hundred thousand views already, BowieChick's videoblogs have got a huge viral character and yesterday "the star of the video" was even offered "anything she wanted" by a Logitech representative. *IDEA* Why don't you Messers make webcam videos like these, mention and then upload your stuff to YouTube? Tell us the link via this form. Anyway, here's one of the clips showing the Video Effects software in action:

The following Logitech webcams include Video Effects at no charge:

>> QuickCam Orbit MP, buy from CompUSA, eBay, or WStore UK.

>> QuickCam Pro 5000, buy from CompUSA, eBay, or WStore UK.

>> QuickCam Fusion, buy from CompUSA, eBay, or WStore UK.

>> QuickCam for Notebooks Pro, buy from CompUSA, eBay, or WStore UK.

>> Other videos featuring the Video Effects software: Breakup and Saint Patrick's Day.

>> Download extra fullscreen avatars (eg. a talking emoticon or a bull dog) and face accessories (fancy an Elvis haircut or beer can hat?) here for free.

 Updated: Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.1.1
Updated: Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.1.1

dwergs says ( 30 Mar 2006 ):


microsoft messenger for macAbout two weeks after the release of version 5.1, there's already a minor update to the Macintosh version of MSN Messenger.

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.1.1 comes with improved stability when connecting to the Passport Network and Live Communications Services. We are unaware of any other differences.

>> Download Microsoft Messenger for Mac 5.1.1 here.

[Reported by: RJT & iNfiNiTy] granted first look at Messenger Plus! Live. Look yourself! granted first look at Messenger Plus! Live. Look yourself!

dwergs says ( 29 Mar 2006 ):


messenger plus livePatchou just sent us a preview copy of Messenger Plus! Live for Windows Live Messenger, due for release around the end of April (maybe start of May). This version, Messenger Plus! Live v4.00 build 219 Beta, still has many features missing that we've grown used to. But it's better to have a few that do work, than a lot that work partially. Of course, the feature set will be gradually complemented in new versions (4.01,...) afterwards.

On the other hand we have some new novelties in Messenger Plus! Live, like Multiple Accounts (polygamy, after all these years, has been finally added to the addon) and a brand new scripting system, which was designed to be very easy. According to Patchou, "as long as you have basic knowledge of a scripting languages (I use JScript), you'll be able to script most of what you want in a matter of hours."

We will keep the setup file to ourselves, but we can give you an exclusive peek at the new Messenger Plus! Live with a slew of screenshots (please note that the background color scheme is not definite).

>> Welcome to Messenger Plus! Live v4.00 build 219
>> Optional sponsor
>> Installation in progress...
>> Preferences - Change language
>> Preferences - E-mail accounts
>> Preferences - Scripts
>> Preferences - Personal Statuses
>> Preferences - Log encryption
>> Preferences - Advanced features
>> Preferences - Chat logging
>> Preferences - Tabbed chats
>> Preferences - Conversation options
>> Preferences - Event Viewer
>> Preferences - Contact on desktop options
>> Preferences - Messenger lock
>> Preferences - Multiple accounts
>> Logging button
>> Font color button
>> Log viewer
>> Plus! Live dashboard button
>> Contacts on desktop selection
>> Contact list clean-up

 Messenger theme pack that makes you go 'mmm'
Messenger theme pack that makes you go 'mmm'

dwergs says ( 27 Mar 2006 ):


British consumer groups and members of the parliament are complaining against a recent deal between Microsoft and McDonald's which brings Theme Packs promoting the fast food brand to Windows Live and MSN Messenger in the UK.

Seeing Britain is in fact struggling to deal with childhood obesity, health campaigners are concerned about the estimated of 800,000 users under the age of 18 that are confronted with the advertising through their favorite IM software.

I strongly doubt these activitists even know about standard emoticons in Messenger, (pi) and (ci).

On the other hand is McDonald's "trying desperately to restore its image by giving more prominence to healthy eating options, boosting its advertising spend and sealing sponsorship deals with groups such as the England football team"

[Source: The Guardian]

 Hello again!
Hello again!

dwergs says ( 26 Mar 2006 ):


Sorry for the half-a-day downtime. I was celebrating my birthday and apparently so was the server. No cake for Mr. Dual Xeon then!

And for the rest of you, drinks are on me... If you can find me, that is (TIP: I'm the one with the orange birthday hat blowing on a kazoo).

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