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 Microsoft has an eye (and $44.6 billion) for Yahoo!
Microsoft has an eye (and $44.6 billion) for Yahoo!

dwergs says ( 01 Feb 2008 ):


yahoo messenger and windows live messenger
Well ahead of Valentine's Day, Microsoft has declared its love for Yahoo! and has proposed to pay US$44.6 billion to win the company over.
The love between Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger has been mutual for quite some time already, but if this deal goes through a more radical fusion between the two programs is on the horizon.

Today's proposal comes right before the weekend, giving Yahoo! not one, but at least three nights to sleep on it. We're anxiously awaiting Yahoo!'s response.

UPDATE: Here's an interesting post by Long Zheng. Not just because of its cool title ;) but mainly because it matches existing Yahoo! services with similar Microsoft offerings. Also, I couldn't agree more with this priceless quote: "Whatever they do, they better not ruin Flickr."

[Source: Yahoo! News]

 Picture yourself a winner in the Jigsaw Too Sweepstakes
Picture yourself a winner in the Jigsaw Too Sweepstakes

dwergs says ( 31 Jan 2008 ):


A year ago we told you about a new two-player puzzle game in Messenger called Jigsaw Too and apparently Microsoft's celebrating its first anniversary with the Jigsaw Too Photo Edition Sweepstakes.

jigsaw too photo edition messenger game sweepstakes

Each day you submit your e-mail address until February 28th 2008, you get one raffle ticket per day to win one of three "Grand Prize" packages, consisting of a Black Model Canon PowerShot 8.1MP digital ELPH camera, Canon Pixma Pro 9000 printer, 2GB SD Memory Card, camera case, Glossy Photo paper pack, and a one-year Instant Games Clubhouse subscription (approximate retail value: US$929.88). You also have a chance to instantly win one of 40 Instant Games Clubhouse subscriptions in the online scratch game.

Strangely enough, you don't have to play Jigsaw Too at all to participate, just submit your e-mail address here. On the other hand, you do have to live in one of the 50 United States of America (including D.C.) and be 18 or older.

>> Enter here daily to increase your chances to win.

>> Launch dozens of games via our Messenger Games Launcher (IE only).

>> Many Messers have won amazing prizes (including a car!) by entering the competitions we post. Let us know if you're one of them lucky dogs.

 Action picture of Messenger for Mac 7.0 crops up
Action picture of Messenger for Mac 7.0 crops up

dwergs says ( 29 Jan 2008 ):


messenger for mac 7.0 betaFlickr-user kayakleader uploaded a first picture of Messenger:mac 7.0, which is currently in closed beta-testing stage. The picture -taken at the Microsoft booth at the Macworld expo in San Francisco- shows the beta and particularly its long-awaited A/V functionality in action.

The new version is expected to go public later this year. But the question remains whether it will be competitive enough to steal users from Adium, an open source client which has gloriously outstripped the official Microsoft client throughout the past few years.

>> More on Messenger for Mac 7.0 here.

[Reported by: Clint & Joost] [Via:]

 Happy 50th birthday, LEGO brick!
Happy 50th birthday, LEGO brick!

dwergs says ( 28 Jan 2008 ):


The world famous toy brick you and I and everyone we know have built amazing stuff with turns 50 today! But did you know today's bricks still fit the ones from 1958? That nowadays there are 2400 different types of them? And did you know that unsold bricks are melted again and turned into new ones? Hah! I didn't either. I read that over here.

lego avatars display picturesEnough with the trivia, time to involve Messenger in this. For the occasion, you can "mini-mize" yourself into a LEGO figure via this Flash generator. You'll have to rely on your trusted Print Screen button and image editor to turn it into a decent Display Picture (96 by 96 pixels), but that shouldn't bar the way.

What do you get when you cross the default emoticons with LEGO heads? Quite obvious, the following set of LEGO Emoticons. After 50 years, it's hip to be square.

>> Picture yourself in plastic with The Mini-Mizer.

>> Browse 23 LEGO Emoticons.

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