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 EMO, the LIVE desktop emoticon for Messenger
EMO, the LIVE desktop emoticon for Messenger

dwergs says ( 02 Jul 2009 ):


EMO is a smiley-face shaped desktop gadget which expresses the emoti(c)ons that you send or receive in your Windows Live Messenger conversations. The yellow USB toy can move its eyebrows, eyes and mouth, and also plays a default or custom sound according to the most recent emoticon in the chat window.

One EMO costs Ä44,50 (about $63 US) and can be ordered in The Netherlands at (Dutch site). If you find any distributors outside of The Netherlands, please let me know.

 R.I.P. MSN Web Messenger 2004-2009
R.I.P. MSN Web Messenger 2004-2009

dwergs says ( 30 Jun 2009 ):


Five years ago, a beta-version of MSN Web Messenger surfaced at, allowing users to chat with their Messenger contacts through an official, browser-based client.

It wasn't the first web-based client that connected to the .NET Messenger Service, but it surely was the one with the most visual resemblance to MSN Messenger. And it stayed so the past five years.

Today, Microsoft is retiring the service because it has been "integrated" into Windows Live Hotmail. It didn't quite turn out to be the enhanced Windows Live Web Messenger we've seen in screenshots back in 2007, which promised tabbed conversations and other useful features. What we do get is status icons next to your contacts' e-mails and launching IM conversations directly from your inbox.

"With Hotmailís new web-based IM, you can chat from your Hotmail inbox or contact list, instead of going to MSN Web Messenger. Go directly to the Windows Live People page (also known as "your contact list") at and sign into Messenger (orange arrow in the picture below) to continue instant messaging on the web with your Messenger friends."
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